YouTube VS DTube

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▶️ DTube

I think both tube are good. Why not both?


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Here, here!

Awesome to see you here @adamkokesh - been watching you on youtube for some time now :)

Dilly Dilly!

yes youtube is king .

Youtube is just getting worse by the year. Dtube for the win :)

What isn't getting worse by the year lol

I think also dTube is better then YouTube, because it’s a better structure also with this connection with Steemit. On YouTube you see the clicks on the Video. On steemit or dTube you see the money you will get for a good video! I’m in the team dTube!
Thx for this man I think this is a very interesting subject! :D
Also i think i will have a look in your book!
Greets, leagueinside! :D

I agree, Dtube is the best!

Its not that easy, but would be cool!

Yes, I think you are right in the future

Destroy it from within by promoting Dtube via youtube.

Decentralization is the key word regarding future web apps.

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Love that lifestyle and great video btw!

Great video!

The best feature isn't even the financial aspect and how it reverses the profit structure in favor of the content creator. It's the fact that there's no content filtering. That is a beautiful thing!

The message of liberty cannot be hidden from the masses anymore. They just need to get on or any other platform that interacts with the same decentralized blockchain.

Liberty Professionals such as yourself will flourish here. The revolution will be televised after all. :)

very interesting video

Glad to see you over here Adam... also check out Dlive! For Live Streaming.

Yes, did a trial and will be on there soon!

Where can i find dlive?

Thanks for sharing this! I’m a musician and I’m new to all this but super excited! Facebook and YouTube look like dying animals in comparison to the potential of these new platforms! I can’t wait to start sharing my content here :)

following you @petrajordan...thank you for sharing this sir @adamkokesh

Glad you're on DTube Adam. Looks like lots of people from youtube are migrating here.

DTube continues to improve and improve. Doomsday is here for centralized social media

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may be its better.

Thanks for pitching for dtube and steemit! I still have problems uploading here, but I keep trying...

Thank you , fishculture keep me moving with steem

Not so sure why it is still taking way too long for Dtube vids to load, but hoping this bug gets worked out soon. Good positive message about Dtube and I'm also anxious to make my escape from Youtube soon.

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Can't wait for you to get more content on the platform! Awesome!

Dtube all day!

I also think DTube is great, the only problem is, after 30 days by the current reward system, doesn't matter if your number of views increased, DTube uploaders does not get reward payment.

That is part of how the community keeps the money going from what I understand.

Thank you for the info as always Adam!

Very welcome!

The freedom revolution is now. This is just the beginning. Steemit, cryptocurrency. States are going down.

This is the beginning of the end of states.

thanks to you i have been looking for where to get free ebook download

Does the audio quality of videos really important to be successful on dtube ?

So true. Nowadays when I get 30+ upvotes on reddit I always think "man I wish this was steemit!".

Yato god!

may i pay you 0.001 sbd to do my wish?

depends on the wish :)

I''m watching you for the first time, you are so energetic! Thanks for video and recommendation. Keep going man, waiting for next videos :)

What is the book about? Supporting what freedom?


Right now is an amazing time to be alive. The human experience is as rich and delightful as ever and every day carries the promise of a better world. Not everyone sees it that way, but on the whole, ”Team People” is doing very well. We have come a long way and that’s something worth taking a step back to appreciate. But the current path is not sustainable. Governments are transferring more wealth than ever from the poor to the rich. We are rapidly approaching a point where we must adapt or perish. The short view of history tempts pessimism. We might see the recent steps backward as the triumph of evil over good, or at least a turn toward mutual annihilation. They are merely the steps backward in a long progression of one step backward and two steps forward.

A truly free society does not exist just because we have been convinced we are free. A truly free society cannot exist when we have been so thoroughly propagandized as to define “freedom” in terms of government-granted privilege rather than as a universal moral principle. However, a free society is inevitable because the global paradigm is shifting as we learn how to better assert our right of self-ownership.

