Contest - I will donate 300 STEEM to buy food/water/medicine

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STEEM and Steemit have been a true blessing for many of us. Two years ago I invested any spare EUR I had to buy STEEM and can say today that it was one of the best financial decisions I made to date.

To share a bit of the luck I had, I like to donate 300 STEEM to someone who will use the donation to help as many people as possible by providing food/water/medicine.

In order to find the most suitable candidate, I am mainly interested to get a clear response in regards to How, What and When.

Write a post on Busy/Steemit using the #donatesteem tag and describe in detail...

  • How you will use the 300 STEEM to help people in your area / neighbourhood.
  • Be specific about what you will do.
  • Provide a clear timeline when you will do it.

    Think also about how can you proof to the community that you didn't keep the donation but spent it to your charity cause, so please be sure you can fulfil what you promise.

    I will pick a winner (provided there are suitable submissions) after the payout period (7days) and write a follow up post to introduce the winner. In that post I will also show a screenshot of the STEEM transaction to the winner so it will be clear for everyone to see that I fulfilled my end of the promise. (Thats why we all love the blockchain.)

    If you like this cause and want to support these kind of initiatives, than please resteem so it will reach as many users as possible.

Please don't forget to use the tag #donatesteem

Good luck All!

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thanks @tarekadam, Contest you are very they are in need. I've applied for you. I represent from the steemit members of KOKAM-SPY applying to help the Rohingyas stranded in Bireuen-Aceh. Thank you very much...

Thank you for your post. I will read through it. All the best.

Very admirable act of generosity. I was a disbeliever of Steemit when I was told of a blogging site that pays you to blog. My first reaction, I don’t have time to blog! which is true. I decided to give it a try because I read how Steemit is a platform that can change someone’s life or even a community.

I’ve seen the community support firsthand when @davemccoy wrote a post a few days ago that helped to raise over $1,000 USD for cancer medication for @lynncoyle1’s husband @briancourteau. The community support with SBD donations, upvotes, direct PayPal contribution was unbelievable.

Now seeing another effort by you to help raise awareness and support for communities that may need the basic necessities such as food, water, and meds...simply beautiful what we can accomplish on here.

Thank you fir your great comment. I agree that this platform has a perfect use case for charity and donations. Steemit has a wide reach of users around the world, Transactions are free and luckily STEEM gets accepted on more exchanges.

I only wish other high ranking reps that have the ability to help would actually support the charities and needy in the world. Yourself for example. You started here early and are in a position to help others and you are doing just that. There are so many that could do the same.

I did let @sircork know about your contest. He has a #YouAreHope foundation that help others around the world. I've seen his support to Nigerian students trying to finish their schooling and he did mention helping the needy too with Malaria. I don't know if he or one of his witness team would be interested in writing a post to illicit help for one of the communities on his list, but I tagged him. :)

Thanks again for your generosity. It is very admirable.

Thank you for your support.

I saw your post and would really recommend looking at the projects of @youarehope.

One of the ongoing projects they have there is helping Velenzuelans be provided with food, water and medicine as well as clothing and infrastructure.

The coche island need some water, food and metronidazol. by @Takeru255

@malos has been very active in providing help I collected 50 pair of shoes to be given to people in need

They are a boots on the ground charity organization and 200 Steem would mean a lot

Thank you for your comment. I will look into the posts from the users you mentioned.

An amazing initiative, @tarekadam. You are a very generous man.

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Thank you Mr @tarekadam. Your post is very useful for humanity. In our area, Bireun, Aceh, Indonesia, we are receiving Rohingya refugees from Myanmar stranded in the waters of Bireun. Currently they are in dire need of food, clothing and medicine. Should we join this contest with the aim of helping the Rohingya refugees? Thank you for your attention. May God reward every good that you do.

Yes please write a post about how you plan to help and use the donation.

@akukamaruzzaman : I think you should make a proposal, the bireun steemit community can try this... And I wish someone already submit a proposal to @tarekadam from bireun or Lhokseumawe too

First of all your generous work deserves resteem because, the most important aspect of life is giving and you are contributing your generous work in your way. Hope that these funds can give some good stuff to needy people. Thanks for sharing this work with us and keep doing great work. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you very much!

Welcome. 🙂

I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it,
In my country we have so many sick homeless and jobless people that really need are help.
I am a student but I try to give what I can
#300steem will do so much for this people. Like
I will use It to provide medicine and food for the sick and give Some to the jobs to start up a small business of their own
"thanks you very much sir" God bless you, you are a great man 💯✊
@tarekadam sir This is what I believe in .....Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you
@tarekadam sir

Like I posted earlier this is one of the pictures of kids I wanna help ...trying to survive
@tarekadam FB_IMG_15249116578303214.jpgFB_IMG_15249116511667905.jpg

@tarekadam sir
Your steem will do so much for them
Thank you sir

This is a very good initiative you are doing really. I appreciate you. I have benefited for donation before from @dobartim. I know the feeling when someone lends a hand of help for a person. Ever since then, have been looking for an Avenue to lend a helping hand to people. The kid hawking in my streets. To the kids in the orphanage , to widows who don't have have anything, to empower a person to join steemit by giving that person a smartphone or a laptop. To help him self.... I have a Lot of ideas to reachout. The only thing that crippled me was money. To execute them. I believe if you give me this steem. I will execute all of them. With proofs.

Thank you for your comment. As outlined in my post, in order for me to select a winner please write a post with details about your project and how you plan to use the STEEM. Good luck.

