Curation and Economic update

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While we are still working on update 0.8 and fixing our issues with storage and buffering, we decided to release this short part of 0.8 update a bit earlier because we felt like it deserves it's own article and visibility.

DTube Sponsorship Program

Starting from today, we are welcoming anyone to delegate Steem Power to DTube. While we would prefer that our users manually curate our content, we want to provide this option of passively investing while supporting DTube.

We will return your share of the curation rewards, and your share of the beneficiary rewards generated by the @dtube votes. Financially speaking, it will exactly the same as actively curating DTube content yourself with your own account. More about that a bit later in the article.

The delegation redistribution will happen weekly and will begin on the 18th of May 2018. You need to delegate before the 11th of May 2018 to be eligible for the first weekly payment.

On top of it, in order to increase DTube's voting diversity, we will invite our top three delegators into our curation team, if they refuse, we will propose to the next highest delegators. We will contact top delegators through our Discord server on the 11th of May 2018.

Improving our Curation

Opening our curation to new people requires us to improve our tools and organization.

We now run a discord bot that helps our curators work together and avoid mistakes we did in the past, such as re-voting on the same content, misclicking the voting percentage, voting for impostors, voting for old reposted videos, etc.

The decision to vote or downvote a content remains entirely human. The bot only provides arbitrage between curators to reach a common decision.

The bot has many features:

  • Detects reposts and plagiarism and blocks votes for those
  • Creates a 15 minutes decision window where all curators can contest an upvote
  • The more curators agree that a video is good, the stronger the vote will be
  • Lowers the vote strength depending on how many votes the author already received this week
  • Waits to never vote earlier than 30 minutes
  • Creates logs from the curation discord channel

We have tested this new system for a couple days now, and it seems pretty solid as nobody saw or talked about the change. This will allow us to improve our current ~5 people curation team to probably 10+ in the future, and miss less good videos.

Redistributing DTube Beneficiary Rewards

One of the most prominent concern of our users has been our '25% fees'. Technically speaking, at the current market value of SBD, our fees were about:
25 / (50+50*3.83) ~= 11%

These fees covered our costs for storage servers, encoding servers, paid a moderate income to our staff, paid for the AskSteem API, and we still have 80000 STEEM on our account to pay for bigger things in the future. Luckily, we will still earn curation rewards and will be able to keep afloat financially without having to compromise our future tokens fair distribution.

Instead of simply stopping to collect these beneficiary rewards like most other apps, we have decided to fully redistribute it to curators instead. This happens through the @dtube.rewards account that was created and started operating recently.

The way it works is simple, it looks at the beneficiary rewards collected by @dtube for a video, then distributes it back amongst all the voters, proportionally to the strength of their votes (rshares). The only exception to this rule, is when the voter is a public vote-selling bot, in which case the associated reward with the vote will be sent to the author instead of the bot.

We thought a lot about these changes, and we strongly believe that curators should be rewarded more than what they are currently rewarded. We are therefore using our beneficiary rewards to create this unique experiment on a large scale. This will give us precious insights for the future of DTube, where we want to create a balanced and self-sustaining economy.


I loved getting those little dtube.rewards deposits in my wallet. That really motivated me to sit down at the computer and find the great videos that had come out. I would watch them and then make sure to vote after they hit the 30 minute mark.

What happened? The payments however small just stopped.

It is even more work to go and unvote each post that I made over the last two days. I will find something better to dedicate my voting power to.

Fun while it lasted.

I did not know dtube had quit their rewards program. Thank you for that and also for pdqproxy.png

Bro, how you win a lot of upvote in your comment? With that quantity (Cantidad)13.21=7.64 Steem, I would be millionarie here in Venezuela haha. Sorry for my bad English.

The only exception to this rule, is when the voter is a public vote-selling bot, in which case the associated reward with the vote will be sent to the author instead of the bot.

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leave Dtube alone . Dtube is a miracle

I can not upload the video to Dtube, I do not know what is the problem, but when uploading to upload a video, if upload, then click submit and not submit. Why do you say that?

Nice update, i'm interested to see how the curation distribution experiment will go, this is similar as changing author/curation reward % ratio, now there is a bigger incentive to curate DTube content.

I think it will be better off,ensuring that good work is rewarded

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What does your reply have to do with the original post?

Wow, that is an amazing update. The curation sounds now much fairer. I still think there should be hive solution for DTube but this is a big step forward. Well done. And the sponsorship model will hopefull bring plenty of new SP into your account.

Thanks for the nice comment flauwy. 1UP is a nice alternative and I considered it, but in the end I think we want something specific to us. We have the devs to make some tools, so it would be a bit lazy to use something that already exists but isn't specific to us.