We all know life is better with freedom – that our own individual experiences don’t mean nearly as much without the ability to assert our will, rather than having our choices limited by force. Many of us today still experience lives dominated by the edicts of others. Many still live under the threat of death from war. While some are doing relatively well and enjoying a great deal of personal wealth and autonomy, many are not. Even those who are doing well are living in a less vibrant and robust environment due to violations of individual freedom around the world.

Any act of violence or threat of violence between individuals represents a violation of someone’s freedom. The great illusion of the current paradigm of statism is that governments achieve a worthwhile reduction of violence. Governments are the greatest cause of violence in the world today. They are coercive monopolies with only an illusion of public support. Everything they do is based on a presumed right to point guns at people who are acting peacefully.

Many of us are dependent on government, and because it takes on a large role in society, one can claim that everyone benefits to some degree. This doesn’t mean the benefits justify the cost, and the vast majority of us experience a net loss due to government. Even if we are convinced that most people have a net gain from government, we can always do better without using violence.

Freedom is the ability to exercise your will within your rights without the threat of force from anyone else. It’s really that simple. You own yourself. No one can claim even partial ownership over you without violating your rights. By abolishing statism we will achieve a world free of miserable victims and miserable victimizers. We will create a world in which all relations are free of force and coercion. We will see each other as partners in the human experience, united in our desire to live free and realize our potential. We are destined to build a society based on respect and cooperation.

Thorough much???

yup, youtube sucks and DTube is awesome.

Thank you for video. I was a fan of YouTube but changed my opinion just right now. I started my channel on D.Tube and hope it will be interesting for viewers. If you have time — pls check my firrst attempt and leave your comments. Thanks in advance!

@adamkokesh, great video. I just got done watching it. I am brand new to posting on steemit. I just started this week. I have a Youtube channel as well, but all that content is on D-Tube too! I agree 100% with you about blockchain technologies changing the world and Steemit is a great example. I'd love to interview you brother. Let me know if that is a possibilty. Keep up the awesome FREEDOM work that you do!!!

Great book by the way!!! I recommend it to others to help them understand what is going on...

Thanks! Email me and we can set it up: [email protected]

Most definitely, I really appreciate it man. I will contact you very soon to set something up.

I think more people should know about this Website and I its cool that some youtuber alread switched or at least upload there videos to both platforms!

hey @adamkokesh
you always post about dtube youtube freedom activites
i know you are a good buddy
i am a big #fan of you

#keep it up
#Thank you

On Dtube the content creators actually get what they deserve... It's a no-brainer if you ask me

Phenomenal! I'm just off of begging for nickles and dimes worth of stupid Google money and enjoyed an incredible success on one of my very first DTube videos! I'm excited and blown away that this is working! SO HAPPY!! Such a good future in this platform. Keep up the good work! I'm staying tuned for Anarchapulco. I don't dream I will have enough cash to travel, but I'll enjoy the content productions. Last thought.. I used to live in an RV. But it was before smart phone internet. I'd bike to a coffee shop for laptop wi-fi. 2004.. those were different days. Now I'm in Virtual Reality!! Life is crazy awesome!

Great video, really awesome stuff. Steemit is empowering real change.

The freedom revolution is now. This is just the beginning. Steemit, cryptocurrency. States are going down.

@adamkokesh sir great to hear you on msp was pretty good....👌

I absolutely deplore youtube and avoid it wherever possible, but I always have trouble with D tube. It lets me upload vids and then they won't play because they are not in an acceptable format. I've tried using various incarnations of mp4, mpeg, & avi and it won't play any of them.

I understand it's not being developed by a team with endless resources, so they can't compete with the likes of google but it does seem very selective on what it will accept in regards to video formats.

If it had been written in HTML 5 from the outset so it would been compatible with no script too. I have to drop most of my security to run javascript platforms.

All that said I love the concept of D Tube and I really hope it takes off.

