Why Im finally speaking out against the worlds most dangerous religion

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Looking under the surface into their (people in power) schemes at our expense can feel overwhelming. Understanding that one is powerless to directly challenge in a way that shuts the degradation for their profit down is the first step to understanding one needs to focus on personal action towards the cure. We can't directly stop them, but we can focus our attention and love towards a system of freedom that is beyond their control.

We are not powerless as they would have us believe. The choice to love and choose positive action is one that is always ours to make. We just need to unhook from their mind traps that are designed to tire us into a submissive acceptance that we mean nothing to those around us.

“To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.”
Dr. Seuss

Technically I would be what you might called a statist if we had a limited Constitutional and just government. Overall you made a very awesome video.

I just replied to @insanityisfree 's post about the US Consitution. It's a miserable failure, and documents always fail to protect people's rights. It's a joke on us. Limited government never stays limited. It always grows. Government is not the same as governance too. Government implies double standards and special protections for a ruling class. Governance is something leaders do, and those leaders would be equal under the law and voluntarily followed. There's a huge difference, and we don't need rulers or government.

I think it worked very well for over 100 years up until about 1913.

Look up the Whiskey Rebellion, please.

Yeah and look at our GDP from 1776 to 1913. It's extremely difficult to have a perfect government and/or society. Humans always do stupid things. The civil war was also bad but overall things went pretty well.

I agree with you. But, there always has been and always will be some kind of power structure. So, I participate in politics apathetically and vote right wing. I'd rather not live under communism or socialism. Or continue to have my country browned out. In a perfect world, I wouldnt have to pick a side.

Even in a voluntarist society you will have power structures created by those participating. There will always be rulers. However, the extent to which they abuse their power can vary quite a lot.

Ahh yes, "your" country.

What? I never even mentioned a country or one being mine lol.

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"Or continue to have my country browned out"

That's you. Right up there ^

There will always be rulers? Uhm, no. A ruler by definition is above the law and not equal to the ruled. No good reason exists to have rulers. Would a society based on voluntary interaction have LEADERS? Yes, absolutely it would, but leaders are equal under the law and followed voluntarily, not through threats of violence. What the heck do you mean by "browned out" too?!

Since you are not willing to accept the individual responsibility that goes along with individual liberty, you'd rather have fascism, ehh? You still want to control other people for X reasons, and at the same time you complain about communists and socialists. Seriously, man. Do some more research, for you have no idea what you're talking about.

I'd prefer fascism to communism yes lol. And rulers have existed throughout human history. Power corrupts. Any leadership position will eventually lead to corruption. I lived in the libertarian dream land of idealism for years. It's just not realistic. You can preach the voluntarist slogans and all that all you want but people will always be people.

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I wouldn't expect someone who wrote "continue to have my country browned out" to understand anyway.

Is it a problem to not want your country demographically flipped? I don't see any criticism of Asians, Africans, middle easterners etc for keeping their nations homogenous. It's a growing consensus. Too late. But at least people are finally waking up. Diversity is a LIE.

Nice strawman though. 👍

And btw, you might want to re read what I wrote. If you got that I want to "control people" out of what I said, you're an idiot. I literally said an ideal world would be voluntarist. But utopia does not and will never exist. Dominate or be dominated. I know the choice I'll make. As for you, good luck with your mentality. Sure it'll take you far lol. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are a great way to vote for communism/socialism.

Find a world with unlimited resources and then maybe your pipe dream will work. But, until then, it's just that.

The US Constitution is the closest thing to an established voluntary society that I can think of in human history. And it has been destroyed, subverted, and has failed. Ain't easy to make 9 billion people get along. Or even a few hundred or tens of millions.

Btw, if you'd like to have a debate on this issue, I'd be willing to do so on a stream/podcast. Would be fun. Let me know!

@careywedler, It's very good to be back. Seeing content like yours above is why I missed this place. The conversations we have in the comments is awesome too!

I know some people are trying to spread our cause on places like fascist book, but I just cannot stomach being on those platforms anymore. I even tried Minds and MeWe, but here I am back on Steemit. This is the only place that makes finding the conversations you want to participate in easy.

