Vlog 180: Arbitrary reward splitting increased development + How are rewards calculated? + Amazing visuals showing the speed of the STEEM blockchain.

in #dtube5 years ago (edited)

It's hard to keep up with all the development and growth on the STEEM blockchain nowadays.

Which is only a good thing because growth is what we need.

I needed to cover a lot of subjects this morning.


I have talked about monetisation (arbitrary reward splitting) of the Blockchain before and I considered it one of the greatest additions to the Blockchain in 2017 and you can see now that this concept is working fantastically.

While Steem inc. is working hard on SMT's, scaling and HF20 other users are building the most amazing front ends and apps that add value to the blockchain and they are able to monetise it because of arbitrary reward splitting. (asking for x percentage of the rewards).

Two updates recently came out of projects that do just that.

D.tube 0.6

D.tube is one of my favourite projects on the blockchain. It's Youtube build on top of the STEEM blockchain. This new version is a farcry of when it just was released (it was slightly buggy). Now it's smooth sailing. I use Dtube almost exclusively. They are up to almost 1 video a minute being uploaded! Check out the new version here.

Dmania 0.5

Dmania is 9gag (memes) on the blockchain. The recently released a new version of there website. Check it out here.

How are rewards calculated

If you are struggling with how rewards are calculated (the $ number behind your post) I highly recommend reading this article by user and witness @dragosroua where he explains it in a very understandable way.


Steemit Visuals:

Sometimes a visual says more than a thousand words. The STEEM blockchain is currently the blockchain that can handle the most transactions of all of them, has 3 second block times and no fees.

These visuals made by users @kyriacos and @overkillcoin help a lot to visualise those aspects. Great work.

source 1
source 2
source 3

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

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@exyle, good post as always.
Can you explain the bandwidth phenomenon?
Sometimes it is way up sometimes it is way down, any idea ?
As a witness member, you may have a better understanding about it.

The SP/Bandwidth ratio dictates how much data(aka bandwidth) you can use on the STEEM blockchain. I think it was put in place to prevent new accounts from spamming the Blockchain (they would run out of bandwidth fast). But don't pin me down on it. Bandwidth will become way more important when SMT's come out. You will need Steempower to run the SMT's. (the more the SMT is used to more bandwidth you will need).

Thanks for the answer. This is a good preventive measure to control the abuse user.
That is good enough.
Thanks again and enjoy your trip.
Keep on steemit

Glad to know about these amazing projects developed on Steem blockchain...At the current moment no other platform can compete with the volume of transactions handled by Steem blockchain, which is growing even faster. Looking forward for upcoming SMT's and HF20 .

The real English breakfast with all the goodies

haha excellent! Hope you enjoyed that this morning man!

Great vlog as always, I send these out to my friends who are yet to join and asking me so many questions - always some useful information shared.

Have you seen the 'thunderclap' prepared for next week in which at least one of the gifs above is being posted on twitter by 100+ Steemians.

We have the post translated from English into French, Polish, and Portuguese so far :)

This is the orginal post but you can see on the guys profile that he's resteeming anyone who translates the post too. Cheers!


I think @eqko, one of the @blockbrothers was one the very first guys to join the Thunderclap. With a social reach now of over 250K the thing is really going to be HUGE. @exyle if you would also support it by participating that would be so awesome!!

The breakfast was amazing. Thank for the Thunderclap I missed that 1!

Glad you enjoyed!

See the comment below mine.. It seems @eqko is already in the mix! :D

ow we were typing replies here at the same time, lol. If you need more info about the Thunderclap, check the posts, or find me on steemit.chat or discord (same name)

Let's make Steem TREND!!

Interesting stuff! So now we have Dtube, Dlive, Dmania and did I see Dsound somewhere (oh, and an Instagram type service)?? Big year for the Steem blockchain ;)
Enjoy your breakfast!

Thanks! (breakfast was great!)

Woohoo! Thanks budd. I've been wondering this. That was helpful. And hey, I signed up on DTube today and it looks like a WAYY better version. Kudos to them.