I'm certainly open to Dtube's coming of age and I can't wait for the day I can make an exit from Youtube. There are growing pains currently and until Dtube comes out of beta, adoption will not go that fast. It too me nearly 5 minutes for your video to load and appear. They need to work on the speed and then watch what happens next!

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Hello @adamkokesh! Thank you for the motivation and for sharing this video and your opinion with everybody. I am following you now on DTUBE, I am new but I am already uploading videos to this amazing platform! Your dog blue is very sweet!!

You are very welcome!

Great energetic vid and really exciting to hear that there is a livestreeming version coming out. I'll be using DTube this week for the first time.

Great comparison!

I love dtube as well. Even in it's early stages it is great. I have uploaded a few videos to youtube just to try both and compare and I am going to do everything I can to uploaded exclusively to dtube.

the ui interface looks similar, but in dtube you earn money,in youtube you get demonetized.

i don't understand how dtube is better.... i am gonna upload a video and its gonna get a view time of only 7 days, where utube gives lifetime.... how many videos have you seen that actually got hit in seven days? if dtube's payment process was different and the videos had a life time of validity i would totally love dtube more than youtube....
but i don't have a lot of followers and my hardworking videos are not gonna get a hit in seven days.... thats kind of impossible..... but if dtube keeps a system so the videos can get upvoted even after seven days and the author will be paid, i would be totally in love with dtube.....

Yet YouTube is more popular.

Dtube has a lot of room to grow!

tube all the way

knew about this!

dtube becomes usable. nice.
Is there
mobile application planned? I t is convenient to just upload the videos you just made on your smartphone.

Yeah especially with what happened literally a few days into the year and YouTube did nothing its ridiculous.

To be fair, didn't the founders of diaspora go on to found BackerKit, and completely shifted their attention towards Kickstarter fulfillment?

I wonder what it could've been if they'd come in right at the start of the blockchain generation

I think dtube is way better for creators in the future

I still thinking that in the moment in which many of the small creators realize that doing the same as in YouTube, they can do it in dtube and at the same time generate an income for it .. im totally sure that the vast majority will not hesitate to try dtube.

It's just a matter of giving time to time.

A very useful post at least I've learned slowly to play with video in steemit. @adamkokesh

Promote Dtube and Steemit as much as you can! No more YouTube! No more censorship!

Dtube is the best ever,some of my friends are improving their lives because of sharing their videos on dtube,

I love the idea of Dtube and I would love to start using it. Having a completely decentralized video platform that pays well and cannot get demonetized or censored is great. I would love to upload all of my current guitar covers on Steemit using the Dtube player. However, I have a couple of problems with it, that ultimately make it unusable for me. The major problem is that since it is completely decentralized, it relies on users to seed in order for people to watch the video. Since I'm just starting out, I'm literally the only seeder (which I cant leave on to seed 24/7), which makes videos basically unplayable constantly buffering, certainly not playable in full source quality. Also, the Dtube player doesn't embed in the Steemit post, but rather takes you offsite, but this is more just a nuisance rather than a deal breaker. But as a result of the first problem, I'll continue to use YouTube and just post the link in my Steemit posts for now.

I think while there are real inconveniences with using a new site with a lot of growing pains to work through, it's worth putting up with them to be part of the community here and help make this shift happen.

YouTube sucks more and more...

Love it bro! Thanks for the positivity.

Love your enthusiasm brother! The fact that we don't have to worry about copyrights and stuff of that nature makes Dtube so much better! Oh yeah upvotes are the best lol

You can't destry YouTube with a new System, but you make it more interesting to watch how the Viewerscount change.

Brilliant stuff Adam!! Now reading the book, thanks again for all your hard work dude. Keep on rockin in the free world. <3

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youtube is for quality videos and dtube for money

Yes, I used to use YouTube as well for a very long time.
It became worse and worse though - more hate and YouTube just cared less about the content creators

Watch different videos, like and comment on what you like and earn money at the same time. What a time to live :))

I don't like YouTube so much

hey Adam you're so correct, when i first join steemit.

i made a post saying that steemit will beat back Facebook, and more i learn about Steemit and the Blockchain i see it becoming a Reality.
And now DTube is here to rescue the Vlogger.. Anyone can actually Monetize their life through Vlogs. Amazing

Great video
Steemit all the away!!

