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Round 3 Everyone!

Welcome back to the 'The Art of Music' contest! Music itself has many forms and genres all having their own unique flavors. Being a musician is an art, regardless what instrument you play or device you use to modify or create musical pieces with. The point of this contest is to encompass ALL of it. Following in the footsteps of my 'KillerPix Contest', each week, you will be given a theme.

The Theme

This past week, there was 80's on the brain. It made for some interesting submissions. This week though, is feeling like something is weighing me down. Feels kind of...heavy. So this week's theme is - HEAVY METAL. I can't wait to see the head banging entries on this one!


  • Each week, this post begins the new contest and you have until you see the 'Contestants' post on the following Wednesday to get your entry in.
  • The 1st tag for your submission post must be #artofmusic.
  • This submission thread must be upvoted (if you would like more competition, please resteem it).
  • Your video or track of yourself performing MUST be in the comments of THIS post (so you can get the popularity vote), or at least a link to your Steemit post entry.
  • We will not accept videos or recordings we cannot embed in a post for people to easily enjoy. I.E. - DTube etc., sorry if this is an inconvenience. DSound & DLive may be acceptable, we'll see how it works out.
  • If it is NOT an original piece, include a link in your post to the version of the song you performed so a comparison can be made for reference.

Judging Categories

  • Popular Vote: 50% weight - This contest is going to rely heavily on other Steempeeps' opinions of your performance.
  • The Judges: 50% weight - We will go through and pick our favorites as well, so better be sure to bring your 'A' game peoples!
    NOTE - You may only vote for yourself ONCE, purchased bot votes for yourself will not count.

And The Judges Are...

PRIZES (as this grows, prizes will get bigger)

  1. Grand Prize - 5 SBD Will be given to the overall winner.
  2. Popular Artist - 3 SBD Will be given to the most popular contestant each week.
  3. Consolation Prize - 2 Runners Up will each be given 1 SBD for outstanding performances.
  4. It may happen that the Popular Artist also wins the Grand Prize!

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And The Winners Are...

Congratulations To The Winners!

And everyone that showed up for the contest. It takes a little moxie to put yourself out there and everyone that competed, took that step. So give yourselves a pat on the back! To the place winners, your prizes will be out shortly and we hope to see everyone again for the next round!!!

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This is all made possible by the fantastic community and involvement we have here on Steemit. The Art of Music contest is sponsored by @enginewitty and all you fabulous Steempeeps that help it grow and spread. Big hugs to all our fellow allies and Steempeeps out there that help with spreading the word. Can find us also in the SMA (Steemit Music Alliance) Discord server. Look for 'The Art of Music' and drop me your links! Big thanks to @seveaux for a spot! Music is an art and a passion of ours and we enjoy engaging with our communities! Speaking of, here are some other contests within #thealliance you should check out!
Bad Karaoke - @simgirlandsnookSMA Feedback Contest - @inthenow

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Looking Forward to your METAL!

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jejeje que bien felicidades a todos! muchísimas gracias esta ronda si está muy difícil

Helloooooo there, this is my first entry here c:
I hope u like it! I'm really nervous and excited at the same time for this, good vibes to all of u, and good luck❤️

My post!❤️

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I was summoned by @killerwhale.

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We gladly answer your call!
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Thank u so much @killerwhale you guys rock! And @katrina-ariel Is an honor for me to be with you in the winners of this round, I love you music !

Wow! Thank you so much for choosing my song as one of the winners, and for hosting this contest to showcase the musical talent here on Steemit. Congrats to @gabrielamenesesg, @abyni and @jessalin as well! Y'all are an inspiration. Much love! 💖

great! a lot of work to do to music!

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