Our sponsorship program comes in very late compared to other apps, but due to 'popular demand' we did it :)

Sorry tried to upvote but on busy mobile the two buttons are abnormally close 😭 I completely agree mate

Lowers the vote strength depending on how many votes the author already received this week

Although this comment may appear selfish, this is the one thing out of this whole post I find to be a very bad idea. Where is the incentive to keep creating if voting power is reduced as the week goes on?

Authors should not be punished because they choose to create more than others.

Other than that, awesome work!

This feature wasn't created to demotivate people from posting, at all. The feature is a protection agains't curators abuse. We have had problems in the past where some curators would favor certain authors. We don't want this to apply again.

FYI, this vote lowering thing is on the basis of 1 dtube upvote / day / person.

Okay thank you for clarifying! @heimindanger

So my understanding is that the bot will take into account how many votes have been given to the author that day and lower based on the quantity?

So does this reset every day? How would this affect someone who posts upwards of 2-4 times a day?

Here is the code ran by the bot for each upvote decided by curators:

I see @heimindanger. I see the variable malusPerVote takes into account 7 votes total, 1 per day. Then the voteWeight is determined based off of the malusPerVote taking into account additionally the cap of 10000.

So I guess I would have one suggestion and I may be alone on this but I would say adjust the algorithm on a day to day basis. Because as soon as someone makes 4 videos Monday and 3 Tuesday the remaining week is automatically lowered. I do believe this is logical but at the same time, people who produce high quality content on a consistent basis 1-3 times a day should not be forgotten about the remaining of the week.

I feel like this is a lot of progress towards keeping it fair and unbiased. All I ask is that @dtube please not forget about the high quality content creators. If people are posting consistently every day multiple times a day at a high quality, that should be rewarded. I made a video about this today regarding the interview with Ned..

Thanks for your work on DTube @heimindanger

Well, it only counts upvotes. Also, if the content is truly good, chances are multiple curators will like it and support it, and therefore you will get a higher vote.

Basically on each upvote you got last 7 days, your next upvote is reduced by -9.5%. So if you got 7 upvotes from dtube last week, your next upvote will be halved.

We believe that getting more than 1 vote a day from us to be too much. Even the best content creator in the world shouldnt get voted more than once a day by us.

Sorry if I missed it, but I think it should be a post about this topic, I heard a lot about how the distribution works, and how fair or unfair it is, or was supposed to be. Most of the people (like myself) doesn't know about this and would be a great message to send to encourage people to focus on quality and not quantity. Great work!

We have had problems in the past where some curators would favor certain authors. We don't want this to apply again.

That is so good to read.

I absolutelly agree!

I'd kinda argue those creators should be branching out and using other aspects of the system. Not just using Dtubes pool over and over and over . This will allow Dtube to curate more people and I feel it's a smart choice. In the end, this is all just my opinion and you know what they say about those .

What other aspects? If you’re a video creator, your primary goal is to create videos. Dtube is a video platform. It’s like telling Casey Neistat to stop vlogging daily on Youtube and start putting videos on Facebook instead.

DTube curating more people is a smart choice. But curating less for those who put in more is not smart at all.

Dlive and Dsound can be used as a content creator. You can uplaod video to Dlive and no reason you can't figure something out for Dsound. Then you have direct to Steemit post which are always good for helping build a true base. I disagree and feel this is a smart move but don't really want to go deep into details on public text beyond what was said here, anything said can become a dtube headline

That’s just being silly. Yes Dlive may have video capabilities. But why would you post there when it’s mainly for livestreaming? Dtube is very clearly specifically for uploading video. Trying to make a steem user “branch out” into doing something outside of their niche is absurd.

This type of logic makes no sense. Force a video creator who has poured time and effort into learning their skill and perfecting it to start posting to an audio hosting platform?

No. Absolutely not.

Dlive is a great option for video upload.

You are 100% entitled to your opinion. DLive may be great for uploading but the entire site is built to be a livestreaming platform and thus the homepage is full of livestreams not videos. And until that changes DLive will not be a good host for main video content.

Later man!

You argue dtube is a main video site but has no long term holding or view count which ,. Dlive has these features. Even the most basic video based content sharing sites have these features. Again this is all my opinion broskie and hope you have a good day.

I'd argue it's better than Dtube in some ways.

The view count has been on mind for a while as well. The problem with the view count on dtube, as i see it is this.

Its small. Really small compared to views on some other sites, so when you see a dtube upvote on a post you will frequently see only 1-2-3. Comments. Probably amounting to less then 10 views. If dtube were going by rewarding those that can get most interactions or views they would rarely be upvoting anyone. So dtube upvotes have turned into incubators for uplifting those that post frequently.
Thats the main problem i see here now.
The frequency of uploads to rewards correlation.
Now, i need to stress that im biased, i cant create 3 videos per day so i cant expect a dtube upvote ever 3 days. You might ask whos stopping me but whats the point of spamming so much same low effort content you can make 3 of in a day. Im not talking about the daily vlogs.