Yo, same here! Let's start our Vlog series from today.

So much potential on this blockchain, really curious as to where we are at in 10 years time, so happy to be onboard and slightly feel "part of" this revolution! Nice visual charts there, makes it (again) easy to understand it all and really shows how fast Steem really is!

Those charts are great indeed!

Good morning Mark, This will help to convince other people about STEEM. Not only STEEMIT; but the power behind it.
With this VISUAL dashboards, everybody will understand !!

Yeah,I love the visual charts aswell ;)

We will see so much more from @exyle and the @blockbrothers ! The INNOVATORS !!

Excellent distribution of topics and having learned them to become clear what and how it works. The speed of the STEEM also struck at its speed compared with other crypto-currencies and this once again proves the advantages ofSTEEM . Thank you Mark, that touched upon these topics and aspects related to them, keep us informed of what is happening!

As far-off and wide as I can see dtube is yet deserted supporting 480p clips. This is a major downside in my find the money for advice and I goal they grow 720p soon because I think that's the bare minimum following it comes to character. @exyle

I have been previously confused on how rewards are being estimated..but now i am getting to understand it. i strongly appreciate for sharing the link.

I designed an infographic for one of my posts to illustrate how the payouts work. I used very similar numbers as you described.


Super glad to hear D.Tube is doing well. The more successful apps we have running on the Steem blockchain the better. Exciting times for Steem!

I find it really interesting how the whole system works. Being new to the whole world of blockchain technology and Steemit itself, I’m all about learning more and more. Thanks for sharing! Only being active I think the site for a couple months now, I’ve already noticed huge improvements in the way the site and it’s applications have become more user friendly, but also more accessible. Understanding more about the payouts and transactions is key to learn when starting out here. What I found interesting was that Mark Zuckerburg mentioned in his release a couple of days ago that he’s looking to blockchain technology to fuel the future of Facebook, with Steemit already so popular and appropriately structured, we’re miles ahead of the game over here. Not to mention that the whole platform is self-sufficient with apps like Dtube to link content to. So I’m sticking around for sure.

These animated figures are pretty awesome and very understandable! Thank you for sharing it! STEEM is unbeatable, only BTS can give a fight to the speed of STEEM blockchain!


I have been beforehand befuddled on how remunerates are being estimated..but now I am getting the opportunity to comprehend it..
Thank you so much
Upvoted and resteemed sir

Glad to hear that you are relaxing and enjoying the mini vacation. That means you will be refreshed and ready to take on the world when you return. Things are only getting better on Steemit! Looks like 2018 will be a fantastic year!

great vlog again and you don't miss out any day love the consistency and nice to see the steem pace 1,2,3 and its done its fast

muy bueno te invito a visitar mi blog gracias

Thanks again @exyle ! Through your posts and flogs I am fast learning how it works on steemit. Keep on coming with your information.

Ray # lifeisforliving

Wow this is simply amazing. The strides that steemit is reaching in such a short time. I am particularly stunned by it's transaction speed as compared to other coins. This is a very enlightening and chronological post @exyle. The way you arrange everybit of information makes even difficult things easy to compehend. Nice work @exyle. 👏👏

All my friends are starting to come to steemit.
Such articles as that help newcomers a lot.
I can't stop appreciating what you do. Even though I don't really blog it still feels great to be part of the community even if I only just come to chat time after time.

Saw the news about d.tube already and love that they keep updating it and making it better. It's also my favorite project attached to the Steem blockchain so far, but I'm new here so haven't checked out so many others yet.
Do you have any other projects to recommend me as a newbie to checkout? :)

busy.org, dsound, chainbb, zappl

Thanks man! Have heard about busy.org already but the other ones are new to me so will definitely check them out

Awesome post, love those graphs that are circulating about the transaction speed. @dragosroua is the bomb, also good discussion by @taskmaster4450 and @xervantes on the issue of rewards calculations. Great Steemians Everywhere !! (-:

I have acouple of questions, I don´t know if you or anybody here is willing to answer: My upvotes here in dtube are the same from steemit? I mean I upvoted you, but I can´t see it in my steemd.com profile; do we get SP after 7 days just like on steemit? Thank you!, Great video

Yeah, it's the same. An upvote on Dtube or Steemit. You don't see it on steemd at the moment because it's down (9 hours ago).

