How to play 'Watermark' by Enya | Piano Keyboards Tutorial

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Watch How to play 'Watermark' by Enya | Piano Keyboards Tutorial video on DTube

How to play 'Watermark' by Enya | Piano Keyboards Tutorial

Transcribed and arranged by @brogue I would grade this about Grade 2 level UK.

I previously uploaded this on Viewly, but I have made a decision I would like all my videos in one place and a/c on DTube.
I like the ease of upload and 'snapshot' for thumbnails. (If DTube could incorporate the pull from YouTube feature on Viewly, that would be awesome).

Hands are color coded for convenience, and remember you can download and play at whatever speed suits your learning curve.

Please check out my other piano performance and tutorial video posts and be sure to bookmark @brogue so you won't miss any future free lessons.

Comments, suggestions, and feedback always welcomed.


If you are on, be sure to stop by and say "Hi!"

Links to some of my other solo piano live performances:

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Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven:


always wanted to learn this thank you!
upvoted and followed would appreciate a follow back lets help each other out.

Thanks! and done :) @moneyman121

You are very welcome! Glad you enjoyed it :)

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Fantastic. One of the most beautiful piano pieces out there.

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