My opinion on that is that upload behavior is reaching closely towards the spam category.
Creators noticed that their best chance to make money is to spread content between dlive, dsound, dtube, spam as much content they can, never really improving anything, putting any additional work etc.
And i think thats really bad for the platform, since you really dont even give the audience a chance to absorb what you made.
As i said i could record a karaoke 3 times a day, 1 time for dsound, 1 time for dtube, 1 time for dlive. But whats the point? How can anyone appreciate your work if you just spam out a million and one videos.
Its just spam, really is. Money making spam no one will comment on or watch since you will put out 3 things every day.
I dont think that should be rewarded.

You may say why should those that work hard be punished, but this really isnt working hard. Its working a conveyor belt, doing as much as you can with as little effort as you can.
I really feel Dtube should support growth by rewarding creators that improve their content, that strive to reaching new heights. Not post-a-lots that never put any additional effort. in.
Yes i get in a lot of fights. haha :D

I understand your position. However I feel that you should go take a look at my page, look at the very first video I ever posted to Dtube, and look at the videos now... I think that you should look at my arsenal of over $5000 of equipment I have invested in since then and now. And lastly, I think you should watch me as I set up my studio, film, and edit (which takes a lot of time and effort) just to produce 3 videos a day...

You are generalizing. You are not being objective.

Of course im generalizing. Thats the whole point of my comment. You yourself said the exact same thing in your last video: "People think that Steemit is generally low quality content"..
I cant pick and choose every single creator and point out why this is high quality or why this isnt.
And yes, you really seem to do high quality work for the niche you do.

I for example didnt even own a mic 3 months ago when i started out.
I didnt have a mic, i didnt have a pop filter, a stand, lights, a program for audio editing, didnt know how to stop clipping, how to sync audio, etc.
But im trying. Every thing i do is special to me and has a point. If i did a million and one song a day that would be prostituting my talent for money. You cant interact with your audience, that particular video simply doesnt stay in focus less then a few hours until the next one.

When you take that route youre just doing it for the upvotes.
If you made 3 videos per day on youtube you wouldnt get nearly the views 1 per day does. Viewers would get burned out and that kind of spam would hurt you. But here, its quite opposite, sure you get less interaction, but more upvotes are coming in so who cares.

Dtube is here, or rather should be here to push forward those that actively claw their way to a level of quality that can compete with other platforms.

My talent and skill didnt change one bit from day one. But everything else did, things i didnt need to focus on, that are insignificant in comparison.

What im seeing (and sure, i can say, "not all" to comply to the semantics rule) is the conveyor belt content spam on platforms with high SP...
Ive seen "creators", if they are vlogers talk the same topic from a different angle in 10-15 videos in a row, musicians doing karaoke spam without ever trying anything remotely different (improving lighting, editing, location, genre, nothing). And they just switch platforms never improving in any way.

There is just no incentive to improve for them because this works
And im not talking reaching a high video quality like yours that you cant go far up from that so you are content.
You need to motivate your creators to move forward. Rewarding them for conveyor belt content isnt healthy in my opinion.
Thats not how you grow a viewer base, thats just feeding hungry cats that meow loudly under your table.

You know what, I think this was very objective and your point is well said. I can see your point of view and even agree with it to an extent.

I know one of the reasons I started creating more daily was because when I was posting once a day dumping hours into the video it would get missed. So I started breaking my content up, with an attempt to fairly monetize my channel.

Well said though, well said.

Thx. I mean its everyones right to monetize as much as they want, and how they want to do it. I cant say squat to them.
Ethics aside you cant go against those that work in the boundaries of the system, no matter the problems the system has.
This is more of a dtube focused complaint, where they need to decide the direction they want to go in and whats important to them..
Thx for reading my ramble. :D

I mean its all just everyone gaming the system. Filling up dtube storage with low effort content.
You have creators even reposting old stuff just to meet that 3 per day quota when they dont have time to dish out more and apologizing in chat to no reprimand of any sorts.
Its just ugly imo.
Its on dtube to fix this if they want, but i just dont like it.

I agree with that. Also, I've seen people with lots of upvotes, but most upvotes being in the low range. And then sometimes we can get very few upvotes, but in the high range. 1x $5 upvote is still 1 upvote. 10x 0.10 upvotes are still 10 upvotes. The second resulting in a lot less rewards. Authors should not get penalised depending ont he number of upvotes or their amounts. If their content is good, as with many I see on Dtube, they are entitled to all the upvotes with all the voting power they give. If I vote 100% for someone, I want my ten cents to give them ten cents, not eight, not five, but ten.

