Steem Vacation Fund for Scheduled Steem Events!

Purpose of This Account

I'm the kind of person that needs to save early, and save in small increments. I imagine that I'm not the only one! We like to plan for vacation, but we just need the proper motivation and push to begin!

For anyone who would like to join this account - here are the details!

This is a voluntary "membership", that will hold any deposited steem until the approximate time of the event. (Funds will be returned back to the members no earlier than 90 days before and no later than 60 days before the event. The funds will be released at the same time for all members, without exception. There will be NO early withdrawals from the appointed time. Do NOT make any deposits, unless you are able to meet this requirement.)

Each week, members will be encouraged to deposit AT LEAST 10 steem by sending it to the @dreemsavingsfund account.

There are two incentives for people who begin saving 10 steem a week for the organized event.

  1. Everyone who joins this joint savings fund will get an autoupvote from this account. The number of accounts will divide proportionately into the ten 100% upvotes that are available daily. At the end of each week, the account will recalculate any new members that have joined along with any new deposits that have been given. The autoupvote percentages will be updated every Saturday. **

  2. Each week A DRAWING will be held for every member who has put in at least 10 steem into the fund, for the current week. The drawing will be for a $5 bonus payable on the first day of the event in the form of a @tipu upvote on the most recent (and upvote-eligible) post. The bonus money will come from @dreemsteem's account and will ONLY be given upon the day of arrival at the meetup. Failure to appear at the Meetup will disqualify them from receiving any bonuses. They will only be able to take out the amount of steem that they have deposited. All steem will be returned no earlier than 90 days and no later than 60 days prior to the scheduled event, so that people can use their Dreem Savings Funds to make travel arrangements.

**For example: In the first week, 10 people (Group A) add 10 steem to the account, each is added to the autoupvote for one daily 100% upvote from the account holding 100 steem. In the second week, members from Group A each add an additional 10 steem to the account, as 10 more people (Group B) join and add 10 steem each. The account now holds 300 steem: 200 from Group A participants and 100 from Group B participants. The autoupvotes would be adjusted at the end of the second week to show that the people from Group A would each now have a 67% upvote from this account now holding 300 steem, and so on. All upvotes will be calculated from the amount an individual has deposited/the full amount of steem held by the account. The maximum daily vote will be 100%. If at any point, a participant deposits enough steem to make their vote more than 100%, they will receive a daily vote of 100% PLUS a second ticket into that week's bonus drawing.

Every week, the Weekly Update will be posted so that every member can see how much steem they have currently deposited, how much their upvote will be for the following week, and announce the winner of the weekly bonus. Any other additional information will be added as needed.

All steem that is deposited by the members will be powered up. The powerdown of all member's funds will begin 13 weeks before the appointed withdrawal time. All curation rewards and author rewards will be redeemed and powered up. They will not be powered down until 13 weeks before the scheduled event.

The curation and author rewards will be used to fulfill the weekly bonus payments, on the first day of the organized event as detailed above. If there is any remaining balance after fulfilling the weekly bonus payments, the curation and author rewards will be distributed evenly among all members. If the rewards have been depleted before fulfilling the weekly bonus payments, @dreemsteem will fulfill any outstanding bonus payments from her own wallet.

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Thanks for sharing on Pimp Your Post Thursday

This is a great idea and maybe in the future used to save up for other events or as a steem long term savings fund..

I"m not going to this thing but will upvote as I can to add micro-pennies to your pot..

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This is a brilliant idea! It will be fun to see how many PYPT folks step up and do this!

Thanks for engaging with posts presented on PYPT

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Thanks for sharing SHADE
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