Light Dances on the Leaves - an oil painting

This is one of the paintings from my Reunion Island series. I was fascinated by the quality of color and light on the island, and gave free reign to my enjoyment of color in this piece. Reunion Island is tropical and luscious vegetation grows in many places, climbing on houses and walls, creating interesting and elegant graphic patterns.
Visually, it was a very exciting place to paint.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

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Lovely. What is the medium? What influences form your style?

Thank you. It is an oil painting on canvas. I love the great colorists, such as Gauguin, Bonnard, Odilon Redon. I also love to put abstract forms in the underpainting of my work which is always figurative. So my paintings begin as abstractions and end as representational works. But I do frontload - I always know what imagery I will lay over my abstraction. I play a lot with my compositions in photoshop because there are always interesting and unexpected events and I enjoy being surprised.

Your understanding of colours are amazing, Kathleen. I feel they just pop and splash wonderfully.

Thank you @scrawly. Years ago I bought color theory books by Joseph Itten, did some of the exercises, and greatly profited from it. Studying color as a separate subject was eye-opening and made me see the great colorists in a different light.

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Thank you @c-squared, much appreciated.

Again and again, your colours are absolutely vibrant and amazing <3 I love this very much, @kathleenscarboro ! There is a feeling of night time and lushness <3 Very wonderful work <3

Thank you @veryspider. The island is lush and full of life.