And thats what i think dtube should consider. How much people actually are interested in yout content. If a creator gets 10-20-30 legit supporting comments on their video and a bunch of upvotes that together amount to less then a few $ then dtube needs to lift that person up because the viewers obviously respect the content that person creates.
Atm there are those that never get rewarded by the curation team and they have a large interaction number on their posts and then there are those with only a few comments that get 20-30- even a 100 upvotes per month.
Hate me all you want but i cannot agree with that reward distribution

Yup. There's definitely a disproportionate distribution going on that needs to be addressed.

On a flip side too, a yet to be discovered user might not have the luxury of comments to their posts if the post isn't a little up in reward.

The @dtube.rewards idea is a very nice addition. I was pleasantly surprised to see some curation bonuses come through over the past few days.

That will make me take a much closer look at all the awesome content being created on Dtube for sure :)

It's appreciated!

We want to increase the incentive for people who watch videos and upvote. Basically instead of 75/25 author/curator distribution, DTube is about 56/44.

This should be interesting. If curation increases enough due to this incentive, the final payout for the author may be bigger than if no beneficiary rewards were taken and no incentive for curation was offered.

It seems like a good addition to me and a more fair way of curation although I am still very new to the game. There seems to be a lot of changes recently... looking forward to see whats next

Agreed @carlafrey. I am also new to this "game" when it comes to video content, but not going to let that stop me anymore.

Same with me @jongolson, I plan to start using @dtube a little more in the future.

I hope to be set up soon to do video, just have to get everything set up

Well... this post is very refreshing and encouraging. It is nice to see a true desire to seek fairness.
It means a lot to a creator like me who now only posts on DTube to know that benefits of a fairer voting system is seen and acknowledged by Dtube team. The energetic benefit to the entire dtube community is the thing for me here. More equal distribution of upvotes in my opinion motivates and lifts the quality of content and spirit of entire dtube community. So I sincerely thank the Dtube crew for this improvement.
As a person who has often felt ignored by dtube... while doing my damndest to not complain despite feeling my videos at least could see the ocasional upvote.
I don’t claim to have awesome content. But I do claim to put my real self, love, time and fun into my videos. Thus little to no dtube love but seeing it given so often to same folks...plain and simple it hurts a bit..... though I keep my head up and just keep creating. And this is not meant to be a complaint but a thank you. Thank you @Dtube / #dtube for the Dcentralized Dspersement!!
I also want to thank the amazingly supportive discord communities that I consider my families... each have supported me and other Dtube content providers. Thank you my Fams from @comedyopenmic / #comedyopenmic @dtubedaily / #dtubedaily and @steemitbloggers / #steemitbloggers
Hopefully we all will find the value in @dtube continued evolution!!!!

We thought a lot about these changes, and we strongly believe that curators should be rewarded more than what they are currently rewarded.

I agree. I think this change needs to happen at the blockchain protocol level, as I had advocated over a year ago. Along with some other needed changes, it could help with content quality, discovery, and investment into the platform.

This current system is not sustainable, in my opinion.

By the way - I appreciate the beneficiary rewards. It was a nice surprise to see in my wallet this week. Thank you!

Yeah, I think a lot of people focus on the reward curve, while it's not so important. Linear rewards are convenient and simple for people.

Clearly, all the incentives are not properly aligned today. A lot of talks about this stuff in my previous article

Wow, thanks for the update.
This is very import and I think you're in the good direction.

I'll continue Dtube-community-support (even if my ipfs node need to be upgraded)

Amazing work building this fantastic community through real human engagement.

Thanks to the Dtube Team!

Im not using dtube because of the 25% they take out of it, isnt curation reward you guy got last month is about 90k dollar after all said and done?
Dont you think that is enough to pay for staff and server cost each month?
Why dlive can do it but you cant? I put up a dtube video and they dont even vote for the post but they took a 25% cut out of it, screw that.

Did you read the article?

We are basically not taking fees anymore, yet you are complaining about it and upvoting to give visibility to one of our competitors. Downvoted (after giving you 30 minutes to answer)

@heimindanger I'm very open and honest. I see these as very good changes.

Dtube was extremley hard to use compared to youtube so is this thing no spell check
Image problems lolz good luck
Can i pay my U.S taxes in it?

Dang... You dont upload to dtube just to get the vote. There are other incentives with just that.
You increase your audience size, you become a part of a growing community. Consider you were on youtube from day 1. Consider you have a chance to connect with a whole new group of people and with that you support a project like Dtube that has a chance to make a difference for all of us.
And then theres a chance of a Dtube upvote, yes.
As stated in the post, the fee is rather not 25% but much closer to 10%.

But all that aside, its clear that they are going in the right direction and they have those concerns on their minds. Thats whats reassuring.

Dtube isnt a finished product, its a project in works.

Even at 10% still too much, dlive dont take anything. Hell no, flag this.

Yes.. But dtube redistributes everything back to the community so you really are helping others. Till now you could say fees, and Heimin knows i came in causing havoc due to that in the chat 😀 but really you can have no concern whatsoever now.

