The 2nd YouTube Ad For STEEMIT in 2018!

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Hi Steemit Community,

Today I am humbled to ask (with your support and the support of the Steemit Budget Proposal System and @budgets) to advertise our second Steemit video on YouTube!

This ad shows viewers how to sign up for Steemit in the first two minutes of the video! After that, I provide more than an hours worth of high quality educational tutorials showing the basics of steemit, the interface, how to post, earn rewards, and most importantly how to INVEST in STEEM the Cryptocurrency!

The goal of this ad? Bring more people to Steemit! We are seeing a record number of new YouTubers coming to steemit / Dtube and bringing their following! Youtube gets BILLIONS of views everyday!

The Steemit Budget Proposal System (which is where I have delegated almost all of my STEEM POWER) helps grow our community and bring awareness to Steemit!

Check out the original article posted by @jerrybanfield here: and the new article here

With the help of @budgets and @jerrybanfield we have reached thousands of new users from all around the world. Our collective advertising efforts have helped Steemit reach new heights with my last YouTube Ad Reaching more than 69,000+ Views in one short month! (click here to see my first post

I am seeking 1,000 STEEM as an advertisement budget from @budgets with the help of @jerrybanfield to spend it through the existing ad budget which will eliminate the need for me to make the ads and target them.

Our goal is to reach more people, share our community, and get people excited about the amazing and unique opportunity Steeimit offers.

How will this video directly help you and our community?

-Increased awareness will lead to more people joining Steemit, more investors, and more engagement than ever before.
-More users and engagement will lead to the rise in Steem the Cryptocurrency
-More users can lead to more followers, bigger reward pools, and better development for the whole community

Thank you for all of your support!

Watch the new YouTube Ad video here:

Every upvote of this post will go directly back into our amazing community and into funding @budget

If you enjoyed this post would you please give it an upvote, like, and follow me @joeparys

Thanks for watching :)

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Facebook: (

▶️ DTube

Okay here is our up votes. May I know what is the purposes of this budget?

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Gotta love that "sorry" at the end :D

thanks for your post I liked your video, help me please want to buy a car, and money is not enough as always all hope for you friends help me thank you give me your votes, live in Ukraine

Thank you for your support @devfund !


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Sorry Joe for this youtube ads budget Jerry will surely help you by providing your video link in description with contest or something which may help new vlogging and minnows.
You will surely get 100,000 views for vlogging contest by jerrybanfield.

Many greetings from Germany

Hey guys I have joeparys's full 9$ course that is steemit 2.0 and if you guys want that amazing stuff then contact me at [email protected] I'll give you for 2$ that contact me if you guys want it......sorry joeyparys

Good luck plucking up more YouTubers and converting them to Steem!

Youtube desperately needs some competition. Keep up the good work.

Great ad...

i tried to give you a vote,.. but it said i couldn't for an unknown error, maybe i dont have enough steem? i dont know i am a youtube convert with the same name i will have to watch your video on youtube, i am registered with both dlive, steemit and dtube! what am i missing now? UGH

Not sure, but I'll give you an upvote just for your efforts. :0)

thanks @littlescribe! your wonderful! uploading my stuff daily,.. but I understand it takes time to get er done!

great job done

Was it your Steemit ad or just an ad you saw for steemit..

I have created the ad for steemit :) Check in the description

Internet Marketing gurus are selling how to do Steem and Steemit "cheat sheets" as publicity grows and Steem too. Life sure is interesting in cyberspace. Thanks for your posts!

Thank you for providing this for the comminuty

keep up the good work we need more people here

This is great! Let's take down Youtube!

It's becoming more wodely known

Way to support Steemit. Are you a witness or seeking a witness vote?

Steemit is the future of social networking

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I won't support this. The software has to work on its own through the proper conveyance of information and succeed through merit, not advertising.

This is just a layer of bureaucracy on Steemit being added to bring in new users. Did Reddit, or Facebook, or Youtube need to do this? No.

