Spacial Oceons

in dsound •  20 days ago

Hi everyone, hope you all had a very kewl and safe festive time, this is a brand new original ambient track i created recently after an illness and a trip to the spooky Crank Caverns in Rainford UK and watching film Decent! hehe Anyhoo i hope you enjoy the journey and all the best for the new year ahead. Cheers Peace :)

Alternative Link to track:

Further information on Crank Caverns:

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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@clubfungus, such a lovely music and effect. I love how you progress the music from dog barked, door, bird soft music then to a bit fast then slow down again. I enjoyed it very much. This really a kick start of my day. How long you been involved to composed this type of music?

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Brilliant! Thankyou @oliviakl for the great feedback and iam glad you enjoyed and i can say this particular composition came to me quite quickly, just a few weeks from when i had my adventure at Crank Caverns to the final track! All the best! Kurt :)


Such a lovely music.Love how you composed. All the best and Happy New Year to you as well.

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Super Kewlness! Thankyou @c-squared

Hi clubfungus,

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kooler than a kewl thing! Thankyou @curie All the best! :)

I was trying to connect space and ocean with grocery store on the thumbnail. I guess I am not that imaginative enough. 😃 But the rest of the clips are cool specially this one.


When I noticed that boy (?) sitting on the moon edge (?), it reminds me of the Dreamworks logo which I thought is a harmony between outer space and the world below through the ocean.

I like the sort of mellow sound and how you combine different sounds. It feels soothing to listen to. Overall, great work of art!


Brilliant thanks @macoolette and iam glad it caught your imagination, my idea with the imagery was to portray part of my dream inspired from the caverns i visited, the imagery is a montage of several pictures i combined together that are freely available on pixabay, then i created a moving gif image using an online animated gif maker, anyone can do this, ive added some links for anyone who may be interested in doing so! Cheers and all the best! :)

My personal Pixabay page:

Online animated gif maker:


All along I thought you painted those arts. That is very clever of you to have combined bits and pieces into something bigger piece of art! 😃

I got gif maker installed on my phone but I think I can make use of that online version to save space from my phone. Thanks for sharing it! 😊

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Mint! Thanks @steemitboard! All the best! Cheers :)