A video introduction to Steemit and utopian-io - What is @utopian-io, and how can I contribute?

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Hi all

I have received multiple requests in the past month or so from users asking me what utopian-io is.

This blog and video are an attempt to do just that, as simply as I can.

What is utopian-io?

Website: https://utopian.io
Account: @utopian-io

utopian.io is an open source project that you can use to contribute to open source projects like utopian.io and Steemit.

The open-source model is a decentralized software development model that encourages and allows anyone with a Steem account to contribute.

You can logon to https://utopian.io with your Steem account, and start right away.

Be sure to check the rules for each category before you begin. This can be found by clicking 'Contribute', and then choosing a contribution category.

You do not need to be a programmer to contribute!

These are the current contribution categories within utopian.io:

And I should mention the bonus category, 'Blog' - This is for content like you produce on Steemit, but specifically if you are talking about open source like I am here.


Do you have ideas on how to make Steemit (or any Open Source program) look nicer or work better?

This would fall into the 'Suggestion' category.

Have you spotted something that isn't working properly on Steemit/Busy/eSteem (or any Open Source program)?

The category you need here is 'Bug-hunting'

Can you write fluently in 2/3/4 languages and have basic knowledge of Github?

If so, you can translate open source project documentation and use the 'Translation' category.

Can you make gifs or have a good eye for colors?

Use the 'Graphics' category for your contribution.

Do you like writing 'how to' guides? Use 'Tutorials', or 'Video-Tutorials' if you are presenting the screen.

If the answer to any of these questions is 'Yes', then you can totally contribute. If your contribution is approved, you will receive an up-vote from @utopian.io, which will make your time and effort worthwhile.

Common questions

Do @utopian-io take a percentage of the post payout?

Yes, 25%.

Do you have to be a developer to contribute?

No. Categories such as 'Blog', 'Translation', 'Ideas', 'Bug-hunting' require little to no development skills whatsoever.

Do I need a separate account for https://utopian.io

No. You can login (via SteemConnect) using your existing passwords. Although, you may want to create an account just to contribute to utopian-io if you wish.

Can I delegate Steem Power to utopian-io?

Yes, you can delegate here: https://utopian.io/sponsors

How much Steem Power do @utopian-io have at present?

Oh, you know, just a cool 3.6 Million!


I hope this provides you with more information and encouragement to get started and please check out the video which may also give you further insight.

If you have any questions that you cannot find the answers to at @utopian-io or on the https://utopian-io website, drop them below and I will try to help.

Steem on @utopian.io and @dtube!

Asher @abh12345

Thanks to @rocking-dave for the production of this video. Any SBD earnings will be split 50/50 with him following payout.

▶️ DTube

I'm glad to see the video posted and it seems that people are happy with it! Making a video to help promote utopian to people who haven't yet heard of the steem blockchain was an awesome idea and I was really happy to get behind it!

And I think your post to go along with it is quite informative and great in general! :)

I hope this will help bring more attention to this awesome project! :)

Cheers Dave!

Cheers, my friend! I really appreciate the payout! I also noticed you rounding up by pretty much the highest margin possible entirely in my favor to 48 SBD before calculating the 50%!

No worries! :D

Just a shame they are at the lowest they've been in 2 months! I'm living off mine that I've sold recently but trying to Power Up as much as possible too. Thanks for the Vid!

Yeah, the lower Steem price decreased the volume of SBD paid out and the lower SBD price decreased its market value even further, but it's still a hefty payout in my book and I appreciate it all the same!

It was a real pleasure doing the video with you!

Yeah the wider market is hurting, so I've just powered up my earnings as I think that's the safest place for them.

Same, thank you for the vid!

Thanks to you Dave 😁

I had posted it to my Facebook but I think minds were blown and my friends didn't seem too interested.

With the help of @dtube and @v4vapid, this post has hopefully helped shine a light on the potential for all, and hopefully on you too.

I know you said don't worry about any post rewards, but I will be sending 50% of the SBDs earned to you.


I guess this is a hard concept to grasp and to many people it would actually sound like something that's too good to be true. I think the in-depth post you have added to the video would significantly increase the "conversion rate" as the video raises a lot of questions that it doesn't have the time to answer.

I know you said don't worry about any post rewards, but I will be sending 50% of the SBDs earned to you.

Oh, man, this is really kind of you and I appreciate it a lot! And yes, it has to be known that I offered to help with the video for free and the fact that you have decided to share the rewards is something you didn't have to do. It speaks volumes of the type of steemain you are and working on the video with you was a real pleasure! It should also be mentioned that the idea and script for it was all you and I was really happy about it!

Yes I've had a few friends and relatives give me the'it's too good to be true talk'. Yet here we are on an Island in the Indian Ocean, living off the Steem 😊

Before we go into an endless loop of thanking each other, you did the graft work and the video you produced got the @dtube vote, so thank you! 😁

I think persistence could help break them down. Also sharing a video and a post with them that displays a hefty earnings figure might also help now ;)

Yes I'll try again soon. And the figure would attract people even more if it was calculated to include external market rates! Cheers 😁

I am somewhat intimidated to post on utopian-io. Lots of professionals are in there lol

Don't be!

Just pick you topic area and look at the posts that are submitted in this category. Find them in trending or hot, follow the template and off you go!

I keep telling myself it's okay, but always ends up not doing it because of the whole approve/disapprove thing. Lol but I will try someday. Thanks!

Really, don't worry. My first contribution wasn't accepted.

You will be asked to make changes if the post is close to what is required.

