Galaxy girl - hand drawing #27

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Hey, guys! What's up? :D

This time I want to show you another drawing I did with a technique called "scumbling". I really feel that this technique is for me, I don't know why, but I just love it!. Of all the techniques I have used (I think there have not been many), this is definitely my favorite, maybe because it gives my hand freedom to make the strokes and the result is very nice to see.

Well, one or two days ago, I made a sketch using this technique with a black pen, if you want to see it click here. Also, I mentioned in the comments that I will do it again, but with colors. So, here it is!

Imagen (28).jpg

It is supposed that this drawing would be ready yesterday at night, but I had to change plans and fix my cell phone (it did not turn on), then after watching several videos on YouTube, I found a video that I thought would be useful and it was, but the thing didn't end there, I spent almost three hours fighting with my laptop to install the drivers and programs I needed.

Seriously, if it was not because this is my only laptop I would throw it out the window (it's not the first time I have problems with it, it's always been like this). At the end of the whole process, it only took me 3 minutes of my life to connect my cell phone to my laptop and let the program do its job. And yes, now it's alive and works perfectly.

I'm sorry, I deviated from the subject a bit, haha. Here are some pictures of the process:

Imagen (19).jpg

And, these were the materials I used to draw it:


I think that's all for today. I hope you like it. Bye, guys! :D


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Wonderful drawing, and a quality post.

Thank you! I'm looking for a way to be better :D

Dear Artist ! FineArtNow is a new place for artists on Steemit ! Become our friend ! See you soon !

Thanks for posting your work. I enjoy seeing new and ORIGINAL work form Steemit artists. Keep posting. Voting and following. Best wishes

Thank you so much for your wishes! <3

Dime tu secreto ! Seguro son los colores! ¿verdad ?

Jajajajaja, son marca Solita y el marcador es Paper mate por si los quieres comprar xD

jajajaj ni que compre toda la empresa XD por cierto me gusto mucho el gif

Jajaja, si eres exagerado XD. Muchas gracias, mi hermana me enseño a hacerlo :D

esta increíble tienes mucho talento. y me encanta la paleta de color

Muchas gracias por tomarte el tiempo de comentar! De verdad lo aprecio :D

I like the colours you chose... very soft effect :)

Thank you! I chose those colors for an image I saw on the internet, it was a painting with watercolors of two lovers :D. I thought it was nice so, I used those colors on my drawing.

Scumbling! That's what it was called!
As always, gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing with the world :D

Me alegra que te haya gustado! :D

¡esta increíble!, me encanta la manera en que trazas las lineas, quizás la practique algún día. La forma en combinar esos colores, y la temática es asombrosa. Te felicito :-)

Muchas gracias!

It's really lovely
As I expected. I saw the last one, I've been following your posts.
More grace

Thanks for your support! :D

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