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Hi Ya'll!

Today I am sharing my house track "Deep In The House" with you.

It was my entry to the Steemit Music League Challenge _ S2_R2 - Theme_ Dance Anthems, hosted by @chiefmappster & judged by @chiefmappster, @danyelk, @beatseb, and @derekmiller.

To follow developments on the SML & BBL, @chiefmappster just released the score board, follow this link >>

I made 3rd place with this track in the Steemit Music League Challenge _ S2_R2, cool huh :D
Since I made a video to it, I uploaded it to Dtube first.

Here is a link to my post

I wanted to share it with all you Dsounders as well though,so here you go.

Please enjoy <3

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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LOVE!!! your music always gets me moving hehehehe

only one downside???? i didnt get to see your shining face! hehehehe

but i still loved it :) and yes... like other people in the comments - the technical explanation was like listening to an expert in their field... LOL wow! so... someday I'm going to send you a clip of me singing and you can work your magic to make me sound like a SUPA-STAR hahahahahaha

love to you!


Hiya @dreemsteem.... I miss you tooo💕💕
We were both doing our do the past few days.
Tomorrow I finally will have a bit of time to read your newest posts.

It makes me so happy to hear you are enjoying my creation!
Thank you mucho for your love & support❣️
Keep on shining you rock star ⭐️, hehe.


yeah girl.... we're hustlin! hehehehe
i've been writing sooooooo much. it feels good... but i have to force myself to sleep or else i get SCRIBBLY.

heheheh when you read my latest post - you'll know what that means! hehehee
love to you chica! :)

Is a pleasuring having you here and i do like check the vid of your project. More power to you elbow


Thank you @peterecheng :) Big Up!

really it was awesome. i liked it. best of luck to you. nd thank you for sharing this. :)


Thank you! Best wishes to you @rimon512 ;)

Keep it up Girl. Its awesome. Dun give up


Hehe, couldn't stop if I wanted to :D Thank you for stopping by @tasauver, happy you liked it!


Yea i did. Kp moving


Yaaay!! Always keep moving! ✌️❤️✊️🎶

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