Many curators watch the #utopian-io tag so it really could be worth the chance!

That's good to know. Thanks!

Suggestions - is this a place for "I think Steemit would be better if it did X" type suggestions?

Sorry if this is a bit dim, just making sure.

Yes pretty much. You can suggest what you think will add value.

Always have a look in the @utopian-io tag for a decent format, and check on the site: https://utopian.io/ideas/review


Awesome, you'll see me shortly.

Thank you for this post. I wasn't able to really find out what utopian-io was about and now is clear!!

Cool, when do you start?! 😁

Thank you very much for hearing my request. Good luck to you and good.

Большое Вам спасибо, что услышали мою просьбу. Удачи Вам и добра.

My pleasure, I hope this has helped!?

It helped a lot. I decided to try my hand at it when I finish my call with 100 comments. For what period do you count the activity of stewards, for a weekly report?

Очень помогло. Я решил попробовать свои силы на нем, когда закончу свой вызов с 100 комментариев. За какой период Вы подсчитываете активность стюардов, для еженедельного отчета?

I count the previous 7 days, I think the report is due tomorrow.

Glad I could help!

Great job with the video. I have been meaning to look deeper at Utopian to see if it'd be a good fit for me but I haven't figured out the model yet. Maybe soon.

I ended up biting the bullet with the steemsql subscription so maybe I can contribute some analytics soonish. Then again I might be too opinionated or controversial to be a pure tech these days.

Cheers :)

There are lots of folks contributing now so I you have questions let us know.

The subscription is well worth it to me, just find something to analyse (even once a month) and utopian will cover it 2/3/4 times over.

Everyone likes a bit of controversy 😏

Ok, I'll have a closer look and maybe see if someone can show me the ropes.

Have a look at my latest post about the SBD price going back to $1 and see if you think it's Utopian worthy. It has a mix of analysis and opinion with a splash of controversy too.

I think @crokkon could advise here.

SBD discussion/analysis could be ok, as it's the coin on the open source platform.

I would accept it personally, but now you have posted here obvs. The same post cannot be submitted over there.

It's a great writeup, I've resteemed it and am a little disappointed that there has not been much engagement from Witnesses/large accounts.

We will see what happens, but in the meantime content creation 'get them while they are hot' is the way I'm playing it. Then we may have a great chance to buy STEEM again.

Thanks. There are a couple of witnesses who have dared to weigh into the discussion so I should not complain ;)

Ahh good. I'll have to go and check the comments....

Hi @buggedout, great post, I didn't notice this aspect of the SBD price before!

For utopian, I'd see this a bit as a corner case. As you say, there is a mix of different aspects. The amount of SBD burnt certainly would have counted as analysis for the open source project because that's clearly data from the block chain. The trading price with influences from various markets and market aspects as well as price forecasts are not that directly related to steem as the open source project on github. You would certainly have triggered internal discussions with this one and I can't promise if it would have made it through :)

Thanks. I appreciate the honest feedback. I'll need to delve a bit deeper into Utopian to see if there is a place for me there. Maybe I'll get around to it next week.

Great job on the post. It was very informative. Been looking for the best place to contribute and utopian looks like the place to be!

Thank you!

Yes it's certainly worth a closer look, as is producing a video for dtube. Both utopian-io and dtube have a large amount of delegated Steem Power and can reward you very nicely.

Thanks for your comments! 😊

that's amazing project I think I miss a lot, I left stemit and I back I found dsound dmania...... I regret that I quit

@dmania is giving some nice votes out for sure, keep going!

Great blog Asher! Last week, I was telling my friend that I'm in love with the fact that the @utopian-io platform was able to come up with a way to incentize people who were already freely contributing to their favorite open source projects. It's a game changer.

And it all started with @elear's vision. It's a true tribute to the power of a dream.

It's huge! Bigger than @dtube at present (although that may change). A fine asset to the Steem Blockchain.

Thanks for commenting!

Utopian-io sure is a great way to contribute and get to know the value of your work !

The amazing thing about this is: If you help other steemians, you 're only strengthening the platform. I look forward to the trolls staying at that other Tube place but thats not gonna last too long probably

Haha, theothertube.censored 😊

This is so far a best blog post over steemit relating:
Guideline of dtube & utopian-io
Very easy, detailed and logical words are used to unersatnd these 02 platforms. You deserve a SALUTE dear @abh12345. Keep it up, you're the one in a few who is really serving this platform in true way. All the best!

Thank you @jawad09, your kind words are always appreciated :)


Your writing is really a beautiful and clean mind telling you, your mind is like a great mountain and sea as a liberal.
Man's love for the people you spell cost whether you may be long live.

I really love that utopian exists! :) Are there any IRL events held by any members? That would be cool too! :)

I've not heard of any yet but if you follow @utopian-io I guess they would be announced here. Cheers!

wow! this is a good idea. kudos to you as this will contribute to knowledge in no little way.

Hi @abh12345. This looks cool. I have also worked on the UI for utopian website. I hope this will also help out.


Thats great :) I shall try!

Thanks for simplifying utopian.io.... if I want to write something about Machine learning or data science or python which category I should choose??

Sounds like you could do a 'Tutorial' or 'Video Tutorial' on one of these? Or if you have written a program in python that relates to an open source project then perhaps you could do 'Development'?

Check out what's in the tag #utopian-io or visit the site https://utopian-io and browse the categories.


very interesting and informative article on utopian.io

Glad you liked it 😁

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Oh no, decreasing contribution rates for the first time! But I agree that this is likely an effect of stricter rules.

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