The fee is 0%. Hello. Read the article. Or I will keep downvoting with more power.

I dont have a problem with you down vote my comments, but make sure its not lease sp from steemit inc.

Again i could not even make it work
I am a little slow very not tech oriented
Gotta make the interface easier and mobile device accessible

There are thousands of us who are thinking the same about the slice of the rewad that dtube is raping. I no longer bother with their service because of the same.

was raping.

Please read the article

I don’t think you were raping lol, but perhaps being paid more than a semi competitor. A competitor that has themselves updated often and well.

There are some good characters on dtube, but there’s not a ton, and as is the case all over steem, especially in cases with great delegations from Ned, there’s a lot of “playing”, and formulaic content, where thumbnails and intros mask some really shallow stuff that no ones ever gonna actually watch.

Mr. danger, I think you should take a little time each week and engage in real and meaningful conversations.

If you’ve Solved this curation issue, then there is now room to stand up when you have the time, and participate in what it’ll take to create some “STARS”.

Not just individuals, but “SHOWS”.

Production that takes MORE than even your big votes.

YouTube doesn’t have many like that, but there’s nothing that says you can’t.

People making VLogs everyday, are fine, and I have no problem with them making a little money.

I’ll send you another message on discord, and maybe even make a video for you.

I’ve been using dlive because it works great, takes no money besides the base curation, and has allowed me to earn some rewards, while PREPARING for something great.

This is a good step!

Alx - Alx#3690

Bu bu bu but i already did all the work on reg youtube 🐏

Further, it doesn’t necessarily make sense to spread out your votes to more and more people. A huge number of small votes may seem community supportive, but very few businesses have ever succeeded long term, by sacrificing quality in favor of quantity.

A real focus on some content that can grow and scale, and get PAID, is important.

100 extra people making some extra spending cash and having their friends think, “omg, you’re making 500 times more than YouTube would pay you”, may not lead to ultimate success.

Talking is way better than typing.

You just summed up why climate change is going to kill us and we are going to race off the precipice even if we know it's coming thanks dear

YOur sp you got from steemit inc, its not ur own, you are taking 10% cut from us when
the curation will be enough each month almost 100k. Yes raping.

I read the article and understand the essence of your placating the masses.
Great work, thanks again.

Great update, I feel like I’ve been knee deep in all the creative aspects of this as a full time content creator. Great to see new stuff moving forward and a bright future for the platform!

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!

Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Be humble. Be thankful. Thnk you dear.
Loving your videos very much.

Solid update and nice evolution of the platform. I'm always grateful as a user to feel as though you all hear the things we say, and that you actually take it to heart and often, it results in change. That is quite simply... amazing.

Im happy to hear the new rules roll out. The 25% cut is a killer for someone like me who only uploads videos via Steemit and no other posts and my payout is already so low, although I understand that you guys work hard and need the pay. I noticed the new Dtube rewards, and am very thankful.

Before Dtube I was just writing a blog and linking my videos straight from Youtube and when Dtube came along I was very happy that Youtube had a viable competitor, although I earn less this way since Dtube takes the 25% I'm glad to have my videos all in one place where people could easily watch them rather than having them in old steemit blog posts that get lost. Are you guys thinking about maybe having set playlists for videos as I have a huge amount of videos now stockpiling and would like it if my videos are viewable via playlists too.

I was curious to see how the Dtube votes work. I agree that more diversity is needed since I see the same Steemians with a high reputation and normally rather decent payouts constantly get a Dtube upvote, and big ones at that and I upload daily but never get a vote. Not that I expect it but I do wonder if its because my content isn't good enough or that I slip through the radar or simply that the voter wouldn't be interested in the types of videos that I do so doesn't watch them. Is there only one person manning the Dtube votes or several and are the videos that are being voted on being watched. Not that I expect an upvote from Dtube but I do wonder why the same people are constantly getting upvotes when theres plenty of great videos that I see that could benefit from it too. It seems that whoever is voting for Dtube is only voting on certain types of videos, in my opinion.

I tried to tell curators to vote on what they really like themselves, and I've been trying to rotate curators often, but not as much as I'd like. I hope that bringing more people into this will help on this aspect.

What time of the day do you usually upload on? This can also play kind of a role as we usually have different people online at different times of the day.

Yeah I completely understand, its purely what the curator is into, but it does that mean whole communities might get ignored. Unless you have curators manning each community it is always going to be biased. Im Uk and normally post around 9am - 12pm, but sometimes I do post later on in the day. Depends on my work and what I am able to do. I only post once a day so I assume I probably slip through unnoticed too.
I don't expect anything to come easy and I'm grinding on Steemit everday, I may only post once but Im very active on the platform. It's just a little disheartening to see the same few get upvoted so easily when others just as hard working don't stand a chance.
I've noticed that the same group of people can get more than 10 large Dtube upvotes a week and it's just standard for them. One Dtube upvote a month would be a big deal let alone on nearly every video that a user posts. Im certain there's alot more videos that the curators can vote on that would be equally as good.