Good! Thanks for answer so quickly my friend!

Oh wow I didnt know that STEEM was so much better and faster then the other ones! And with so much capacity left!

The transactions per second gif is incredible. I think that is the most powerful one, it really shows how Steem is insanely faster than the others. I am also loving the new Dtube update, I could barely use it when it first launched, now it really is smooth sailing, they have done incredible work there.

What they have build is indeed incredible. And it will only get better in the future.

I have 180 videos to follow :)

Great post.. steem is unbelievable compared to other speeds. Soon steem wil be $10. And Then i am tginking About you

I just voted 18 minutes after this post was put up and I love how much the Reward Jumped in value from $71 to $90. Yes I am making it a habit to watch your Dtube each day @exyle...............

And that's why i love steem. So much that I made some real coin of it :)

if you wanna see how i did it, go here: https://steemit.com/steem/@kapicup/first-ever-physical-steem-coin-vision-of

Great post.. steem is unbelievable compared to other speeds.
Soon steem wil be $10.
And Then i am tginking About you

Thank for great information.i learn more from you.

Thank you for sharing and I also like the visuals!
How did you make the visuals?

steem is the best block chain in the world wow its so nice to see that scaling up :)

Can you share info when is open Bittrex and Coinbase for new users ?

great info, much appreciated. thanks!

can you help me to vote my blog

I try to understand it all, and your explanation helps with that, thanks! Especially the pictures show that Steemit is rocking! I am glad to be part of it.

Really fancy visuals! Puts the steem blockchain in a bigger perspective. Another point to mention about the steem blockchain is how all transfers are free of cost! The avg bitcoin transfer costs a person about $10.

As far as I can see dtube is still only supporting 480p clips. This is a major downside in my opinion and I hope they add 720p soon because I think that's the bare minimum when it comes to quality.

I think it's better to have lower quality in order to have a more stable site in the beginning. Hopefully as times progress they can upgrade the quality. But most of the videos on there today don't need so much better quality to watch I think.

I don't think you could convince a serious youtuber to move his content over on dtube without 720p support.
If content creators start to switch platforms then dtube's growth will be more than explosive.

That's true. Maybe if the see the enormous potential in d.tube they might consider it. But my questions is that what we really want for d.tube for now or?

thank for useful info

is steem better than XRP ?!? haha

This is interesting and useful to new stemians
My best post of the week

Great to know about all these things

How rewards are calculated is a topic I am interested in. Thanks

I’m still in question of why my posts are work more , not complaining but it’s food news for me

On monday, once i'm done with my exam, i will start producing more content for DTube. I'm happy to hear that it has been updated, i'm planning to have a lot of videos on there in the future. Excited for what is to come for steemit :D

first rate put up.. steem is improbable compared to other speeds.

Very clearly written need to know information about the steem platform and ecosystem projects. I once calculated the TPS of Poloniex as ~8tps, I realize bitshares is already an established distributed exchange or market platform, so order matching performance is not the problem.... cross chain transactions are. Are there any projects from Steemians that are working on addressing this?

all of a sudden different algorithm are in place which is harder to understand first but thanks for sharing that post its very easy to understand now

this is good , i have a feeling that SBD is gonna rise back to 15usd sometime

Thank you very much for sharing this

Hi @exyle, my daughter has some great video content on you tube and she has been trying to upload these videos on dtube but she has been able to for days now, can you give me some tips for her on how to do this successfully? Here is the link to her YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi0iz1mDBvJ9RPxhlmMeEsg

Key info, good share, much appreciated.

