ToneDice - Shadowlands (Kula Shaker Cover)

in dsound •  last year

After playing this track a lot with two of my friends some time ago and singing with three voices I tried my one-man-band version :)

One Guitar + Three Voices - ToneDice Cover of "Shadowlands" by Kula Shaker

If you haven't heard of the band Kula Shaker you should check them out.
Really nice sounds.

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

Here I am with my two friends @ a concert in aachen(germany)


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wow that's a great idea to have some audio sharing page on steemthat!


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Sehr schönes Lied :)


danke sergio :) freut mich, dass es gefällt.

Very good Man! Upped

If you liked this one @curie you should also listen to my latest @dsound upload. ;-)
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awesome brother...
leave a message and an impression ... do not you hold a love to someone because it will kill you ... drifting in solitude for too long ... and difficult to love others .... move on steemian love .. greated @ academix87

Great song. Congrats on your success.


thanks for your nice reply


thanks for your nice response