You want people to come over? Make amazing content. If you do that, I'll support you. A tutorial on how to use Steemit dressed up in a school environment is tactfully ambiguous; props on that I guess. . .

Hi @zastels I totally understand your point. The goal is to not have Steemit succeed as a platform just because we are advertising it. The goal is to bring awareness -- here is a personal story.

3 years ago I saw a Facebook Ad for an online teaching platform. I was not aware of the platform at all until I clicked that Facebook Ad. This platform was still very new (like steemit is) and since joining the platform has changed my life. I earn a full time income on that website alone. The point? Without that little Facebook Ad, I would have never known about the website or platform. The platform is amazing (as I believe steemit is) but how many people actually know about it still? This is what we are aiming to do :)

@zastels, i got your point perfectly and i believe your submissions are right on point but i would like to see @joeparys point from this angle; i imagine not hearing steemit from a friend who also heard it from his own friend, i am double sure i wont be here today, there is little we can do with "the word of mouth awareness".

Making use of the technology to our advantage will sure go a long way, imagine if we are still using the post office to send mails to our loved ones, it will sure get to them but at what expense? when you could just punch your keyboard and the recepint gets the mail in a mini second.

Combining your view @zastels with that of @joeparys will make steemit a great platform.

Thsnkd to you both

Hi @joeparys, I agree with you. Your video gives me much awareness! Thank you

You Are Great Every Bussiness Need Some Advertising You Won't Believe That Even Facebook And Google Need Advertising Regularly Because They Are Reaching Their Exact Target To Due To Advertisement And We Already Know That They Are Already Famous Plateform But Advertisements Gives Them More Power And More Support

Thanks for replying, your message makes sense to me. What comes to mind is that Steemit being the first to employ a social media platform powered by the blockchain is not necessarily an advantage.

First impressions are everything, and right now looks like a scam website to a lot of first-time viewers. They do not understand what they're looking at, and the $$$ they see seems unbelievable.

Bit of a personal story from me, but I would loosely call myself a computer and Bitcoin expert. To me Steemit is hard as hell, I spend a lot of time each day troubleshooting or learning new aspects of Steemit. Right now services like Whaleshares and Minnowsupport are just not what this website needs, these services need to end. To me, wealth inequality is not an issue it is a red herring, the issue with Steemit is the traveling distance of a new users voice. I feel we have major problems to fix before we bringing over boatloads of people.

I just don't see Steemit making sense to most people in its current permutation. If you look at the demographics of Steemit, it is mostly populated by countries of people who have a strong understanding of why Bitcoin is important. If you bring someone to Steemit who fundamentally doesn't understand Bitcoin, you have an insane amount of explaining to do, because you've just produced a chicken before an egg.

Steemit should grow organically, the first impression is very important, and its timing needs prerequisites and contexts to be right.

A lot of people are echoing exactly what you just stated, there's no room for new people to succeed here is the problem. I'm new here, and after the last month of producing content here, its easy to see this platform has been totally gamed by greedy people.

I also agree with your statements about DTube, the only people making money there are the ones DTube upvotes because they have a ton of SP. The rest earn nothing for their efforts.

Either way, trying to entice new users to invest time and energy into a platform that will never benefit them is a waste of time. This platform puts absolutely no value on hard work and creativity in terms of the content produced here.

First movers advantage doesn't exist. Mmmmk

They have to remain agile and responsive to market demands or else they die.

Lots of current first movers in the tech space are simply growing by sheer weight and their debt loads will cause them to collapse in coming years. Uber, Netflix, etc. might have been among the first of their kind but missteps and competition will destroy them.

And Facebook wasn't the first social media website, and even FB is currently in decline.

Companies aren't sustainable if they have to burn massive amounts of cash just to gain and retain customers. We should not follow in their footsteps.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

The company Valve comes to my mind. They never advertised Steam, and it is literally King today of the video game marketplace. Gabe Newell talked about not needed to advertise because word of mouth was more powerful when the features worked and are what people wanted.

