DTube, Watch Out, Flixxo is Coming!!

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I know, I know, all Steemians should love DTube for DTube uses STEEM as a database and enables all of us to earn rewards from uploading our videos and upvoting ourselves and other video creators.

But... DTube is not perfect yet, members are often getting something like this, even on a Chrome browser

So a little competition from Flixxo can do DTube only some good, could help to speed up the developments and bring more wonderful ideas ;-)

The Flixxo platform will have full functionality around Q2 2018, but there is already a demo which you can find here: https://www.flixxo.com/demo/
The demo it is not how the platform will look and there are many functionalities missing, it is just to show Flixo concept in action.

Flixxo uses the digital token Flixx, which is already traded on the market, and aims to be the number one social video platform! This is how they see themselves in comparison with their competitors, DTube included:


Flixxo plans to completely eliminate any intermediaries by letting advertisers, viewers, and content creators engage with each other directly. Their digital money, Flixx, will be used by users to watch videos, by producers to monetize their work and incentivize the network, and by advertisers to pay for a moment of our attention. The advertisers will need to buy Flixx from content producers, creating a complete, closed and an organic token economy.

You can read about Flixxo latest news here:
Here learn more about FLIXX circulating supply:

And here is a whole collection of all kinds of useful links and info:
Flixxo + iExec Partnership:
Flixxo CEO Adrián Garelik: Blockchain and P2P Networks are Revolutionizing Online Video Streaming:
Coinomi and Flixxo, an awesome partnership:
Live Q&A With Flixxo’s CEO Adrián Garelik:
Adrián Garelik's presentation at d10e:

Local groups:
Indonesian: https://t.me/flixxo_indonesia
French: https://t.me/FlixxoFrenchDiscussion
German: https://t.me/FlixxoDE
Chinese: https://t.me/Flixxo_Chinese
Portuguese: https://t.me/flixxo_pt
Arabic: https://t.me/Flixxo_Arabic
Russian: https://t.me/flixxo_ru
Spanish: https://t.me/Flixxo_ES
Italian: https://t.me/Flixxo_ITA
Turkish: https://t.me/Flixxo_turkish

You can follow Flixxo on:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/flixxo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flixxoOK/
Web: http://www.flixxo.com/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/flixxo
Telegram: https://t.me/flixxo
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2168758
Official Trading channel: https://t.me/FlixxoTrading
Content Creators channel: https://t.me/FlixxoCreators

Last but definitely not least, Flixx token is listed on Livecoin, Gatecoin, Etherdelta
and on my favorite exchange Kucoin
(and...it was officially announced that there are more exchanges coming to Flixxo shortly)

In my humble opinion, Flixx tokens offer us solid, long-term, steady growth investment.
Please take a look how they are doing on CoinMarketCap
and consider purchasing some on Kucoin

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Wow, so helpful. You are always 1 step ahead, I love it. You not only write a great article on something completely new, you provide us with so many links to check it out! I am going to pick up some tokens asap, thanks. And I feel for us us content creators, multiple platforms will mean multiple revenue sources. And Dtube having to step it up will be good for steemit. I have noticed a few glitches on dtube aswell, I have trouble searching for videos. I can click on trending and hot and the tags, but I cant freely search and float around like ido on youtube. I am a very very very avid user of youtube, so I will be watching both these new platforms closely. I love your quote "a little competition from Flixxo can do DTube only some good". And thanks for using dos in the artile, he says thanks with a big tail wag!


@cryptoclick, is their platform live? Would like to check out how the system works


Sorry I haven't gotten back to you earlier. I have posted a link to the demo in the article, you must have missed it:

The Flixxo platform will have full functionality around Q2 2018, but there is already a demo which you can find here: https://www.flixxo.com/demo/
The demo it is not how the platform will look and there are many functionalities missing, it is just to show Flixo concept in action.

and, I wrote this too:

the demo site only works on desktop Chrome and Firefox, and on Android devices connected to wifi. The best way to experience the platform is to open a second window in stealth mode or using two devices, to see how data is shared and tokens earned.

Guys, the demo site only works on desktop Chrome and Firefox, and on Android devices connected to wifi. The best way to experience the platform is to open a second window in stealth mode or using two devices, to see how data is shared and tokens earned.

