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RE: Why Im finally speaking out against the worlds most dangerous religion

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I agree with you. But, there always has been and always will be some kind of power structure. So, I participate in politics apathetically and vote right wing. I'd rather not live under communism or socialism. Or continue to have my country browned out. In a perfect world, I wouldnt have to pick a side.

Even in a voluntarist society you will have power structures created by those participating. There will always be rulers. However, the extent to which they abuse their power can vary quite a lot.


Ahh yes, "your" country.

What? I never even mentioned a country or one being mine lol.

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"Or continue to have my country browned out"

That's you. Right up there ^

There will always be rulers? Uhm, no. A ruler by definition is above the law and not equal to the ruled. No good reason exists to have rulers. Would a society based on voluntary interaction have LEADERS? Yes, absolutely it would, but leaders are equal under the law and followed voluntarily, not through threats of violence. What the heck do you mean by "browned out" too?!

Since you are not willing to accept the individual responsibility that goes along with individual liberty, you'd rather have fascism, ehh? You still want to control other people for X reasons, and at the same time you complain about communists and socialists. Seriously, man. Do some more research, for you have no idea what you're talking about.

I'd prefer fascism to communism yes lol. And rulers have existed throughout human history. Power corrupts. Any leadership position will eventually lead to corruption. I lived in the libertarian dream land of idealism for years. It's just not realistic. You can preach the voluntarist slogans and all that all you want but people will always be people.

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I wouldn't expect someone who wrote "continue to have my country browned out" to understand anyway.

Is it a problem to not want your country demographically flipped? I don't see any criticism of Asians, Africans, middle easterners etc for keeping their nations homogenous. It's a growing consensus. Too late. But at least people are finally waking up. Diversity is a LIE.

Nice strawman though. 👍

And btw, you might want to re read what I wrote. If you got that I want to "control people" out of what I said, you're an idiot. I literally said an ideal world would be voluntarist. But utopia does not and will never exist. Dominate or be dominated. I know the choice I'll make. As for you, good luck with your mentality. Sure it'll take you far lol. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are a great way to vote for communism/socialism.

Find a world with unlimited resources and then maybe your pipe dream will work. But, until then, it's just that.

The US Constitution is the closest thing to an established voluntary society that I can think of in human history. And it has been destroyed, subverted, and has failed. Ain't easy to make 9 billion people get along. Or even a few hundred or tens of millions.

Btw, if you'd like to have a debate on this issue, I'd be willing to do so on a stream/podcast. Would be fun. Let me know!

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