17# Drawitbetter Contest - Winners & New Theme!

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Hi everyone, I hope you're well

It's my pleasure to announce our winners & honorable mention of last week's
#drawitbetter contest.

But first, a big thanks to all the participants. Your work is inspiring and amazing! Here are our top picks for last week's theme:


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3rd place: @mfestra

DQmdoygW64EJ1ra265aHCBBGziNvzAMVQnhseBsX5SBSocu (1).jpg

See author's post.

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2nd place: @amalinavia


See author's post.

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1st place: @kleonella


See author's post.

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See author's post.

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See author's post.

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See author's post.

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What is Drawitbetter & how to join?

As artist beginner, I want to improve and motivate myself & others.
Every week, I'm making a drawing with a new theme.
To join, all you have to do is create your art with the same theme.
All types of painting techniques and styles are welcome!

Here's my drawing of this week's new theme, (Cartoon network characters):


line line.png


  • You have to make an entry post with title (Ex. Drawitbetter Contest ).
  • one of your tags has to be #drawitbetter.
  • Use only your original work and provide drawing process.
  • Your time is up when this post is 7 days old.
  • You have to resteem this post or create promotion post.
  • Upvote this post.
  • Have fun!

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    Winners will receive the liquid portion of SBD raised from this post.

    First place: 50 % SBD + 30 Whale Shares

    Second place: 30 % SBD + 20 Whale Shares

    Third place: 10 % SBD + 10 Whale Shares

    Honorable M.: 10% SBD ( together. )

    Winners, please provide your BitShares acc. in the comments below.

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    For this contest there will always be 2 judges.
    First one is @kid4life and second will be picked every week.
    For this week it's going to bee: @backyardgoonie
    Special thanks to the last week judge: @crazy-andy.

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    All Whale-Shares are provided by @akrid & @officialfuzzy. Special thanks for your amazing support!
    For more contests with Whale Shares, visit @contests.


    @fbslo. He is delegating me 500 steem power to help the participation.

    (You are one click away to help us back! )

    (Click on the button)

    line line.png

    I hope that this contest will be the opportunity & motivation for all you, my Steemian artists. I wish good luck to everyone participating! And again, I want to thank everyone for participating in the previous week!

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I always enjoy your contests and looking through of all the talented posts. 🖤 🙂 🌷

All drawing are amazing, I see steemit is full of talanted artists and I'm happy for it, thanks mate for great contest


Agreed. Thank you for you support man! All the way back! :)

hello @sirsensei a small question has to be from the series of samurai jack or any other animated series that are transmitted in cartoon network?


No! I just picked samurai jack for myself. You can pick any character from all cartoons played on cartoon network. :)

Thank you, @sirsensei! It's so wonderful to win in your contest!


Thank you! Pleasure to meet you. Your work is amazing!


Oh, sorry, i forgot to write my BitShares acc.


Nice. I will send all the rewards tomorrow!

wujuuuu I won!!! thank you!! I'm so happy . My bit acc is mfestra1, see you in the next contest, Samurai Jack here I go!!


Hehe my pleasure!:) Remember, not just samurai jack. You can pick any character from all the cartoons on the cartoon network!:)


oh, much better , great!

Thank you, @sirsensei !!! All owls are wonderful)


This is my BitShares


Nice. I'm glad you have Bitshares acc. I've sent you all of your rewards.


Thank you =)

Very excited to participate but a little sad because you did not see my owl


Hi. Im sorry. I was a bit busy to replay to all entries this week. I will try better this time!

Amazing and beautiful artworks! Well done everyone!

I am very happy to have managed to be in honorable mentions :D

Yeesss! I'm so excited! I love Cartoon Network!

Ed Edd n' Eddy

With this spectacular caricature I enter the contest of @sirsensei
I hope you enjoy the memories that you can cause to these 3 characters.



My entry. 17# Drawitbetter Contest - Ed Edd n' Eddy.


It's an animated smile premiered on December 28, 2005 on Cartoon Network in the US.
I have seen it miles in my childhood and to this day I still like it.
That's why the elegies for this contest called [Drawitbetter] (https://steemit.com/drawitbetter/@sirsensei/17-drawitbetter-contest-winners-and-new-theme),
where the main idea is to draw cartoon characters from CartoonNetwork.