Yeah, it's a good example of your original statement that quality products and features attract and retain customers. We need to attract users who would be here even if payouts were 0, and that simply won't happen in this current environment. Content consumers are the backbone of social media, we're trying too hard to sell everyone and their mother on the idea that they can make money producing content. That's just wrong-minded and the economics simply don't work that way.

totally, i still have and rely on my youtube channel for income, i am getting in on the ground floor here,.. in hopes that it will become something, i know nothing of BC or crypto, but i am guessing that i will learn when the time comes, right now just investing time and effort into here while i have nothing else better to do, better than playing the slots!

I had no idea about steemit or even how to sign up until a friend had finally talked me into it. All I needed was to be guided here, so I think this would be a great success. I don't see it at all as a way to advertise, just really a technical word used to carry out the action. I dig it

I think we are setting up new users for a world of disappointment when Upbit's ability to keep prices elevated discontinues. They are probably going to get hard by legal teams in Korea. I fully agree with you.

I totally agree with you and I will not support it either. I feel it is interfering with the natural flow of Steemit. I feel actions like this are a possible corruption of the core values of the community. This content is not amazing. Make amazing content , do something positive. That is what attracts followers. I despise little scammers.

Shoutout Mr @joeparys. What you're doing is helping the network integrate those stuck in centralized join us taking the red pill. 45K this is %*#king fantastic!!!

keep up the good work we need more people here :)

Thanks bro you are such on amazing teacher, i follow all your videos and tips all the best to you , resteemed

As someone who works in advertising...I really would want to see the numbers on your last ad. 69k views means nothing.

What are the View-Thru-Rates?
What are your buying objectives (CPM/CPV/CPC)?
Who is your audience?

Overall, what is your goal? (measurable) A 2:00+ video likely has way less than a 1% completion rate. Is that ok? How many people get the baseline level of information? How many people actually signed up? (You can certainly track clicks, or even reach out to steem inc. or Busy to get a custom URL)

I imagine your intentions are good, and anyone can choose to support you, but I have a lot of concerns over your methods for "advertising steem".

keep it up @joeparys. We need more people on Dtube!

Great video, thanks for using your platform to grow the network!


Thank you @joeparys, i've watched many of your educational video's on how to improve myself on steemit. I advice everyone reading this to browse all his video's and learn from it, this will help you grow alot faster and also you will learn everything about steemit in a perfectly explained way.

Thanks again joe for doing this for us!

Thank you @ferow ! Glad my tutorial videos have helped :)

really amazing and informative posts for the community :)
you are the one of the best blogger here :)
have watched your all videos all are very informative ,,,
thank you

Good luck!

And Thank you for being supportive for many steemians and your concern for reaching out many people to understand Steemit.

With this video would be easier for us to introduce to our friends about Steemit.

Truth is we all need help especailly when it has to do with territory we have never explored afore time.

I had lots of struggle when i got on steemit, i made lots of mistake and did lots of things wrong all because there was no one to put me through but with this video from @joeparys, it will be so easy to invite families and friends.

He has actually made our job easier and more exciting. Thanks again to @joeparys

You are doing an incredible job man. I wished to help you with more but my sp is low. A huge thanks to you for promoting Steemit though.

Keep doing what you are doing @joeparys. We have seen the stats too, it's amazing that new users are coming on board and we hope there will be 1 million accounts soon! :)

It's also true that the other side of the spectrum, we want quality and creativity users and not random users thinking this is a way to make their riches without properly putting in the time and effort. Some may come across the ads and think this. However, in order to get meaningful upvotes, you need to create quality content. Maybe, this platform can change their ways (shake off their old habits) and use their creativity minds too. Who knows? We will have to wait and see. Just don't want this platform to become overcrowded with 'leechers' and only a selected amount of valuable contributors. It's a fine balance and we always hope for the best, but doubt is there too!

Thanks Travelling-two for your comment and support! Quality will I think always win out you are correct and I know I came to steemit through watching videos from Youtube!