We are not horribly outnumbered by NPC's here either, but I guess we have our fair share of bots to make up for them, ehh? It's good to see you are still active here, and thanks for your excellent post and all the work you've been doing over the years to further individual liberty!

You sure you're not a preacher? Maybe you're a singer. Either way preach your message and sing to the choir. Very well done. No. Scratch that. Awesome!
Peace and Love...

I can kinda see where you're coming from. Capitalism might be a close second.

The traditional religions have certain racked up their own death counts as well. Even Buddhism is actually in a religious war right now with the Rohingya in Myanmar. Kinda disgusting that so many seemed to not even care about that and expected them to just go back to their country shortly after that recent attempted genocide, when they aren't even recognized as citizens in their home country. Almost surprised we didn't use that as an excuse to go to war. That was perhaps the most valid reason in a while that we've had for sanctions.

Very very very good video with an absolutely important message. The brutal clips underlined the importance of that message and I hope we will find a solution some day..

I don't need to add anything here instead of a "thank you".
Start the autonomous path right now and start to develope pure self-reliance.


Violent is never the answer, your video is way too deep and also I think it's a wake up call for us all... Thanks for sharing regardless of what anyone will say...thats alot of courage right there.

I respectfully disagree. Sometimes violence is the answer. Violence is a tool, and it can and should be used in self defense when all other options fail.

There is a lot to like in this video but let me posit this to you:

Identifying a problem is one step of the multi step process required to improve any situation.
Yes , you have pointed legitimate misuse of authority ( mostly in USA) context in your video.

Secondly , the fact still remains :
There are good governments and bad governments ( it's all relative) , there are governments that are better at certain things but flawed on others ( just take healthcare for example).

Stating objection that we have to pay taxes doesn't come close to solving the issues , unfortunately any improvement requires years of protest and public awareness.
Atleast a democracy provides (albeit flawed) such an avenue.

Calling for voluntarism and abolishing of state is highly impractical , IMHO.
Humans have always arranged themselves in tribes and tribes ( call it state/religion/whatever) are not going to go away even if their existence comes with it's own set of issues.

On a concluding note:
It is quite possible that if/when crypto takes over and US dollar hegemony is broken we end up with a bunch of imperialist tribal leaders ( aka BTC whales) , as we have experienced all through out the human history.
With an added bonus of not having any rights ( voting ??) to influence the behavior of the so called liberators - you must observe behavior of STEEM Whales to get a taste of the same.

Since the current govt system has its legit issues the next logical step shouldn't be looking to abolish the govt rather it should be to participate and improve the system.


It isn't broken. It's doing exactly what it was designed to do.

And what alternative , in the history of mankind, has been more productive ?

If productivity is your metric for human happiness and progress, then I'm guessing its all been downhill since they freed the slaves.

Productivity , one amongst many is certainly a criteria.

Technically speaking, slavery wasn't the most productive either.

The broader point is laid out in the initial detailed response.

I agree and disagree lol so let’s begin I love in a socialist government I’ve lived under a government where we literally had no rights so I know first hand how shit it can get, it’s still pretty shit now with greed and corruption literally leaving us with no water and electricity but we have “freedom” which is great but I pay for that freedom opted in at birth

I agree that just because you can point out something is wrong doesn’t mean much, cool you provide information and points for people to consider but if we don’t offer alternatives what’s the point?

The issue here is too much power corrupts but how do we limit the scope of power and how would we enforce it? People have so Long outsourced their thinking and livelyhood to governments here’s my vote and my tax money give me a better life, most people suckling at the teet it’s a marketing marvel I have to say since you have a few people keeping everyone in check it’s actually insanely brilliant that they keep it going

I agree we will always be tribal and just abolishing government and shutting it down would be worse than what we have now, humans need these power structures to feel they are being looked after, well most are! We’ve been made to believe that there’s no other way

I kind of thought that if we just had local government where representatives are selected by the people of a certain area and they just work autonomously it may still be a viable option! Scaling this thing to look after millions or billions with a few at the wheel doesn’t seem like it’s feasible

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Mostly agree...

Nah, all government is fundamentally wrong. On a practical level, the best you can say, is it's a necessary evil.

Overall I disagree, we don't need them to survive or live happy. There are places with no government where this exists. Not many, of course.

