Great is Elohai - sung by @hebrew

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Hello my friends on Steemit. I have been singing this song for many years in Hebrew. I recorded it as lead by the Spirit (ha Ruach) well over a week ago. It usually goes longer but there are only a verse and chorus. You will hear my accent as I am not a native speaker of Hebrew, but our Father (Aveinu) hears our hearts. You may know the English equivalent, which will allow you to make a translation of the Hebrew words.

The technical difficulties described:

I had recorded this on my phone in ma4 format and was unable to change the format. After many tries with no definitive errors from DSound, I asked a friend to upload the song from his Windows computer and it asked for a wav or mp3 file. I converted the format and it appears to have worked.

I love new decentralized technologies, but they are not as polished as the server based ones available. But still, I am a patient man, willing to wait for the better product, ie; I am much happier using this non-corporate audio service!

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

Here are snapshots from my song book

I don't know what year it was when I wrote this down. I wanted to read Hebrew and play this song. I had heard it somewhere and copied the Hebrew in a mix of block and cursive style. I hope your letters look similar or even better.



In English we call this "Chicken Scratch"

I was learning, give me a break.

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I don't know how you master yourself in Hebrew Language but one thing is for sure that you Really deserve a huge round of Applause.
I am a student of Sociology and to Learn different Culture and Languages is my best Hobby. I am really looking forward to learn as much as i can.

To me Poetry and Music are two most effective aspect to promote any language and in this blog exactly same you did. Although i am unable to understand this beautiful ad a very ancient language but Now on wards i am going to follow you so that i can learn it properly :) @hebrew

Any Language has it's background Culture and then it some history so would also get to know a bit why did you chose this language ?

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

if you like biblical music you should check the song by Sinai Tor -

it was written by rabbi Yehuda hanasi.

אם אתה אוהב שירים תנכיים שקשורים לאהבת אלוהים אתה צריך לשמוע את "דרשתי קרבתך" של סיני תור שבמקור נכתב על ידי רבי יהודה הנשיא.


That is Beautiful. Subscribed.


Digital singer


Wow..thats a beautifull sound. I seen fully and like more.

Wow That's great..........
I listen your Dsound.

That's sound really nice!
Your accent is sweet, you wouldn't expect someone who isn't a native to speak like one and that's perfectly ok, that's what special about you - that you are a whole person - and one of the aspects of your personality is being American and English speaker.


Thanks for your kind words. My goal is to teach adults Hebrew including the things that were hard for me to understand at first. Things that were hard for me to find answers about.

I appreciate your comments and votes!


זה מדהים בעברית
וזה באמת מעולה


You are welcome and thank you too!
It's great you are putting time and work to expand the knowledge you have to others! Will keep watching your profile for more :)


My Dear Friend @hebrew I know your Goal...You working hard on Steemit I also Follow your every post and appreciate your all post...
Thanks for your kind words


When you achieve a milestone without the help of your native language, that feeling is awesome. No doubt you did a tremendous job with full of confidence. I can't believe that someone write and sing Hebrew in a very impressive way even it's not his Native. I heard that Hebrew is one of the tough language to learn. Can you share when, how and time duration for your learning of Hebrew language?
2018 is amazing year for cryptocurrency. I agree that Server based technologies are much stronger and give maximum results. But new decentralized technologies will replace entire scenario soon with extreme technology. is very cool service indeed. People who are using this non-corporate service are praising.
You sung the song so amazingly I must wait for next episode on it.
Thanks for this amazing blog post, you really made my day dear @hebrew. Keep your great work up and all the best!

Yes, with decentralization and open source projects have such great difficulties! But glad to say, you had the intention to upload the sound clip! Now it worked! Amazing and that would be great of course! I hope your father would be happy with it!


That is Beautiful ... nice guitar playing also.

Gadol Elohai
Shiru ki Gadol Elohai
Kol echad Yirei
Ki gadol Elohai

Bridge (Name above all names):
Shem me'al kol shem
Otcha raui le'halel
Libi yashir ki gadol Elohai

גדול אלוהי
כי גדול אלוהי
כל אחד יראה

כי גדול אלוהי

שם מְעַל כל שם
אותך ראוּי
ליבי ישיר כי
גדול אלוהי


Great comment. Thanks for the Transliteration. ... now we can all sing along.


yes sir i am agree with you


yes bro @offgridlife ,, i appreciate your coomments .the guitar is really awesome.
sir @hebrew
i am listening your song.this song really interesting .loving to your creativity and your dsound thoughts.

Have you tried writing in script instead of print? Also, without the "nikud". No one really writes like that after 1st grade. :)


Technically I was in first grade (of Hebrew) when I wrote that, yet I am pretty old. I am also teaching with the nikud, so it applies.

I love that you visit my posts! And I may still take you up on your offer to record for me! I have one passage read by another native speaker which I will be posting soon. Much too fast for learners to follow and associate with the new shapes of letters, but it will be an example.



At your service! techslut on skype :)

And of course I still follow and visit!


שירה מדהימה ..