No doubt YouTube is a great avenue to spread the message and promote the platform. You have been and are active on YouTube, so that's how Steemit caught your attention and we are glad that it did :)
We came to Steemit through Facebook via YouTube (we started following a crypto vlogger, who created a Facebook group for his crypto investment followers and one follower mentioned Steemit in one of the we are), so no doubt it's these more experienced platforms that are handy, but in a way hurting themselves - was hardly using Facebook before Steemit and since Steemit....just to say happy birthday to close family and friends.

This is a great initiative @joeparys And I commend you for that. I actually knew about Steemit few weeks ago via Youtube.

And as you say there's been a number of new YouTubers coming to steemit / Dtube and bringing their following.. An good example is @furiouspete123. Shout outs to him! And I believe a number of Steemians have seen his "5 MILLION YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS" post and his endeavour to grow Dtube. You can check it out here:

Anyhow, all the best! Good luck on this!

Great video! In regards to what @zastels said, I personally believe that certain amount of advertising is required in order to raise awareness about any product/platform alike. Platforms get their value by the amount of good words being said about them on all collective platforms (thats how facebook became so famous btw - word of mouth). I agree to a certain extent that yes it should definitely not be all about advertising and should be more focussed towards great quality content but the videos @joeparys and @jerrybanfield are creating are amazing and help new users like me to learn and understand more about the platform. As well as get more ambitious content creators to join the platform! :)

You say these post earned you hundreds of dollars. but most of it is from an upvote bot.. wich isn´t earned but invested. Don´t say BS, be true, because this only does harm..

awesome man, this is exactly what we need

Thank you again for rolling out this awesome video, we are with you 100% , resteemed

every bit of publicity we can get to steemit is a win to everyone here!! GOGOGO!!

Thanks. I was hoping to see the ad. As much as I've seen Bitconnect ads, know.

Great post! Roll out the Ads!

Good job man, it's really great to see people going out of their way to promote a platform which they believe in!

Stemmit hayet başarılı bir içerik

türkleri görelim votes Like.pnghd-turk-bayragi-png-12.png

Very useful information Thank you for sharing information

Awesome job! Thank you for sharing this. Keep spreading the good news :D

Every day, steem is getting more popular and this is a positive point.
Soon, people will move from other social platforms to steem.

That means many investors and big whales are coming.

Worth watching video for those who want to know all about steemit.

I told to @jerrybanfield that his ad has low effectiveness.

  • You need sell fast.

Share advantages of steem, show why it is one of the best crypto, fast transaction, you can make money while HODL through posting, you can make money ...

  • YOU will spend $ to show ads to those who are inside steemit.

YouTube will show ads to all people who interested in crypto. Waste of money.

You do same mistake

I love it Joe and will fund it directly through our existing ad budget at

Awesome thank you for all of your support @jerrybanfield and for helping me with this project!

so nice your post my dear @joeparys........

great, I hope your content is helpful to all of us who want to grow on this platform.

thanks man this is the great step taken towards the huge steemit community.

Great job, please support me back

Great job man for advertising Steem and Dtube. It could be that one day Dtube would be powerful like Youtube.
Please keep up with my daily BTC analysis. I'm a crypto analyst with a passion for Elliot Wave Theory. Please consider following me if you are looking for original content as my goal is to help improve the crypto community. I hope it'll add value to your crypto career through my enthusiasm and love for crypto.

the application is very helpful .. so many thoughts that developed the growing world this .. continue to struggle @joeparys

@joeparys , Great initiative.
I would love to see and learn more on steemit by watching such videos on youtube and steemit itself.
Just Upvoted the post.

J. P.
Thank you for helping the community.
Anyone out there would like 100 btc?
If that is yes look at my blog follow and reply the answer and they are all yours.

Really really nice job @joeparys ! Im looking for this kind of video in french but it's really hard to find actually. Anyway keep going in this way we need a bigger and better community.

Excellent advertisement for Steemit. I didn't hear much about Dtube. Will there be a follow up discussing Dtube and Steemit platforms for video content creators?

