🔸🔶Expect The Best!🔶🔸

I know, I know... everyone says to not have expectations to avoid being disappointed.

I do not live by this rule.

I have very high expectations for my life! And guess what? They are met. I refuse to settle for mediocre. I will not. Cannot.

Am I sometimes disappointed? Maybe. But it’s not soul crushing. I just keep going. Eventually my needs are met by this wonderful Universe. Why? Because I know, like I know, like I know that they will be met!

I say do not be afraid to expect! Expect all the best for your life, why not?! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you do.

Hope you didn’t expect a longer post though... cause...




hehehehe President Jeff lol. what will he do for us??? :)

and if you can have that kind of outlook that doesn't feel disappointed in unmet expectations... then.... you go girl! Set those sky-high goals! :)

go even higher!

:) I hope you never do feel that soul-crushing disappointment, because it.... it so un-fun. lol

Thx @dreemsteem! Life has certainly thrown me some serious blows, but I think it’s how we react to it. I choose to not let it be soul crushing, even though it could’ve been.

As for Jeff... I see a post coming. A presidential post if you will. 😉

That's a great mindset to have! I wish we could all have that perspective. I hope you keep it throughout your life and pass it onto your children as well!!! :)

Jeff.... when you are president - don't forget the little people! hehehe
mistakenly wrote this from the wrong account... its @dreemsteem LOL

Hey thank you @welcomewagon! It certainly did not come naturally. I was raised with fear, negativity and scarcity. It has taken a conscious effort on my part to go a different direction and raise my children with a more positive set of beliefs. ❤️

Borrow me some of your positive expectations? I will return it I pinky swear 😉

You are right though a person should not be afraid to expect good things, it will be soul crushing if a person were to be completely and utterly invested in the expectation, some even are a given such as having a child, as much as expecting the best, when things do take a turn in that moment being hopeful goes out the window and maybe a little bit will always be lost thereafter.

Hi Jeff 👋 I think we need to get you kitted out again.

No need to return it, please keep it forever.

This post seems to have stirred things up for people in different ways. I wish I would have had more time to go deeper into these subjects. I wrote this post in 15 minutes! I covered some deep things in a shallow way. I am not oblivious to the opposite outlook that most of these posts took. There certainly is a happiness found in not expecting much and being grateful for what you have. I take time everyday to meditate on gratitude. Maybe my outlook is not shared by many. Maybe I’ve been “lucky”, although I do not believe in luck. 🍀

Jeff would love more kit! 😎

I do agree with setting ambitions high. However, expecting might be related to entitlement, whereas ambitious is more linked to achievement. When you expect something and it happens, our rationale tends to be that we are entitled to such experience, we deserve it. However, I prefer being ambitious and anything that you achieve is done through hard-work and earned. I'm not sure if this subtle difference can be understood, but I think it is quite related to your post. All in all, I agree -- never settle for mediocre.

Umm I do deserve it! And so does every life on this planet!! I don’t think I’m entitled. I’m quite thankful for every blessing I’ve received. However you choose to define it, word it... as long as it works for you. 😉

Yeah, I suppose I need to be aware that the same words hold different meanings for both of us. Cultural, Societal and language difference all lead up to this writer-reader interpretation barrier. I guess I must agree; if it works for you, there's no point in me trying to argue about the exact word -- especially if it means differently for us haha

The word entitlement brings a very negative connotation to me. Making me sound like a spoiled brat for believing I’m worth a great life. I work hard. I love hard. I give hard.
Perhaps it’s the climate in USA this last few years also. “Entitlement” is used by the 1% to make hard working people feel guilty about taking their S.S. that they themselves paid for! I do appreciate your thoughtful comments. It’s nice to hear all perspectives. 😀

In no way I wanted to imply you are entitled or a spoilt brat. I just said that to me, the word expectation is linked to entitlement; but that refers to how I perceive the word and not to what you meant by it, in any way.

The USA can be very confusing. Most people do not have the sufficient health care that they should be entitled to. There is something fundamentally wrong with the system, not with the individuals who are able to achieve a good life. I apologise if my initial comment may have come across as a personal attack, but it was simply a discussion on the use of language. Philosophy of language, so to speak.

I've been in the trap of expectation time and time again, it tends to paralyze me when I least expect it. Procrastination is just a cycle at the end of the day and it can start whenever you come across some speed bumps or hurdles.

I think expectation is just a matter of perspective though. You need to strike the balance between; not to boring and not to challenging. Finding the ideal state of flow is the difference betwen crumbling and stiving forward.

Flow... yes. That is so true. We must stay in the flow of energy so we are not struggling against a current. ⚡️🌊

I teally admire that mindset, @pretty.dorky. I kind of live with the opposite mindset - that started as a self-protection measure. So far, it has changed my life for the better and to be more specific, my faith in humanity.
But I do admire if you have the strength to live like that. More and better things will come your way, ‘cos everything comes down to the power of the mind

Yes our thoughts and minds definitely effect our reality. We are very powerful beings! Like the Marianne Williamson quote says... (I don’t quote people often, but this one holds power for me)

There is something to be said for protecting ourselves. We must. The world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. But it is definitely more beautiful with You in it @simplymike! 😃🌞🌈

Possibly went on a tangent there... but... 😛

There’s a lot of truth in that quote.
Think I’ll print it out and hang it up somewhere (after I replaced the words ‘God’ with my own interpretation - 😂)

Yes!! The word “god” can be confusing due to society’s definition. Whatever it means to you... use it. When I hear god, I hear universe or energy. ❤️

So many expectation posts lately. Dave just made one too. :)

I haven't seen you around lately. Wanted to stop by and say hi. I hope you and Jeff are doing well (the other human and doggie members of your family too).

Hi @beeyou! I’ve been a bit off the radar lately. Jeff really needs to do a post! Lazy cat! I’ve been enjoying lots of sunshine and flowers. How about you?

@therealwolf 's created platform smartsteem scammed my post this morning (mothersday) that was supposed to be for an Abused Childrens Charity. Dude literally stole from abused children that don't have mothers ... on mothersday.


Wow @emergedinsteem, thanks for spamming my post! Classy.

Don't worry, I shall take care of this.

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