There is a lot of problems with Dtube!

in dtube •  2 years ago 


Ok I love the Idea and all, but

the search sucks! Iv'e tried to search all my videos using the tag words I gave them and nothing comes up!

you cant go deeper than the first page of videos, to see any past posted videos. 

It posts my videos before fully rendering so they don't play, by the time it's rendered, it's off the first page!

You say your competing with youtube? I hope these things are going to be fixed soon! Does anyone else have any problems with this? What am I not understanding??

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I wish I could load videos and and snap from my iPhone. But it always says file error. Being able to do that should be no brainer.


Seems as if they designed it it one day. Hope it gets better!


I think its a huge deal, what the devs are doing. It will be better for sure. If more people go online when the (beta)-platform is a bit better, the 25% fee from the rewards will make supporting IPFS with storage more profitable. Hopefully better discs will be used, to make it faster. :)


I hope so!

I haven't tried uploading anything but I find that most videos don't play at all and many take over 30 seconds to start, and then keep stopping. I average 85-90 Mbps download speed so I know it's not on my end. They need to get the problems fixed before It gets a bad reputation and nobody wants to use it.


Yeah same problem because its not finished rendering then it publishes it and anyone that views it, thinks its broken. So it's terrible for the viewer, I would end up viewing this site once and never again..

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