Awesome visuals!
EOS will even be faster, Wow, big difference compared to Bitcoin etc.

i think sbd price will fall very heavily after the increased sbd

hi sir .. i am very interested in meriht your post, let alone can make me more interested in steemit, please help vote my post article about new still in steemit, I am interested to see system work steemit. @exyle

exyle you are looking very nice

Great information thank for sharing

Thanks for the important info

Wow those speeds are just insane thanks for sharing that info graphics :D

videos that are cool and amazing

STeem is so amazing! I really like the visual explanations... Let's spread this good news, let's resteem and share. Thanks @exyle, done voting @blockbrothers as a witness.

Congratulations @exyle am kinda sad that i join steemit,dtube late and am jealous that am not making as much on my only post....i follow all your post on steem, i upvote as well...this is your vlog 180 and i enjoyed it ...mine just got only one post with a low vote ....nothing to start off with ....thankz for always sharing your ideas and power on ...i pray and wish i will be you one day

steem just outshines others cyrpto from a very huge margin wow

this type of post are always helpful as they serve to inform you in a world as changing as it is steem and its multiple versions

@kyriacos and @overkillcoin excellent work ..this will help in steem promotions

This is a great post, thanks for the links and information - from a noob to the platform.

Very interesting and informative. was unable to upload videos in dtube showing IPFS error. Can't figure out whats going on.

wow interenting info about blockchain goods

Good topic and useful information.Cryptos being around for quite a while now but I think it's still calm before the storm. The masses hardly discovered this (new) way of investing. We ain't seen nothing yet.

thank you very much for this helpful information
and steemit is the best platform for me
i win so much money from steemit site thanks @exyle

You made with this video over 600.000 Dollar within a few hours? How is this possible, is this real? Still try to understand how steem works...

me too, i dont know why there is 217 views and 237 votes..?

is there any good guide for beginners for Steemit and DTube what to do and so on.

Even though I don't really care about rewards right now because I haven't posted anything yet.
But I was going to ask this question one day to finally understand it.
Thank you very much, I appreciate your concern about cheeky newcomers like me.

That steem transaction per second graph though lol

He visto muchas aplicaciones . Buena forma de Manejar la información y enseñarnos. Gracias

Our growth is now! Our growth is here!!
Steemit all the way!!!

Steemit is the best of among the rest

This is amazing

Thank for info @exyle , please vote my Dtube brother!

@exyle Followed and voted. Great breakdown on the reward calculations. Steem blockchain is absolutely one of the best out there. Appreciate the detail in all your postings. Please stop by I invite everyone to get in on a contest I am doing to help the homeless. Would love for everyone to get involved to build our community on and off Steemit. Thank you.

I like to see you good information & thanks a lot to share this content.

Yes DTube has improved 100000% overnight. I'm totally excited about the future as someone who has been daily-vlogging on DTube. I've pretty much abandoned YouTube for now haha.

Hope you're enjoying London. The sun is coming out tomorrow!!

Peace ✌🏿

awesome post thank you for writing this , I have given you an up vote and follow -looking forward to seeing more from you , dee x

yeah with the SMT its valuable more and that the dragosroua steem split reward is good post and i also finished my all confusion after read that post and now i check my all rewards with seem.supply
but about SMT i m some confused that,, what will be price of SMT token in start @exyle

Hi, I am new here, I would like to ask you about the sum which is given under the video
"$ 722.039" is given in STEEM / STEEM DOLAR or USD?

Thank you so much! As a new Steemian, I am soaking up all I can, and this was a great read!

Hey this was very helpful. I feel like this should almost be linked on the Steemit FAQ page lol. Thanks for the clarifications.

The whole Blockchain platform is really interesting and I hope this will be the next big thing next to VR. One thing I do not yet understand is how all the posts or entries which are added to the chain can be removed if you want to delete a posted video for example. If posts are made to stay "forever", many people think to little before posting. The linked images you provided are very impressive!

I like the fact that now you can see who gave you and how strong upvote.
For example 260$ from thejohalfiles and 130 from dtube.
If I had that strong viewers, I could build my steem power so much faster

Ha love the visuals!

I always get excited when reading about the developments of the steem ecosystem and how it is improving an already exceptional system. I hope to had my front end service to this list in the coming months.

Show appreciation for fantastic details .I get educated from you.

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