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It's the middle of a school day.

Not the kid's school day, but mine - although I'm still an adult.

The world is in black and white, like an old film. And I'm standing quietly on my own in a large room with lots of tables and chairs, and lockers behind me I think.

Despite the room being spookily devoid of any people, I feel a little on show.

Kind of self conscious.

Like someone's waiting for me to answer a question, or to speak about something.

I raise my hands up to my jaw, as if remembering something suddenly.

And at this moment I am now looking at myself in the dream.

With horror, I can see that on my jaw that I have two large patches of bright red acne. It reaches down on both sides of my neck all the way down to my shoulders. I'm embarrassed. Everyone can see them (even though there's no one there). A hand moves my hair back so they are on show even more.

A quick movement happens, kind of like a camera zooming in.

Now I can see both these rectangle shaped red patches more clearly, and with relief I understand it's not acne, and in fact they are large old tattoos. I don't know why they're there or when they arrived.

I notice my skin is smooth here, and although the world is in black and white, these tattoo patches remain in colour - a deep, faded red.

I rub my hands back and forth over the tattoos feeling acceptingly calm and yet confused at the same time, like there are still unanswered questions.

Then I wake up.

So tell me Steemians....

What does this mean? Analyse this dream!!

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How was I not able to see this before!? We have been talking about my acuity of being a seasoned investigator while the post that is most worthy of being analyzed go unnoticed? Unforgivable!

There was a time in my life when I was an astute student of dreams, but I'm a bit rusty, so I'll give it the old college try. The scene of black and white in a school setting suggests that your subconscious is hearkening you back to that time. The out-of-place color, in this case red, signifies something of importance that needs to stand out among the rest. But, that's just all aesthetic.

What I really want to explore is the more esoteric aspect of it. People often think that it signifies something that happened back then that you need to explore, but I think it's your subconscious being weighed down by the past. Maybe you're life is moving forward quickly or events sometimes blur, and you just want to stop for a second and relish the moments. Red is the color of anger, but it's also the color of passion. Perhaps you need to rekindle a lost passion that you feel you've been overlooking. Am I getting warm?

If not, then I blame it on my Computer Science degree.


ooooh I like it! Life does indeed seem to be moving forwards quickly right now.... hmmmm anger/passion... I don't know....It's possible that I was a bit annoyed with my self around then, does that count?

Being weighed down by the past.... also possibly.

You, Jed, are spooky.



Haha! One of my fav characters ever. :)


Aha! We have the same taste in TV series :D


I think we do indeed!

You like the good stuff, right? Me too!!

Ha, I just wrote a post about the Bread and Puppet theater so all I can think is that you were transported into that wacky place, sounds like an abstract performance they would put on ;)


Haha awesome!! I'm gonna pop over and read all about it. :)

You are a student of life, learning many lessons, and you are also a teacher.
You are keenly aware that there is a tendency for certain people around you to think in terms black and white, right and wrong, good and evil, polarizing everything.
You know that here, in this space, you are both alone and very much on display.
The acne is because you are concerned you have done something that could have negative consequences or potential for others to view you in a way that is unpleasing to you. When you realize there is no acne no blemish there at all, there is a permanent record in red right there on your neck of your unblemished stats.

How does that feel? does it fit haha : )


Yes! Love it! You've actually analysed it more deeply than I did.... I believe the acne was representative of feeling that negative things about me were on display, yes, as you say. And that fact that they turned out to be tattoos is indicative of how there are no negatives - just realness, and that's ok.

It's possibly because of the "Who I am" post I did yesterday haha!

Thanks for commenting. :)


Thank you for a lovely reply.

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