dPoll Competition Week 19

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dPoll Report: Weekend Edition

Table of contents

  • About dPoll
  • Competition No. 19
  • Announcement of last weeks winners
  • What happened on dPoll last week?
  • Our growing group of Sponsors
  • Some stats on dPoll

About dPoll

dPoll is a polling application on top of Steem. It utilizes an account based voting system and stores poll and voting data on the blockchain. You can find it at dPoll.xyz.

Here is a handy How-to for creating dPolls.

Major recent updates.

If you have any feedback, go to our issues page at Github or drop by at our Discord server.


See it online at dpoll.xyz, and the source code at github repository.

dPoll Competition No. 19

Starting this Sunday, every poll created until next Saturday will be eligible to enter the competition.

There are two ways to win:

Price pool for most votes cast:

1st Place wins 3 Steem

2nd and 3rd Place each win 1 Steem

One random voter for the winning dPoll will receive 1 Steem

Entry: you will have to create a poll on dPoll.xyz and try to accumulate as many votes for your question as you can. Deadline is Saturday the 30th of March 2019 12 PM UTC*.

Team members of dPoll are excluded from participating in the prize pool.

Winners of Competition No. 18

PlacedPollerNo. VotesdPoll Title
1st@steemalliance92Steem Alliance Structure Proposal Voter Registration
2nd@shaka57LMAC #11 - The Finalists! Vote for your favourite entry and help decide who the winners will be!
3rd@cryptocopy54SteemMonsters + SBI Shares Giveaway #5 (No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow Required!)
Random Voter@livinguktaiwan- / -Steem Alliance Structure Proposal Voter Registration

Congratulations to the winners!

What happened on dPoll last week?

@steemalliance used a poll to remind you that there is a upcoming vote on the structure of the Steem Alliace Foudation:

Steem Alliance Structure Proposal Voter Registration

Deadline is Apri. 4th 2019.


LMAC #11 - The Finalists! Vote for your favourite entry and help decide who the winners will be!

@cheese4ead wated to know how to win against you in a numbers game:

What is your favourite number between 0-9?

@glenalbrethsen has an infamous internet controversy for you:

Should Parents Be Forced To Vaccinate Their Children?

History books could tell you a lot about a time without vaccines.

@conradt wants to know how you deal with the recent changes in Drugwars:

Will you continue to play Drugwars after the announcement they will stop paying in Steem and now pay with "future tokens"?

@cryptobdschool wanted to know for how much Steem themed shirts could be sold:

How Much Should Dtube T-Shirt Based Price In Your Opinion?

This looks like fans would pay more than 10$ for merch.

@deathcross is playing terrifying mindgames:

What would happen without the Internet?

@epicdave thinks about the future:

Should Bionic human-enhancing technologies be banned?

100% are of the opinion that bionic upgrades are fine.

@stuffbyspencer has had it with coding:

What Do You Think About The "No-Code" Movement?

You would think somebody with the experience like @vimukthi would already know:

What IS The Best Passive Income Source On STEEM Blockchain?

Our growing group of sponsors

35 Sponsors are supporting dPoll at the moment, with a total of 32532 SP in delegations.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors for their support of dPoll:

SponsorDelegation level [SP]
@emrebeyler, @pharesim2'500
@fabien, @utopian.pay, @favcau1'000
@techslut, @boontjie, @kabir88250
@espoem, @crokkon, @blanchy, @forykw, @whatsup100
@fbslo, @ihtiht, @simplymike, @mahsumakbas, @amico, @devann, @nerdtopiade, @akomoajong, @abbak7, @bluerobo50
@isnochys, @murattatar, @tdre25
@mobi72, @tdas010

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Some stats on dPoll:

dPoll is currently in 51st place on stateofthedapps.com across all listed dApps - including apps on Etherium/POA and EOS.

And in 22nd position on steemapps.com.

Join dPoll on Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/ZcV8SGr

*Standard rules of decency apply. The dPoll team will reserve the right to exclude certain entries from the competition, if necessary.

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These are dramatic results!



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Hey, @dpoll.curation.

Internet controversy is right. And it spills into everyday life, unfortunately, with measles breakouts and other things, which then makes some legislatures, like Oregon, decide something needs to be done, and there's people who don't like it.

On and on it goes. :)

Thanks for the place on this list. It's cool, especially since this was my second outing for a dpoll. Also, it was enlightening for me to get the responses and explanations that I did. Can't speak for anyone else who participated, but I found the discussion worthwhile. There's definite passion behind the answers.

On another note, I really liked the short descriptions you gave each post here. I found them humorous. :)

What a nice surprise! Thank you @dpoll.curation. It's great that we have a platform to voice our opinions here.

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