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Drawing from my imagination. Directly from the abyss, in honor of all those unknown creatures of the depths of the ocean.
The true masters of this world. They were before there was everything we know, and will surely be here after us.

It is said that down there is where the greatest amount of life exits, the largest number of species, the greatest variety and the most unknown to our eyes.
Thousands of beings who have never known the light of the sun, but who have their own light.
Super organisms that act as a single being but that are a community of individuals of the same species but each playing its specific function in the chain.

The Future.
The Past.
So much to learn.

Greetings to all





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Oh man this is so cool, I did NOT see the Steemit logo in there at first but I DID see a super awesome anglerfish! I am absolutely fascinated with the depths of the oceans, and we know so little about them. My son (almost 3 years old) can rattle off the names of various deep sea denizens as fast as he can name farm animals :) This is a wonderful drawing, almost has a woodcut feel. The hidden Steemit logo is just the icing on top. Thank you so much for sharing this with me! You rock!

Hey! I'm glad you like it. I remember when I first met The Abyss, the movie. There is a before and after that amazing film. Even though that is mere science fiction, I am convinced that down there are things that we are not even able to imagine.
My compliments to your son. That's what I call a DEEP education ;)

Science fiction has proven to be truth on more than one occasion ;)

That's why it's also called Science ;)

'Sup Carl :D

Hey buddy good to see you underwater @underground LOL

It looks A Faceless Man has some tricks! Since yesterday only 7 votes were missing to reach the goal, but a few moments ago a band of ninjas came to leave their "invaluable" votes and with that we will make it official.
On Friday we will do the raffle!
Cheers man.

My whatever are you talking about? Okay okay... busted... hope that was okay, couldn't stand to see it so close but so far away ;) I really thought this was a fun and clever post, and I think a raffle is the perfect way for it to continue to generate some positive Steemit interaction.
Much love - Carl

I always agree with what brings fun!! In fact, if it did not reach the 100 already had planned to add both publications to happen. 😂

PS. Have you seen my latest posts to make a Halloween mask for mini-Carl? ;)

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HAHAHA.. what a great preacher!
Just kidding. Thanks for everything

Had to come back for another look and to show my son :) I forgot to mention how much I like the text as well - there is a lot of truth in there. The deep ocean is the future and the past, a vehicle capable of descending into the depths is basically a time machine :)

I hope your son will not be si hard on criticism. But if he is, I will be taking notes to the comments to improve next time. Tell him that I drew it without references, please 😅

He said "That is a scary anglerfish!"

Nailed it :)

Sharpies rule! I was using a fountain pen and it was smearing because the ink dried too slow. Sharpies dry quicker so I've been using them. I use the thick one you have pictured and finer-pointed ones too. I also use a pen brush for the really thick strokes but you did a good job with just the Sharpie.

Hi @minnowforlife! I actually prefer India ink because having no alcohol it creates more defined lines. But this time was the only thing I had at hand. That's why i love Sharpies for being so practical. I always carry one in the pocket of my pants, next to my swiss knife.

My favorite sharpie is the chisel tip - you can make as fine (or finer) a line with the tip of the chisel tip as you can with a standard sharpie, but then you can lay the chisel edge down flat and make a nice thick line about 2.5 times a regular sharpie thickness, and you can get some really nice calligraphic effects with line thickness by changing the attack angle as you are putting down a stroke. If you haven't tried the chisel tip yet, give it a spin! It has pretty much totally replaced the normal thickness sharpie for me. I do still use the fine tip sometimes. Cheers - Carl

Yes!! I love those chisel tips. I carry on this sharpie with me all the time because it does not hurt to use it on any surface, but for the purposes you mention I have some Copics Wide. A little less cheap, but a lot of more wonderful! Have you ever tried them?

No I haven't I will check them out. Honestly for my ink drawings I typically just use Pilot G2 pens of varying thicknesses - I love the way the ink flows, I have tried quite a few artist's pens and actually prefer the G2 over pens that cost many multiples. I haven't tried Copics though, thanks for the "tip" LOL

Tip-Tip, Hooray!

EDC Swiss Army Knife, Sharpie, Glock LOL!!!

Wow sick!

I appreciate that! Thanks @aldentan I'm glad you liked it 😎

Great post :)

Thank you @icotracker ;)

So originl, so dark, i love it

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Thanks Banjo and thanks Doctor ;)

.....waaaaaay COOL!!!

I'm also following, and I'm not even into art very much. ;)

Heyyyyy thanks.
I appreciate that!! Following back ;)

The coolness is another level.

Hey man, Thanks a lot ;)
YOU ARE cool on another level!!!

Awesome Steemit wave fish.

thanks man ;)
I still do not do the raffle, but you're already in !!
Good luck hahaha