Thanks for explaining how this works in a clear and thoughtful way. It's obvious that the community is responding very positively to the curation rewards. I find it really intriguing and very exciting that DTube is doing this as a grand experiment and using it to boost curation. Super well done.

I don't really have a lot at stake yet, but of the money which I have earned and will earn using DTube, this seems like a terrific idea for giving back some of the 25% (or ~11%) fee. Much better in my opinion than just taking less. Continute to use it for good. It also has the potential for making the organization more nimble and sustainable as the amounts can be tweaked if they prove to be suboptimal.

Upvoted immediately in order to put something back in the pot for development. (albeit dust)

To any who feel compelled to complain about issues using the platform, please remember this is a decentralised platform that is not raising millions though shameless advertising.

Any new initiative needs time to improve, amke mistakes and self correct. I genuinely think this can be a real alternative to YT in the future and the ethos behind it is far more appealing and rewarding, right?

Onwards and upwards!

Dudeeeees! Hahaha this is such a hot topic among DTuber talks at the moment! LOLOL

I've seen the post since yesterday and have discussions with people a bit about the thing that will be happening.. (already is, I suppose). Thank the team for such an update and do something about this whole thing.

Some may whine about it and some may even close their town to celebrate LOLOL but that how it goes. There are pros and cons at the same time.

I personally understand both sides as I am both..

  • A creator that put in a lot of work on my vlog but sometime got overlooked
  • A creator that get a giant upvote occasionally, sometimes, somehow.

    So I think I'm in a good position to speak my mind out. THE NEW SYSTEM SOUNDS GOOD!

    As a creator who's sometimes overlooked I always think I need them (the team) to see more and a little deeper into what they giving the votes for and the bots may do their jobs + the curators will manually look at it again to see if it's a really good one so the 'favor certain authors' won't apply again (At least not as often). I've watched some of people videos that have so many scenes in one video and they're not seen. Some people talk for 2 mins and get such a firework. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally not against anyone here. It's good to spread the love to more people. I know this is going to discourage some people who certainly get big upvotes but at the same time, it will totally encourage people who are trying to make their way up as well.

    As a creator who get big upvotes (occasionally). For example, there're some period of time I get fireworks constantly and suddenly it stopped. That's *so f!!! depressing already and even came up with a video talking about it reasonably (This one hope it's still watchable). This is occasional upvotes here that I get.. so think about those who get it constantly and they're already used to it like, a $1xx (1-4 times a day). Totally understandable that they're coming out and whine about all these changing as they are losing so much.

    Though, I totally support the new system as it's gonna be less amount of $ but more spread out which is much fairer. Those who're used to it already, probably have to adapt a bit (big time, actually). Though, you can do it!

Last but not least, hope it all works out!

Next update though, I wish to see something like 'Now your videos going to stay on the blockchain forever!' as it's pretty hurt that a few days later you come and try to watch your vid again, they're gone LOLOL

Thanks for the update people! Appreciated loadsss!!!

Shit! I didn't even know I was writing an essay till I click on submit button! LOLOL

Great update. Love hearing about this. You guys have been very generous to me and make me feel relieved when I see that my hard work has paid off.

I just hope that I'll be able to watch DTube videos from China easily. Without a VPN, the videos don't load easily and are too slow. With a VPN, it works much better but still isn't smooth. It is what is holding me back from binge watching DTube instead of YouTube.

It is never easy running a video delivery business we know at @dporn the struggles this can entail. Good luck with everything you are doing @heimindanger

There is probably a problem with loading photo thumbnails. They do not show up on steemit.Screenshot_3.jpg

DTube has been a disappointment for me.
I worked hard putting a lot of my content into the platform, even promoting it for free to my fans and friends.
Recently, YouTube has been deleting channels and banning people more than ever before, causing an "ad pocalypse" and millions of users have left, looking for somewhere else to view and post videos.
I've been begging people to try DTube for months, but everybody who tries it tells me they would use it if it worked more often.
And sadly, over time, I've had to admit that I was wrong all along, and DTube doesn't work even for my needs - uploading 10 minutes of video a couple times a week. Almost nothing uploads, almost nothing plays, and EVERYBODY I know (all over the world) has the same results.
FaceBook has been losing market share recently, as well. People are saying "if only there was an alternative where people can post updates, pictures, and videos". DTube should have been working well enough to scoop up those millions of people, but it wasn't, and it still isn't.
So, as much as I've supported you in the past, until your site actually performs its purpose (upload and play videos reliably), it's not of any use. It's literally the only thing people need from DTube - Steemit has already taken care of the other 90% of the experience. You MUST fix that problem first before any other "updates" matter.
This is a much more free marketplace for websites and applications than ever before. DTube should know that, and see themselves losing out on millions of users, and do something.
But it seems instead, DTube is making a pointless update, stalling, and asking for money. Not a good sign, guys!
I wish you the best of luck in getting things up and running properly ASAP!