There are? I'd be super curious to learn more about government-free locations...


Not the video I was looking for. I think Luke Rudkowski has more a documentary-style one where he goes around the town and talks to locals.

There are others that are like communes in the US, but this is more of a traditional town.

It is a necessary evil ...

Yes? What do you need the evil for?

OK, at least we agree somewhat fundamentally. Saying that it is necessary or unnecessary on a pragmatic level is tough because that requires reading the future. I don't trust academia-sponsored history. And even if you argue that there is plenty of truth to go on, technology, culture, and civilizations change by problem solving.

I think it's pessimistic, in the end, about humans, that we need to be controlled and coerced by violence in order to live peaceful happy lives.

The problem, in most cases I've witnessed is not that "we don't know how to manage ourselves without a government authority" but that the government becomes the opponent, interferes, coerces, causes violence, and does generally anything they can when people renounce government rule and do without.

sovereign groups from growing

In my understanding a state is sovereign that forms at some point and then evolves /devolves into what it becomes.

or we have had kings/queens as supreme leaders.

Sure, there is plenty of evidence that it's just the beginning of a new government.

But if people understand that they might just be building another government, and want to avoid it, why can't solutions be developed an applied? Blockchain is far from perfect, but it's an attempt. The problem being the Byzantine General problem. What happens if we completely solve that, for all practical intents and purposes?

I see government, here, as a problem just needing to be solved. We should at least attempt to work toward it because I think everyone is, in their purest form, an anarchist(meaning rules but no ruler in this context)

Why would you want someone else in charge of you? No one does unless they think it's a necessary evil.

I narrow the world down to those who want to control others and those who do not. I do not. It is very frustrating to me too that so many seemingly intelligent people cannot understand even the basic principles being discussed.

A good example is the difference between rules and rulers as you pointed out, and another is how government is not the same as governance. Our objective is not chaos either. It is individual liberty. Sadly though, the vast majority of people around us don't want the individual responsibility that is required to have individual liberty.

Government implies a ruling class, so again, as you wrote, there's no such thing as good government. It isn't a necessary evil either. It's just evil. Controlling people against their wishes and subjecting them to a double standard under the law will always be evil.

It doesn't matter what reasons people have for doing it too. It's still evil. Either you want to control other people or you do not. That's really how simple it is. I don't need to control other people and don't want other people controlling other people either.

They say it is impossible, but look at any crowded place like an amusement park. All of those people are interacting peacefully and voluntarily naturally. It is the natural state of 99% of humanity. Then you have a small minority of predators.

Those predators love governments, for it gives them the perfect place to work.

I agree with the sentiments. I am also someone who doesn't want to control others. There's moral problems with it, obviously.

I see a pragmatic problem too though. Liberty requires a sort of leap of faith or understanding. It takes courage to embrace. You have to essentially believe that it works.

I think this is where most people stop.

"If there's no government then who will take care of us!"

They think all their neighbors are going to turn into rabid thugs.

I think it's more likely that those neighbors share the same fear and band together to help each other out.

If noone is in charge of anyone , how are we doing conflict resolution ? are we going back to mexican standoffs and the sharpest shooter is always correct.

To conclude , once such an alternative solution emerges , I am open to giving a fair ( and skeptical) look but as of now , my understanding is that some form of rules need to be in place for modern society to exist.

With difficult moral situations, I tend to separate survival from morality. They aren't always separable, but it helps me to make sense of my own compulsions.

The sharpest sharp shooter wins the argument for survival, because it's pretty black and white, no philosophy needed. The survivor survives.

Morally speaking, was the sharpest sharp shooter defending his family from violent self-serving thugs? Then he's right on both accounts. I think it's a better solution than abiding by thugs who declared themselves the presiding authority.

I don't think society improves by designating better quality authorities. I think society improves by each individual improving himself.

Thank you for voicing your opinions. This video is really well done. I got goos bumps from it. The music is really scary and the images very disturbing. This is not just intimidatingly alerting, but very serious. I agree on so many things you mentioned. A lot of people think that the steps taken by this country is imperialistic and totalitarian. None of the UN countries follow the charter. If we are all being lied to, then now is the time to do something about it. I am really positive to know how. The people we can start the counter movement with are here!

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