Interesting alternative to DTube for sure, as a comparison I would say DTube is for now the YouTube of crypto and Flixxo the Dailymotion, though maybe they can trade their places if DTube doesn't manage solving out its defects and Flixxo keeps rising up ! We have to see this trend evolving.

Here is Flixxo's data on coinmarketcap.com by the way, it's right now standing at an interesting 0.27 $, not bad, it has had a factor 4 recently. As I would say in my graph analysis when I post about those type of altcoins, it has a lot of room left to grow and if it does, there can be an interesting factor 10 profit to make at a time in this year. I didn't see DTube on coinmarketcap.com though. Not yet listed.


Thank you for your visit here and your comments. I haven't put too much emphasis on the price, I was hoping that those interested would do some basic research for themselves ;-)

@Loonyfool, I think that DTube can't be listed on the Coinmarketcap, for everything in Tube is based on Steem, an already known and nicely climbing up coin.

Getting back to Flixxo, what I like there the most, is the potential for the content maker and his/her audience to earn directly from advertisers: https://medium.com/@flixxo/mad-men-gonna-love-flixx-39ce13e1e295 and that it is planned to be implemented right at the launch of the platform.


Ok of course I was too tired to realize that DTube couldn't be listed on coinmarketcap, my mistake. That's not a good sign if I make that type of observation I should rest more these days :D


You should not bother with small things, we all get mixed up sometimes ;-)
I know I did here on Steemit with way bigger things LOL and... I survived ;-)


No problem, it's my quest for complete knowledge of the crypto world, I just have to keep it up :D

Flixxo fascinates me. Anything that gives rewards to the user and creator has merit. I also am a fan of lower circulating supply coins because they pump faster and Flixxo is currently under 100 million. Steemit is proving platofrms like this work.


I love your reply, thx :-)

Thanks ... I have nothing but trouble with DTube so looking forward to something else.


But... try to concentrate on that Steem from Tube ;-)

Thanks for the info. Flixx seems still locked in a downwards channel. I'll certainly keep an eye out for any further statements made in relation to the unminted 600m tokens (that's quite a lot in relation to circulating supply).


WOW, I am so happy to see you here, I was afraid that you have given up on Steemit.

If you do not mind, please check my last post, and let me know if you will go for those ICO tokens. Sometimes I think that is safer to wait for the tokens to start trading... but in this one, I went for the crowdsale...


No, not at all. Sure I'll have a look, with pleasure. Also you might be interested in this, my latest article on WILD

I hope you profited based on my suggestions! Still plenty of opportunities with WILD.

Again Good post like always ...Informative one


Thank you @rajag234, love that 'as always' LOL.


My Apology but....English is all foreign to me as its not my mother tongue....


Mine neither ;-) AND you misunderstood me, I truly loved what you said about my posts!



amazing post


Really, so how come you haven't upvoted it ;-)

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So. I don't know from flixxo. I am extremely limited in my video usage.

But I was on another post and recognized your picture from a previous place. I just had to stop in and say hello. And good to see you here!


WOW BigTom, super nice of you to stop in and say hello!!
I just followed you and I hope to see sometimes in my feed your 'sometime writer side' ;-)
I would gladly meet the rider side too, but... no chances LOL

If what you say is true, it seems Flixx is at a nice buying price right now. Any idea when it might be listed on Binance or other exchanges?

I definitely want to invest!

Great info.



If it is true or not, you have a whole plethora of sources to verify my info ;-)

If you are thinking about trading Fixx, here's again a special channel

And as to exchanges, Flixxo will SOON be available on IDEX.market:
and I suggest that instead of asking for Binance, you give a chance to Kucoin,
and I personally guarantee you that you will like it there.

Here's my Kucoin reflink:
but this is not the reason why I suggest to use them.


thanks for these links, useful information, I didn't know about idex

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cryptoclick dear, stay happy :)


Thank you :-)
You've confused me today, but again, I am learning...
and I surely appreciate your visit here and your wishes!!

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Well, I am not sure if this is a cool thing to do... I have posted in the article my own affiliate link to Kucoin.
There are some standards in marketing and I think that one is becoming more successful if he/she honors them :-)

Nevertheless, thank you for your visit here and happy earnings on Kucoin.

wow ... amazing post, must say thanks to you :)


Good that it was useful to you :-)


thank you

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