This is the figure in the Japanese comic.His name is called sanxi(センシ)

This is my entry for character Cartoon Network

My favorite was the grim adventures of Billy and Mandy



Good day @sirsensei here is my entry for the new theme , first of all thank you sir for the event this event will help all artist here in steemit :)



Hello, steemans friends.
This is my entry to the @sirsensei contest
17# Drawitbetter Contest - Crazy bird


Cartoons like these marked the childhood of many, including mine.
Until a next post.

Hi Steemians!
PUCCA: Animated series chosen by me to participate in the @sirsensei contest
If you want to participate here I leave the link: 17# Drawitbetter Contest


I had a lot of fun with this one! I look forward to participating more in the future. Great contest!

Powerpuff Girls



Yay! Adventure Time! My entry is going to be Adventure Time themed too! :D

Hello everybody, this contest is great, so here's my entry.



Hello my dear @sirsei, thank you for creating this fun contest, and for the opportunity to surpass myself that comes with it.
Here I leave my Participation for this Contest Delivery.

are the new characters okay to use?


Sure. :)


can we use reference?

Un saludo amigo @sirsensei, aqui mi entrada al concurso

Espero les guste.

I congratulate all the winners and wish them the best of luck in the next competitions! I liked all the drawings.@lena1

Hello friend this is my estrada to this contest I hope you like my drawing.


hello @sirsensei greetings friend here my entrance greetings to all success


This is a very cool contest!
Question: will we be disqualified if we draw it worse? ;-)

Good morning @sirsensei. This way I'll leave you my entry to the contest. Warm greetings and successes to all participants.

Producto Final.jpg


hola @sirsensei!

Here is my entry for the contest


short questions: Do I have to draw the character exactly after the original or is my version of the character okay?


You can do whatever you please. As long as the character appeard on the Cartoon Network. :)

hola @sirsensei una pequeña pregunta tiene que ser de la serie de samurai jack o de cualquier otra serie animada que hallan trasmitido en cartoon network??

Here's my entry!


dibujas demasiado lindo! :D


cool i love cow.

Good day @sirsensei! This is my entry for this week's contest. Hope you like it :)



Congratulations to all the winners, already working on the new drawing. : )

OO finally I can participate in the drawing competition) I hope and for my level it will be nice

Hi @sirsensei,
thanks for hosting the contest! Amazing to se the huge number of entries!

For your information, I just added it to the weekly traditional art contest list:

🏆🏆🏆🎨 Unleash your creativity 12/03-19/03 ! List of ongoing drawing, painting and crafts contests


Hi there. I saw it and thank you! I just want to suggest you something. In your post you mention edition of our contests. Well my contest is weekly. I saw some contest which are daily. And i think it would be better if you mentioned also that. You feel me?
Or at least when was the first edition of the contest made... I think people should know when were the contests made and which came out before others...
What do you think @becometheartist?


Hi & thank you for your valuable feedback!

looking back for each of them when it took place for the first time is quite hard, if even it's possible to find it...

However I think I got your point : someone doing during 2 weeks a daily = 14, however someone doing 14 weekly = also 14, however the daily is still a new contest and the weekly is a well established.

I might be adding the frequency to Daily / Weekly / Ad-hoc.
Or something like 'Running since X weeks/days' => however if someone skips a few weeks my count won't be correct.

I'll have an additional thought ;)

Thanks in any case!


My pleasure! Thank you for replaying fast and taking something into action. I know its hard work to find out the first dates. Maybe us, organizers can help you with that ? We can all look back and let you know the date. All you have to do is ask. But yes...it would be neceserry to confirm that. Anyhow..."running since..." is also a great idea! Do that! :D im just kinda mad for all the contest who basicly just copied our older and original ideas...
Anyways thank you again. Take care! :)

you disappeared and never reviewed my entry as much as another colleague's.


Yes, and not just yours. There were many entries! I was busy this week so I didn't "review" all.
Don't be mad. :)

Oops forgot to add my entry here :)
My Johnny Bravo entry
Full image in post, quick process image here :)
Johnny bravo

so sad im not able to join this contest because this post is already 7 days :( and i just finished my entry a minute ago :(

My entry post