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RE: Curation and Economic update

in #dtube4 years ago

The only exception to this rule, is when the voter is a public vote-selling bot, in which case the associated reward with the vote will be sent to the author instead of the bot.

if app = dtube then ignore bid & activate bounceback

Go ahead and have fun making rules you little racist piece of pork.


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@carrioner If I think exactly the same.

lets see clearly the type of person that is, an interested. The farther away from this kind of people the better.

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Daj spokój Carrioner , wiem że kochasz hejcić :) / Chillout carrioner , know you loves bit of internet hate :P

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leave Dtube alone . Dtube is a miracle

I can not upload the video to Dtube, I do not know what is the problem, but when uploading to upload a video, if upload, then click submit and not submit. Why do you say that?

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