The Drop Zone - New Contest - A DSound Community Initiative!

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The Drop Zone - New Contest - A DSound Community Initiative!

15 Days To Enter And Earn Points & Crypto... Welcome Musicians, Producers and SMA Peeps!

This is a Brand New contest, and this should be a little more inviting to everyone, compared to the last contest. So here are the details:

Each round, The Drop Zone will have a different genre of Electronic Music as a theme, to which you are welcome to create a new song that incorporates the selected genre for the round. Nothing complicated about it, write some tunes and drop em like they hot! And there are a boatload of genres to use as a theme, so variety will be on the menu! :-D

1st Round Genre: Drum and Bass!

One of my favorites and let's start this off with a bang! And you can be outside the box a lil bit, no problemo... I don't like being boxed in either, so we good!

Consider this an open invitation to all, submit your songs... and win some SML Challenge & Crypto!

And as you all know...

The Steemit Music League partnered up with DSound.

DSound's support of the Steemit Music League will allow for greater recognition and rewards the Steemians who take part in the ten (10) SML's contests and challenges.

Thanks again to @prc for his support of community initiatives and helping the Steemit Music League reach its potential. If you trust and support @prc make sure to vote for him as a witness here:

Big shout out to @prc , and @dsound!


Upload your entry using DSound by going here:

You log-in using your Steemit name. When you upload to DSound you content is posted to Steemit so your following can enjoy your music and reward you for doing so.

If DSound doesn't work for you please feel free to submit using the most convenient method for yourself.

If you have any questions on how to upload to DSound you can ask in the DSound Discord or SMA Discord channel or you can visit this awesome post by @prc here:

Just make sure it's an original entry based off of the selected genre and use the tag #dropzone and/or comment the entry the current Drop Zone posts.

Please Resteem the current contest post, and if you got some VP on hand... throw an upvote.. just sayin!

If your song cannot be heard there is no way to qualify for prizes. So, please keep an eye out for your songs ability to be heard!

Current Prize Pool:

FIRST PLACE WINNER: 6 SBD + 25 Hairshares for 40 points
SECOND PLACE WINNER: 4 SBD + 20 Hairshares for 35 points
THIRD PLACE WINNER: 3 SBD + 15 Hairshares for 30 points
FOURTH PLACE WINNER: 2 SBD + 10 Hairshares for 25 points

Prizes will change according to the amount of Crypto I have on hand to give away. And SBD prizes will vary depending on how the market is at any given time. Most likely after this dip, the prizes will increase... so pray for a moon shot!

The entries are judged off of the following:

  1. Sound Quality.

  2. Technicality & Creativity.

  3. Relevance to selected genre.

Artwork and video work related to the entry, is an added bonus and goes toward the score.

The contest will be judged my me, and 1 special guest judge for each round.

So let's get it going on. Submit your songs, and earn some Challenge Points! Don't forget... show some love to your fellow Musicians and Producers with an Upvote!

The Drop Zone: Round 1 is now live.

The current dates for submissions are:

June 23rd until July 7th - 12 midnight est.

Winners announced at the latest... July 9th 2018.

Currently the following are the ten (10) contests in the Steemit Music League which is part of the Steemit Music Alliance (SMA) [click on contest/challenge name to go to most recent related information]:

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Check out the SMA on Discord!
Lots of contests going on right now, including the Beat Battle,
and the SML Challenge!

And be sure to check out the latest Art Of Music Contest Sponsored by @killerwhale!

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