זה מדהים בעברית
וזה באמת מעולה המוח נושבת ביצועים


He posted some example of cursive in a few of his earlier lessons ... but I think he is going to be using the Sefer ha Torah starting In the Beginning/Breishith which used the old Hebrew Biblical square print that God used.


גדול אלוהי
כי גדול אלוהי
כל אחד יראה

כי גדול אלוהי

שם מְעַל כל שם
אותך ראוּי
ליבי ישיר כי
גדול אלוהי

Wow you are really good.spiritual songs are always great.thanks for sharing @hebrew

wow really a great song seems so sweet and peaceful for me good one ... i was not know you had a great talent @hebrew

Hello @hebrew..
Brilliant post with brilliant things...
Loved the song though i didn't understand !!
Loved the voice of yours..Thanks for sahring with us...@hebrew

Loved the post and the voice of yours is great and the song is very warming though it was in different language!! thanks for this post..

good one i like the song you sing it's sounds so good and relaxing i really like it alot ... it's been great to hear you thank to you @hebrew

very nice song comrade and I like @hebrew
thankyou for sharing..

You have more and more faithful follower, nice singing with guitar, im happy that you always used dsound that contributes to steem blockchain. God bless! :)

It worked! Great singing.

What a perfect person you are awesome seems like you are an allrounder amazing to learn some great qualities from you i am your fan after listening to that

@hebrew you sing really nice great voice you have keep sharing with us big thumbs up :)

Cool, maybe a bit short but overall almost flawless. (also nice how you used dsound)

Nice effort for sharing your sound, and using Steem blockchain in dsound... God bless!

Thank you for sharing, I’m glad the upload worked out, and hopefully you can use your experience to make the process easier next time.

I liked the guitar in the background, it added a nice touch.

Two uploads this week, it’s been a blessing!

Your song is on fire its just amazing best time to enjoy the day with your post really bro you are inspiration to me

wow really nice it

i am very happy bro to listen this its interesting nice to hear this :)

Wow just checked the dSound link and that music is so great to ears can't get over it just amazing

הי הוא הכל יכול!!!

פרשנות יפה =)

Still very trange if you are used to arabic alphabet :)

It's great you are putting time and work to expand the knowledge you have to others! Will keep watching your profile for more :)
I am listening your song.this song really interesting .loving to your creativity and your sound thoughts.
Upvote & Resteem

Wonderful use of the platform bro love it i listed it very nice work :)

impressive song & finally you managed to upload it to dtube. excellent & very useful song clip to all hebrew learners. @hebrew

resteemed & upvoted & commented & followed


I know. I have used both dSound and dTube in the past for testing and it worked flawlessly. Now for some reason my reading and singing did not work. I have one site mastered!

You are next dTube!

This is great article .thanks for sharing. originalcopy music & that is really good.

I have listened this almost more than 3 times right now wow i enjoyed it :)

This is so interesting. A bit hard to follow but tnx to your previous post's i start to understand it a bit.@hebrew. like your hebrew song sir.good post

Wow your great work. that is really dsound hebrew music.

100% like and resteem

That's greatest sound clip you shared @hebrew.
Its absolutely stunning to all steemians I bet. You're done appreciated teaching service to this platform. Salute you. We all didn't ivrit language before. But I guess currently can some knowledge any persons after studied your lesson.

You're really great ivrit teacher here in steemit.

you accent is sweet...why r u thinking like that and we love it and yes dsound need some more improvement....

Thank you @hebrew and Have a great day.

this language very nice...
you are the best teacher for this...
I loved the singing...
thanks for sharing great post...

I loved the singing. I may have to give D.Sound a try myself for my works. Can't wait to hear more and looking forward to your work.

You are just stunning great music that was by you made my day

Waooooo! What a nice song, though, you may not be a native of Hebrew but you did justice to that song. Keep it up. I follow and update you.

another amazing post sir.always very nice and knowledgeable post.Thanks sir,@resteem.

very interesting post.contains Pey and they are presented is valuable.Thanks @hebrew.@resteem your post.

Thanks for sharing, the song sounds great!!

Amazing for DSound audio product,work is really.

For your post propagation.

very helpful and interesting dsound music video friend @hebrew
This content is more informative and educative about dsound-hebrew.I hope that you will make this types of video all the time and now i am learning hebrew language more valuable things from your post .Thanks for sharing this significance post .I am waiting for your next content .
thanks my dear friend @hebrew
stay blessed
upvoted and resteem
QmZyAxfaEj5tBBj2ZMtrg36tnXkZCwPrJ9Xjo1FZhNuYhb.jpg !

extremely supportive video companion @hebrew

This substance is more educational and educative about dsound-hebrew.I trust that you will make this kinds of video constantly and now I am learning hebrew dialect more important things from your post .Thanks for sharing this criticalness post .I am sitting tight for your next substance .

much appreciated my dear companion @hebrew

remain favored

Sounds like down home music and your voice sounds great .tbh even tho without understanding the words ,its a joy to tune in to this song.thanks and well done .great melody.