Thank you budgets for making a transfer to me for an upvote of 70.05% on this post!

Half of your bid goes to @budgets which funds growth projects for Steem like our top 25 posts on Steem!

The other half helps holders of Steem power earn about 60% APR on a delegation to me!

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To learn more about Steem, will you please use because this URL forwards to my most recently updated complete Steem tutorial?

Great work, thanks. The onboarding process is a little complicated for non crypto people. Great initiative.

Do you know the easiest way to buy into steem for a small amount?

Hello joeparys,

I think it would be good to bring more Steemians on board. Thanks for the creative idea. Like me it has only been my second week on Steemit.

May the steemitforce be with you.

Keep steeming ahead,


Great work mate. As a steemian myself, it is our collective duty to help improve this community and its outreach which will result in a greater network. The ad is great and I believe that it will serve the intended purpose

All the very BEST.....
Hope STEEM gets enormous amount of community

This was really informative and I enjoyed watching it thanks so much for posting this I learned a lot by watching ☺️

hola, as a newbe.
come to upvote and follow my steemit id right...
thx all. wish u all the best...

hurry up, lets be apart of the good team today. join me at @bujang88

Buat saya kurang menarik..karena postingan anda sulit dipahami..tapi saya dengan senang hati akan mengikuti kamu

Hey guys I have joeparys's full 9$ course that is steemit 2.0 and if you guys want that amazing stuff then contact me at [email protected] I'll give you for 2$ that contact me if you guys want it......sorry joeyparys

you are doing great man keep going we are always with you @joeparys ,from @nasimmd #Rahat

wow you have a lot upvote this is great ...god bless u


great initiative!

So good to finally meet you here...

It's a Great job you're doing @joeparys, I would like to officially thank you for your selfless act towards educating and informing more people about the potential benefits of the Steem blockchain, Steemit, and SMT.

I'm getting to understand a lot from your post on here and videos on youtube, even though I'm barely a few days old on Steemit.

I have taken bits of advice from your contents as well as that of @jerrybanfield and I'm hoping they would help me the best to benefit from Steemit and the Steem platform in general.

In all honesty, I came across your youtube videos after subscribing and watching lots of @jerrybanfield and you guys motivated me to join Steemit long after I was informed about Steemit.

I follow your guys on youtube and always looking forward to more nicely delivered contents.

Goodluck @joeparys, following you right away, as well as Upvoting and Resteeming this post.


very good luck for the post. Thanks

Great j0b

wonderful post thank you so much gooood luck

Good post my buddy so drool have a post as good as this best regards companion vote follow @ vor3ss88 let be success like you

Hello Joeparys How are you?
I am writing to you because I see that you are a quality user and of great experience in this platform.
I am a student from Venezuela and how you can know here the economy is not good at all, I wanted to know if you could share some knowledge or tips about how to come up on this platform.
What should I publish?
When should I publish?
How to upload my steem power?
that kind of thing, I'm going to leave my email ([email protected]) in case you want to answer me I would really appreciate it.

Hi! Check out some of my other blog posts :) I explain this and more!

I just watched a YouTube video of you explaining how to become successful on Steemit!I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this tips with us!Keep it up:)

@joeparys thats good idea but there is a problem with @dtube that general user cannot like your video, thats why the author can not recieve any award from general audience, While any youtuber can get reward from audience just by viewing his ads. i hope @dtube will also upgrade itself to that stage.

te deseo lo mejor!

Awesome!!! Steemit is the bees knees!!
Get'er'done!! :-)

Awesome post, great job indeed.

Congrats keep up the good work 👏😎

good luck, Man !!!

Go get em!! STEEM to the moon!

nice.. loving!!!

Awesome stuff. The more Steemit grows the better for us all and the better it will be for the STEEM coin.

Good luck bro!

You are welcome & wish you best of luck.

wonderful work man :) liked it

Not sure if this effort would be effective

Wish you all the best.

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