DRONE - Raging rapids of River Petrohue - 4K UHD

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Part 3 of 7 - Drone overflight of the River Petrohue, from the mouth at Lake Todos los Santos, through the Saltos de Petrohue waterfalls, over the rapids, down to the placid, lazy meandering to the delta at the Fjord of Reloncavi.

Location: 41°10'39.22"S 72°27'4.46"W


Aircraft: DJI Mavic Pro
Pilot: TEXAGONIA.com
Sountrack: Connect:ohm
All content is mine, and original.

地点: 41°10'39.22"S 72°27'4.46"W

航空器: DJI Mavic赞成4K UHD
飞行员: @Texagonia
电影配乐: Alucidnation


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