You definitely bring a lot of quality to Steem blockchain, I really want to like you can you help me to succeed here ...... Thank you and best regards

Great video, so much energy.

good information. thanks

definitely DTube is good. but some times videos are not playing completely. problems like loading slow, uploading fails are happening. even this stopped some times.
if they are corrected nothing like DTube

We did a trial and will be on there soon

Personally I hope dtube will get more popular because I find the concept very intriguing!

Still, uploading in YT is more convinient than in DT.... Blockchain errors and delays...

OMG! This is SUCH an AMAZING post! Thank you for sharing! I gave you a vote!!

Dtube is better for me now though it has less content
But it will break youTube one day 💣

these video never play on mine pc i am new on dtube should i download to play or what

Dtube only works on my android and IPFS doesn't have the double speed. I hate to do this but for those who have trouble with the top two here is the dreaded adtube/youtube link. :( #notatraitor lol

D.Tube is amazing now, whereas last year there was problems with the uploads, now it is working all the time for me for 3 days so fare...

Lets build this D.Tube community. 2018 are going to be a blast!

Oh god finally! I'm really sick of all those unbearable things that happened to YT lately. Maybe this place will let them rethink their business decisions. May be too late by now, though.

i love how every day i see a new creator
not like in youtube where you see the same things

Dtube is restricted to Steemit but on Youtube any one can upload video.

I have like propille bissnes

I like a lot of your content and you come off as a real person.
But you bought a lot of nice stuff while you were in jail I noticed, and that is shady as fk.
I will still upvote ya and give the benefit of the doubt but still.......shady......shady as fk

I did not buy things in jail? Actually my team robbed me and cleared my bank account while I was in jail. Where do you hear that rumor?

With a team like that, it's no wonder, you ended up in jail.

It is going around. Likely if you got robbed as you say I would think one of them started the rumor.

Like I said, I give you the benefit of the doubt. I figure if you were on of the offshore funded folks you would have joined antifa by now.

Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the info Adam. New on steemit and read first post of yours. :)

you tube is best

Nice post
Very much
If u can,cek my post/blog upvote
If u can't that okey
So,thanks you

Youtube is good but Dtube is the best replacement of youtube. You can earn more then youtube. I started to work on Dtube recently and i really like this amazing worked, but need more efforts to developers.

DTube for lifetime! :)

Youtube is clickbait plattform Nr.1
I hope this youtubers never change to D.Tube

I recently found out about DTube through steemit of course. I never really used YouTube to post videos. I felt there wasn't a good enough reason to use it. However, DTube, out has high med a reason to stay posting my videos online. Just wish I would of known about DTube sooner. I'm down with DTube. It's far better than YouTube in my opinion. Plus, DTube isn't bombarded with ads like Youtube. So yeah, I prefer DTube!

Blue is really cool! Currently doing a experiment with posting on Dtube YouTube and Facebook, would love to share my findings with you. Should I sent it to [email protected] as well?

The problem with Dtube is that it does not load well. Still needs some improvement. Nevertheless I am in favor of Dtube all the way.

I didn't know about DTube. Sounds cool thanks!

Both are same retarded. The more retarded content you publish the better and the hardworking content creators who delivers value gets a little bit. Maybe I should do a video where you can witness how I was my balls with soap. I bet you get a lot of money for that.

I've been using Dtube for a week now and I cant figure out why the people I subscribe to, resets every time I log in. It goes back to 0 subscribes when I log in. Can anyone help with this? Also, I uploaded 1 video and searched for all the keywords in search bar and its not coming up at all. Even if I type out the video title, doesn't come up. I may just be too noob and missing something lol. Please help anyone...