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Hi Friends!

Welcome back to another episode of “Meet in Austin”. An interview series where I’ll be chatting with various speakers for the Global Blockbuilders Event so that you can get a little taste of the awesome people that you will get to meet, learn from, and connect with at the conference.

Today I am interviewing @andrarchy - one of the original Steemit users and a long time Steemit Inc. employee. Seriously you guys... if you want to get pumped on the future of Steem - this interview is a must watch. I found his story to be so inspiring and I know you will too. It was really cool to hear his thoughts, excitement and passion for the future of Steemit and the Steem blockchain.

He also shares all about his new position within the company as the Head of Communications and what that will mean moving forward.

We of course also chat about the upcoming conference, why he's excited for it and what kind of value events like this provide.

Event Details


I really hope you guys enjoy this interview with Andrarchy and hearing more of his backstory! Stay tuned for more episodes of Meet me in Austin coming soon.

Previous Meet me in Austin Interviews

Episode 1 – Interview with Larry Morrison – Co-founder of Global Blockbuilders

Episode 2 - Interview with Elizabeth Powell - Managing Director of Steemit Inc.

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Hahah I love it!! 😆😘

Lovin' this series! 😎

Thanks Dan!! 😀 Crazy to think that back in the beginning, it was probably just you, Andrew, and a few others posting regularly!

Great interview coruscate and andrarchy! We appreciate all the work both of you are doing. Good to see another interview with you andrarchy, we truly do appreciate the platform you have helped develop making dtube possible!

Aww thanks @dtube!! Made my day to see your comment! I’m really glad you enjoyed this interview with Andrew. He is really a fountain of knowledge and inspiration when it comes to the Steem blockchain.

Nice interview Coruscate! And congrats of the new title Andrew! Well deserved!

I’m so glad you enjoyed it Dan! I thought Andrew’s story was full of so many awesome lessons in terms of following your passion and then working hard to get there.

We definitely could’ve kept talking for hours! Might have to interview him again sometime to pick his brain a little more. 😊

Please do! :)

Great to see more of the communication we are getting about our ecosystem! Interesting story that I really enjoyed, great job!

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Totally! Andy has been doing a great job of keeping the Steemitblog page updated. I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview!

You're a pro! @Coruscate. Thank you for sharing @andrarchy Austin will be grand. See you all there. -resteemed- 😎🙂

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"If you want to take Steem to the next level... we all have to start thinking like entrepreneurs or like people who want to help entrepreneurs."
Andrew has a good point and that's why Global Block Builders is great for Steem and its dapps.
There will be great opportunities for partnerships and investments and community building all in one place.
You guys want to raise money? Investors will be there so start building those relationships.

Can't wait for this event. See you both there @coruscate and @andrarchy

I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview Dave!

Andrews comments about entrepreneurship were SPOT on. Will be fun for all of us to chat about that more in Austin!

Great interview .... such a great idea for a series.

This is brilliant @coruscate ! What an awesome conversation between two of my favorites steemians !!

It's always motivating and inspiring to hear stories and experiences of a crypto early adopters like @andrarchy, and a special thanks to you @coruscate for bringing this interview to us. Can't wait for more Meet Me in Austin interviews. Kudos!

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Thanks @photocircle! I'm glad you are enjoying this interview series. :)


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Love your content

very nice, my frriend coruscate

Great interview. Setting up our enterprise on Steem is definitely an awesome experience.

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