🎥 STEEM ON! | CRYPTO TALK #2 | @cryptospa & @nonsowrites

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Hello dear Steemians and Dtubers!

This is my second Episode of the show «CRYPTO TALK».

This time my guest was @nonsowrites, who is a full-time Steemian. We talked about the cryptocurrencies and what their future will be.

Enjoy watching the #video and, please, comment!

p.s. @nonsowrites is a great Steemian and a talented content creator, so follow him!

You can also watch the Episode #1 with @wagnertamanaha. Just to remind you: Last year, in November, on P2P Foundation forum an account known to have belonged to Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin’s inventor, accepted Wagner Tamanaha's friend request and stated just one word: «NOUR».

A few words about me:
Just to let you know: I've been working professionally as a currency analyst for the last 12 and a half years, and as a cryptocurrency analyst for the last almost 2 years.


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Hmmm... I think in the near future bitcoin will stop being the cryptoking. There are many cryptos out there and people is starting to invest in them. So far bitcoin has been basically "running solo" in the top place but I believe that wont be the case for long time. Yes, bitcoin has set an example and is a pioneer but also its important to invest in other cryptos... Putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea! Just saying my amateur point of view hehe

@blacklux, thank you for your valuable comment! Yeah, there are many other interesting tokens, but I still think that Bitcoin will be the Crypto King in the next 10 years. But, of course, I also diversify my portfolio. :)

Is the intelligent thing to do... one token here, one token there :D

Beautiful collaboration excellent

@urme33, thank you! Glad you like it! Hope you have been doing well!

It was a nice chat with you. Hope we can do something similar sometime in the future again

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@nonsowrites, thank you my friend! Hope to see you soon again.

Nice interview guys!
@nonsowrites I see many more interviews for you in the near future!
I think Bitcoin is like the USD of the crypto world , we’d rather not use it but it s king and most transaction are done in it ! If fiat money was to completely disappear , we would need something to base the value of the cryptos, that is Bitcoin!

@dmlliz, thank you for stopping by and commenting! Yeah, Bitcoin is still the king, it is like a standard for the cryptocurrency market.

Great conversation!
Bitcoin, of course, is very popular, it really comes to mind first when you mention cryptocurrency. But the ways we use steem, for example, here, seem to me promising. So steem on!

@behelen, I am glad you liked the interview! Yeah, STEEM is also a nice token. So, STEEM on!

Great video and fantastic collaboration. I loved your crypto conversation. I think bitcoin will always be digital gold. The fact that there will always be a max of 21million.
There might be another one that will be highly adopted but bitcoin is here to stay. Only time will tell how it all goes down 👍😀

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Thank you for stopping by! I do appreciate your valuable comments. In my view for the next 10 years Bitcoin will be the King. It's simply the best Cryptocurrency. Litecoin will complement the ecosystem of Bitcoin. But, I won't be surprised if some of the Bitcoin forks start to compete for the leadership with Bitcoin in case the LN fails.

p.s. Eric, I will be very glad if you participate in such kind of collaboration with me. Thechnically it is very easy to make the video conference. You need just a webcam (i.e. on your phone) and a good Internet connection.

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