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RE: Why Im finally speaking out against the worlds most dangerous religion

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Technically I would be what you might called a statist if we had a limited Constitutional and just government. Overall you made a very awesome video.


I just replied to @insanityisfree 's post about the US Consitution. It's a miserable failure, and documents always fail to protect people's rights. It's a joke on us. Limited government never stays limited. It always grows. Government is not the same as governance too. Government implies double standards and special protections for a ruling class. Governance is something leaders do, and those leaders would be equal under the law and voluntarily followed. There's a huge difference, and we don't need rulers or government.

I think it worked very well for over 100 years up until about 1913.

Look up the Whiskey Rebellion, please.

Yeah and look at our GDP from 1776 to 1913. It's extremely difficult to have a perfect government and/or society. Humans always do stupid things. The civil war was also bad but overall things went pretty well.

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