Dream Diary - 4/1/18 (Part 1)

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Morning Everyone,

I’ve been really good all week with doing my bodyweight exercises and eating healthy. I can’t wait for the weekend. Two days of eating what I want, when I want! I certainly made up for my lack of dreams from the previous night. I had so many last night. I’m going to spread them over two posts. Here is the first section of my dreams.

Thursday 4th January (Part 1)

I dreamed I was having my footpath dug up outside my house in the front garden. I was going to have a new driveway put in instead. There were lots of rectangular wooden poles about 6 inches long all in a pile by my front wall. I have no idea where they came from. My husband contacted my neighbour Raymond, to see if he wanted the wood. Raymond is in his late 80’s early 90’s and he is very active for his age. Raymond uses pieces of wood and turns them into magnificent bowls. The man who was doing the digging was in his 30’s. He had a long, dark ponytail. He was a nice chap, but he seemed quite simple. He was doing lots of measuring with a spirit level ruler. I saw his lunch box and I noticed he had seafood sticks in it. He did seem a seafood stick kinda guy! He asked me what a ’Mallot” was. I saw it was written on his salad bag. I had no idea what a Mallot was. Is it even a word? I had no idea, so I confidently said ”It’s a mushroom”. He believed me.

I had a horrible Sleep Paralysis dream this time. I was in my bedroom all on my own. I was sleeping, then I heard a dripping sound. I couldn’t make out where it was coming from. I opened my eyes and looked around. The right hand side corner of the ceiling was dripping. It was on the wall where my bed was against. The dripping got faster and faster. I tried to wake myself up. I couldn’t! I know I was groaning as I tried to force myself to wake up. Then the ceiling came crashing down and the water was rushing and gushing everywhere. This time I was groaning so loud. I thought I was going to die under everything that had fallen or drown in the water. My husband came in and he did manage to wake me up. I was so scared and I didn’t want to close my eyes again for fearing of falling back to sleep and continuing where my sleep paralysis left off. I do remember I was calling out for my husband or at least saw him and I was trying to shout to him for help. No words were coming out of my mouth. I’m glad my husband heard me struggling as he is a very deep sleeper. I was so frightened!

I dreamt about my late Granny’s ring. I have worn her wedding ring since her funeral and I have not taken it off. I dreamed the ring was on the sideboard and it had a dent in it. I have no idea where the dent came from or even why I wasn’t wearing it. Then I looked at the ring again. It had miraculously repaired itself before my very eyes!

This was a nice but horrible set of dreams at the same time. I would love a new driveway. I am in the process of looking for a new car and I have thought about a new drive for it. I don’t know why the workman digging up the path came across as simple. I was amused about dreaming of seafood sticks. I haven’t had them since I was a kid! I think I need to look up ’Mallot’ . That was the word as it appeared on the salad bag in my dream. I haven’t spelled it incorrectly. I wonder why I said it was a mushroom! My sleep paralysis was horrible. I wouldn’t ever wish it on anyone. If any of you have suffered with sleep paralysis, you will certainly understand how traumatising it is. I wonder what the water symbolises? My Granny’s ring was interesting. Why would it dent itself and repair itself? Does this mean it's something to do with me healing over her passing? Anyway, I hope you liked this. I will post part 2 later on today. Keep an eye out for it Steemers!

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I'm trying to start a lucid dreaming task club on steemit, please check out my latest blog post and see if you'd be interested in getting this going!

Haven't come across your profile before so I'm missing a bit of context, are you documenting your dreams just for enjoyment or are you doing it as part of e.g. lucid dreaming aspirations?

Whether the case I've done quite a lot of dream journaling in the past, and besides achieving lucid dream states I also felt I learned quite a lot about my self and my sub-conscious, this post is motivating me to pick that habit up again!

Otherwise, if you're into travelling, vlogs, self-development etc feel free to check out my channel, in any case keep up the good work and I'll see you around! 😄


@williamwest Thank you so much for your comment. I started writing about my dreams because even as a child I would always remember them. I've always wanted to document them, so I started writing on here. I do it for fun, I just enjoy sharing my dreams with everyone. I don't lucid dream. I don;'t know too much about that tbh. I wouldn't even know where to begin. I just have my dreams and write about them. Glad you like my post :-)


If you're interested in taking up lucid dreaming again quite extensively, hit me up.

Thank you for sharing your dream. I like it.:)


@happyleona Thanks. Glad you liked it :-)

I also every night to see dreams.


@zainqureshi That's good fellow dreamer :-)

Great post! I like your blog. If you're interested in advanced material for lucid dreamers, check out my (one and only atm) post about using galantamine and choline together as a dream supplement.

Keep posting, lovely read.