Exactly. I've built two streaming networks that run 24/7 here (msp waves first, resigned, then built steemstar network) and they work, and we have to upload our replays to youtube because across all those shows and hosts, none of them can upload a video to dtube ever at all, the ones that are there stall, because they are served from IPFS nodes in some nerds basement somewhere, subject to be erased or turned off or broken at any given time, meaning when we do encounter someone trying to use dtube, we have to remind them to go edit their post in put in a permanent youtube link.

Sorry, none of the d-sites are ready for production use yet, and while the fees have been removed now? Shit, I am VP of an international SaaS enterprise scale product company serving fortune 50s and federal agencies and our entire dev budget is under 20K a month and when I see the state of things here, but an 80-100K curation pile is coming in monthly? Yeah, that doesn't bode well.

Well, overall things were working pretty well since 0.5, but our last update with new GPU servers didn't really go as planned. 0.8 focuses on storage and loading speed a lot.

I'm loving the transparency on everything, especially how you curate on Dtube. I found out about Steemit first through coming to Dtube. Keep up the good work.

Well this throws a spanner in the mix! Thanks for continually listening to the consumers and creators. All the spotlight is on DTube! Let's help it go to the moon

I like all the above. I am not very good at video content creation and gave up on Dtube a while back. Now I just might take another look at it and my video creation skills set.

Is there a difference of posting in my native language or in English to receive Dtube's vote?

Incentivizing curators makes a lot of sense, especially in this day and age when vote traders dominate curation. Keep up the good work!

Hey, liberosist!

at least how many steem power that can be in delegation.

Can i translate and repost this in spanish? Also i have a few ideas and questions about the platform. Im going to enter to discord now

I am really greateful for the rewards. Thanks. I needed this.

Necesitamos más apoyo en la plataforma para el idioma español.
Y cheque los errores de subida de DTube

hey dtube I just made a contest that helps you guys can you please check it out and support if you wish to:

Support this man 100% !!!!!


Thank you so much for exciting rewards for me, I'm so happy

Posted using Partiko Android

I feel like we could use a wiki or some form of documentation as to what the requirements are for uploads amongst other things

Hi every one .
I want buy votes SD.
Any body sale votes so replay me.
I will send SD yours wallet.
than you every one. have fan..........................

We know that everyone @dtube is working hard and that its not easy to make and run this platform. I look forward to seeing how it all goes and to continue to become more involved in the platform and the community!

hello, i have a question

dtube votes if i make a video and speak using portuguese language??? Or ir jus upvote with english language?? Can someone answer me?

Sounds great @dtube by this fall I will be already to go on dtube so keep up the great work in the meantime

amazing friend, as always impressing with new striking and innovative ideas ... this experiment will surely give good results since we are all part of the same community and it is 100% profitable the way expressed in your analysis. success on 11/05 up delegation. :)

Do videos still disappear after two weeks if not watched in that time frame?

Thank you so much for this fast update when it comes to this new situation. How it is the best way to be a sponsor? Do you guys have any specific way you would prefer to get the delegation? Any specific links?

Delegation isn't targetted at active content creators like yourself. Honestly it's better if you keep your power on your account and curate yourself what you like directly ;)

Otherwise you can use steemconnect hot signing: (change the link to change the amount)

Ohhh i see that is true. :) it is just sometimes I dont have time to curate enough content and i want to be sure that i am doing my best to help the content creators on Dtube. :)

But at the same time i understand what you mean. It is not that I have a crazy amount of SP that i can spare.

I guess in thay scenario i will keep just enjoying and helping people as I can.

Thanks for the answer :)

Many thanks for this information :D Awaiting for new update :)

I think it is interesting how the different platforms are handling curation and rewards. That is the part of the experiment I enjoy.

When you work in new the teams who find the best ways to structure themselves will be setting industry standards.

Keep up the great work, i'm starting to really like DTube :)

One of the most prominent concern of our users has been our '25% fees'. Technically speaking, at the current market value of SBD, our fees are about:
25 / (50+50*3.83) ~= 11%

I'm glad you're scaling those back, but this doesn't actually work like this.

The price of SBD has nothing to do with the relative percentage of the reward, as even if it did go from the 50% SBD, that's 50% SBD which is half of the author reward, and not again dictated by SBD price.

Secondly, but this bit I'm not so sure on, I'm given to understand beneficiary isn't as split from SBD only, but from author rewards as a whole.

