Amazing talent!

in dtube •  4 months ago

Ok, so this is my first DTube upload to test out and see just how much this platform has excelled (finally!)... and WOW, impressive!!
Great job DTube team!

A recent concert was given at my son's school a couple of weeks ago showcasing their end of year progression and they did a fabulous job!
I captured this with my cell phone, so please excuse the "unprofessional" camera work LOL. But, I did edit the audio portion.
Keep in mind while listening to this performance that the band is formed from after school participants and isn't a "forced" to play setting in order to get graded. It's all 100% voluntary!
1/3 of the band consists of 6th graders, 1/3 is 7th and 1/3 is 8th graders.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did and please help by up voting! :)
Proceeds from this video will be passed on for the kids end-of-year school trip!

Thanks everyone!

ps- I have 3 more songs/recordings, so if you'd like to also see those... please leave a comment!
ps2- the piano player is my son ;)

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Nice, I've just got on to Dtube. It's better than before.

Please upload new music @ajvest

And please have a look on my work too if its ok

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Dude, good on these guys. Sounded fantastic, especially for middle-schoolers!

Really nice to see music ed getting a little more progressive at a younger age too. I'd love to see more of these curricula branch out into modern music as well! Kudos to these youngin's again!

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