Wow really work. wonderful original dsound music.
thank you sir this post
Upvote Resteem

you are really super.spiritual tunes are constantly great.
thanks for sharing @hebrew
Have a nice day @hebrew

Fantastic song . it is a great . good job sir.

wow..lovely music,enjoy it
really original work,thanks for sharing

Sounds like country music and your voice sounds good .tbh even tho without understanding the words ,its a pleasure to listen to this song.thanks and well done .good song.

Great is Elohai - sung by @hebrew

Glad to hear your voice again with this wonderful song. Useful song & nice sharing

~Followed & Upvoted

Great song sir.
download (20).jpg

@hebrew - Sir thank you for uploading this song clip... With lots of difficulties you did that... It tells us you determined to teach us this wonderful language & you are trying to do it with any cost... Thank you Sir... It's truly well... I am listening it now...


a beautiful Hebrew song .. I guess I can listen often after that. Thank you @hebrew

very nice song comrade and I like @hebrew
thankyou for sharing..

Great is Elohai very valuable and great dsound music
Thanks @hebrew
Have a great day

Hello @hebrew,

Extraordinary good song & I also like decentralization, it has problems, but social media on decentralization it a coll concept. Now we enjoy it & we learn by using it. What you did today is extraordinary good. You found a bug, you found a solution. So, all is well.
You have a wonderful song book. Extraordinary good one.


Gadol Elohai
Shiru ki Gadol Elohai
Kol echad Yirei
Ki gadol Elohai

Bridge (Name above all names):
Shem me'al kol shem
Otcha raui le'halel
Libi yashir ki gadol Elohai
very nice @hebrew

You write pretty well for someone whose Hebrew isn't his native language! That's amazing!!

Please post more of your writings&works.

It is nice to hear your voice! Good job my friend, nice song. Thank you. Waiting for next songs..

amazing song you sing a great song i love this song it was amazing the words you write in the book was amazing and voice was amazing great post thanks for sharing carry on i am excited for your next song have a nice day upvoted and resteemed

A different study.The Hebrew language really creates a different feeling.Thanks for sharing sir ! @hebrew

Gadol Elohai Shiru ki Gadol Elohai Kol echad Yirei Ki gadol Elohai Shem me'al kol shem Otcha raui le'halel Libi yashir ki gadol Elohai Shem me'al kol shem Otcha raui le'halel Libi yashir ki gadol Elohai

Impressive song & finally you did it,,really nice wishes for ur future

This definitely adds a little context to the way I was told the exodus story, I can’t wait to have a greater understanding of more of the text.

Shabbat Shalom. A very good lesson on the letter Samech.
continue your great work.
i wait for your Dsound or Dtube post.
stay blessed and definitely @resteem done.

a very nice post. Thank you. I wish you continued success sir.

wow did you sing a song that's so great ... have to hear what was ur song ... it's really a very melodies really like it amazing ☺☺

wowowo really good one i never seens you singging a song it's been great to had this opportunities to hear you im gald ☺☺

Excellent, It worked this time. UpVoted and ReSteemed. Now we can listen to the @hebrew words.

Great lesson and important language.contains Pey and they are presented is valuable.Thanks @hebrew.


You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

Upvote please

Be patient maybe be patient be sure to be beautiful ... congratulations for you friends hope the future will be better again ... sorry if there are words from me wrong for you @hebrew

Hello Sir @hebrew,

I often visited your posts, I did not understand the language hebrew,. but your love and passion for this brought me to your post for comment. I really appreciate your efforts. here music is wonderful.

Best wishes for you and stay blessed forever.

I will try to post some there too ...

wow excellent song and i really enjoy listening it, wish you all the best for all of your future endeavors! @hebrew Stay blessed

Thanks for sharing your dsound clips...its so amagine...upvote and resteem sir @hebrew

wow great post again @hebrew
resteem done

This song is really great. Where else can I find it?

i like your song. thanks for sharing.

every language have there own value and sound but yours is amazing wish to learn your language one day.
ברוח הגאה פתאום גדל כנועה -
הלב השובב גדל צנוע; במכרז
ואור ללא שם אשר מציף את העולם עם פאר;
בדמיון שבו עוקבים העיניים החביבות
בכל הדברים הנאות לפנים אהובות;
במגע הביישני של הידיים המרגשות ורועדות;
במראה ובשפתיים שאינם יכולים עוד לפזר -
כך האהבה מדברת.

DSound - we can say that they have just opened new and we are confident that they will correct this problem in the future.your song is also very beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.. @hebrew

a very nice post. Thank you. I wish you continued success

Impressive song & finally you did it.really wishes for your future

your beautiful work. It is nice. Thank you for letting us know. @hebrew

It's very beautiful. I hope it does not addiction. @hebrew

Nice song. you nailed it..The voice was superb and i love the sound of those musical instrumental. Great job. Hope to listen to more of your songs!

Wonderful singing

@hebrew Such a great article Wow Jerry that was a lot of work, thank you!
I will check them out when I get home this evening and can sit down and read.

super i like this sir..

wow nice song..i like dsound

nice dsound like it sir..super post

nice post super this

Interesting to hear a song in hebrew. It has been a while since i had a song in hebrew. Nice one @hebrew

i have never heard a hebrew song before .i really want to hear this on .

super music.. i like dsound

nice post i love your blog @hebrew