Nope, beneficiary rewards are SP only.

The '50%' in SBD is actually worth more than 50%. This website explains it quite well:

Let me give you a concrete example. Let's say a DTube video gets $100 displayed on steemit/dtube.

Out of those 100$, the blockchain will calculate 25%, thats 25$, convert it to Steem, thats about 7 STEEM. That goes to curators.

Out of the 75$ remaining. Theres a split, 50% goes to SBD, so that's 37.5 SBD + about 10 STEEM (37.5 USD in STEEM). So DTube would get 5 STEEM, and the author would get 5 STEEM + 37.5 SBD.

How to become curator in this community ?

Let me add you another update!

@ned hinted on dtube coin when explaining SMTS in Korea...Go for that too

Hi there! You may not know me from Adam, but I just wanted to say that I like the changes. There are many things that we all could do to perfect our craft. I love the idea that I might have a chance to be noticed. Dtube is an amazing app and the platform is filling up quickly with alot of talent. As we all move forward together I would love to see more lives being changed by never know a creators situation. Be well.

Nice update and it's so cool to see how the Dtube platform is evolving, I really appreciate all the hard work and dedication Dtube.
Thank you so much being so honest with us(The creators).

Dtube to the moon!

I'm just waiting for the app. It'd be great to listen to things when out and about. Hopefully there will be background playing as in YouTube Red.

Keep up the good work guys. I know it's not easy coding and you can't please everyone.

Anyone know what is the minimum SP delegation to dtube to be eligible for payouts?

There's no minimum. If your share represents at least 0.001 STEEM you'll get a payment.

For instance if I delegate 5 SP, would I get a share of at least 0.001 STEEM? If not, by estimation how much SP is the minimum will I have 0.001 STEEM?

That's a good question. SteemWorld says we got 2070 SP out of normal curation rewards last week.

So yes 5 STEEM would give you about 0.005 only from normal curation, so if we count double with the beneficiaries that would be about 0.010 STEEM I think.

This is positive update you have @dtube team in this matter you make a great step ahead. Goodluck to the Top 3 Delegator 😇😇

Thanks for sharing the update.

This is an amazing update, what a great way to encourage organic curation, plus the benefits about curation and passive invest. This is the path steemit needs to follow, this is the way to think and act as a community. I'm gonna get my SP back to delegate. but I won't make it to 11th may, maybe the next one :)

Great update. I hope your sponsorship program will be used well.

Im really happy to see that more and more great updates are coming out. We know that everyone @dtube is working hard and that its not easy to make and run this platform. I look forward to seeing how it all goes and to continue to become more involved in the platform and the community!

Good luck

Very good update, now i understand why i've been getting some payment by @dtube for the last few days.
I very much apreciate that the curation is more rewarded, this way the plateform is more apealing to those who are video consumers and not creators...
Keep up the good work. All the best
Les Pitchous

Dtube is finally on the right track. Wish you all the best!

ok, that's interesting. fantastic that you have a kitty for future updates too, really enjoying all these updates that yourself, @dlive and @steemhunt are making. keep up the work, it really is appricated.

Well having a good amount of people in the Curation team is really a nice move and i hope to see more improvement in DTube with each new updates.

I initially thought that @dtube.rewards was some sort of pesky resteem service :P

I don't want to complain or cheer too soon but I really like where this is headed. Gonna delegate some SP and try be a part of this new and improved @dtube :)

Only time will tell.

Good job to everyone at @dtube for taking the steps to improve the platform!

this is a really good initiative.

we have been hosting a weekly meetup in Crypto Valley for a few months now but have recently started with videos from the projects that come present themselves. Those will be going on Dtube as well, very exited about this.

hopefully this will help us grow our initiative

really cool stuff guys <3

i think this is an excellent move. i've seen a lot of people have distaste for dtube because of the 25% taken out and i started seeing these awards in people's wallets as a great surprise and positive move!

thanks for vocalizing this shift toward a truly sustainable solution. you're incentivizing people to curate dtube content- a great move for dtube, the content creators and the blockchain! way to go!! also happy to hear about more curators added to the team. good to see dtube growing and expanding!

Hi folks,
I am new to steemit and just tried to log in dtube but was unable to do so.
I was told my private key/code was incorrect.
My username is leftycaligariart.
I am able to ost poems but not able to access dtube.
Please can you help with this?

Many thanks

Check out the first question in our FAQ

Excellent update. It is exciting to be part of this video revolution. Onwards and upwards!

@dtube rewards The idea is a very nice addition. It should make me sure that all the terrible stuff created in Dtube will make it stronger

I this program very good be can best creative and creator every post. Be succes i look your work

I know this is economic and curation update.

But i got a problem with uploading

I keep getting unkown error over and over again !

Try logging off and on again.

Btw we recommend using the posting key login instead of SteemConnect


Thx !