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Hi Friends!

Welcome back to another episode of “Meet in Austin”. An interview series where I’ll be chatting with various speakers for the Global Blockbuilders Event so that you can get a little taste of the awesome people that you will get to meet, learn from, and connect with at the conference.

Today I am interviewing @kenmelendez. I've had the pleasure of meeting him in person a few times now, and so it was a such a treat to chat with him today and learn more about his story! He has been on the Steem blockchain since December 2017 and has been a huge part of the community - especially as a content creator on @dtube. He has now partnered up Global Block Builders and will be working as their Director of Communications.

We chat all about how he found Steemit, what his journey has looked like, why he's excited for the upcoming conference, how much fun these events are, and why he thinks attending conferences like this are a must for anyone interested in getting more involved in the world of crypto.

Event Details


Social Channels for Global Block Builders

I really hope you guys enjoy this interview with Ken and hearing more of his backstory with both crypto and Steem. Stay tuned for more episodes of Meet me in Austin coming soon.

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Fantastic. 😃. You 2 Take butt! Kick names! Awesome to see 2 original members of the band on screen. Austin will be amazing. If you are serious about jump starting or fast tracking you Blockchain life. Come to Austin. It can change your life. -resteemed-

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I haven't watched this yet... but if no one is doing pull ups I'm going to be demanding a do over...


Hahah oh man I keep secretly hoping you’ll forget about that!! 🙈

I wish I could go to that event, but I live in Mexico and it's a little difficult for me. But I'm sure that some day I will be able to go. Maybe we need events like this in Mexico :D.


Mexico sounds lovely! I’d be game for a conference there. 😎 I was actually just In Acapulco for a Anarchapulco - a free thinkers conference.


That's nice! I think I saw a post about that in my feed. I live like 5 hours. Away from Acapulco but less than two from Mexico City.

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Finally watched this... I love that Ken is as nice and friendly as he seems online... I loved his answer to the question.. "If anyone's on the fence about coming to Austin, what should they do?" "Yeah, just come." - totally sums it up nicely. Can't wait to inclusively hang out with you both.


@ninjavideo appreciate those kind words. Looking forward to knowing you better in person 💯👍🏻

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The buildup to the event is already great so I can’t imagine how it could get better. Great to see two great content creators working in collaboration; shows the potential and passion of the Steem community!

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Looking forward to connecting with both of you again in Austin


Looking forward to
Connecting with both of you
Again in Austin

                 - daveonarrival

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It will surely be a great meetup with him