Hello friend @tarekadam, perhaps it seems a dare to break the rules of your post. But it is possible that you are the guide that I was looking for, I am from Venezuela, with the passage of time more and more people are affected by the economic crisis of the country. Some are here in steemit and I include myself because since I found this social network I have been able to improve my life when I thought that everything was lost at least until a few months ago when the Latino community voted everyone equally but that has not happened and as they always say "they are not obliged to help". My message is something simple because I do not have a camera and do not meet all the requirements of your post especially for photography and the main tests because the people I help may not like the idea of ​​wanting to appear on the Internet at least those who are outside.

Months ago I have published several times the situation of Venezuela, currently the minimum wage is 1 $ That is, in steemit it would be 0.4Sbd. Where the food and medicines on pass the 1Sbd per article, soon is approaching May 1 so we can expect the worst and prices will continue to rise and the people to generate going hungry ...

My message to you is this: I have a group of friends who are about to do a project that will help us improve steemit to help Venezuela or at least Venezuelans who are in and out in the future, we would like to rent sp for to be closer to our goal but unfortunately we need the main thing and our post every day are left without profit after a great effort.

If it is within your reach to be able to donate some steem or sbd to be closer to our goal would be of great help and account that as we stabilize we will implement our goal for a better Venezuela.

I wanted to write this comment because I do not have anything other than my motivation and desire to help and I master the Spanish language maybe I do not understand English very well. I hope I can count on your support. Greetings from Venezuela.

Thank you for your comment. If your group has a project to support people than please write a post about it with details on how you are going to do it. All the best to you.

I was just about to finish my post about my situation and I need help, at least to start, tomorrow you will have the post for details, however I want to clarify that I do not do it for the contest you offer directly but as an option to donate me something minimal even. to be able to complete with my friends and promote the project.

Hi again @tarekadam, I'll leave you the information of my problem you can locate in my profile @rayken04.

we are 3 people we need 120 steem to try to duplicate them and to rent sp in a few months to be a traill that helps the Hispanic community and others in need.

I do not share my post with the tag since I do not need the 300 steem but if a small support for personal food in my post you can find a detail of the value of the food does not reach our salary.

Yes You can do a small collaboration / with what you can really help me personally and to undertake the project friend. I will be grateful 1000 times since we are really desperate in hundreds of senses.

This is very good.. I was recently posted to a remote village in my country and its expected of me to identify a general problem and solve it. For now i'm still in the orientation camp.. As soon as i identify the problem i will write for the help.. Thanks very much for what your are doing. And i will suggest others to also contribute a token to the cause because there are people out there that our little contribution means the world to them.. Good man God bless you for this.

Thank you very much for your comment. Yes please write a post on how you can help the people or let others know about this initiative. All the best to you.

I have resteem the post. If i had some steem or sbd i would have paid for this post to be resteem for others to see and also benefit from it....
"Givers never lack"

Thank you for your support.

Thank you sir.
We are kept in the camp for 21days. Going through series of lectures and basic training. Red Cross and Man "O" War drills.
Upon completion of the orientation i will be redeploy to a place where my skill is needed the most. So till then

this is very interesting, I am very supportive for this activity, some time ago I was with friends of the community from @ kokamspycare also have tried to raise donations to help rohingya refugees and sbd and steem have accumulated for our humanitarian mission, I feel very happy to see your post if there is one chance to participate here .. support you. Thank you

Thank you for your comment. If you have a project you are working on than please write a post about it and use the #donatesteem tag. I will review all submissions and pick a winner.

thank you I will be very helpful for your support, I will continue my project to continue to help as well as do the promo-steem.

Thank you @tarekadam. This is very generous! I have entered your contest on behalf of Africa Food for Thought in this post:

Stunting is bigger than you think

Thank you very much.

Its posts like these that should be on the trending or hot lists, its open and selfless and will create impact beyong the steemit blockchain, wishing all the contestants the best and SteemOn!

Thank you! Steem on!

I applaud you for your generosity and your unselfish act of helping others. I hope these funds will be put to good use. Good luck to all contests and God bless you more!

Well I have been thinking to ask that for a while.As i got the chance let me say it.

There is an orphanage that is near the place that I live.I have been trying to give them something but they are big in number so whenever I wanted to get out to reach them there was a fear that I would not enough for them so really was not able to be there.

While one of the big occasion is coming for Muslims that is Eid.So if possible will sure give them out food and to celebrate the Eid they will get New clothes .

I have not really done this before but will do something for them in these occasion.While it was a boost for me(The post).

If you have a good cause you can contribute to in your neighbourhood than please write a post about it using the tag #donatesteem. I will read all submissions and pick a winner in 6 days.

Shared in help for Venezuela Discord. This is an amazing idea! I will follow along. It will be great to see what Steemitt can do.

Crowdfunding rocks! Thanks for bringing awareness of this contest on Steem.

At, we help projects raise more money, with no fees. We would love to have you use our brand new platform! Please visit our friendly Discord (where our team will guide you), or our website:, and start raising Steem (without any middleman) for your project today!

Very nice job Sir, i want to have good idea for all steemian to help people or community

Thank you, I am looking forward to your post.

Decided to write up a post as to why YouAreHOPE. would be good to consider for this donation: how to give your steem substance

Thank you very much, great post!

This post deserves resteem! Thank you for the generosity and I really admire you for this love. May the good Lord bless you more and may the one that will win this use that money to share this blessing to those in need. Awesome!

i agree with you

My entry for this opportunity:

Hey there! Just ran into your post, thanks to the kindness of the #ideasforvenezuela channel on the Steemit Community Catalyst server in Discord app. It would be really nice to be able to participate and most important, to share my thoughts on the crisis that has been closing Venezuela's gates for help over the last 20 years. To put you in context of what I do I will make a post, but would really like if you could take a look at my previous entries, so you could understand a little more what I try to do and how I plan to do it. Nevertheless, how you also mention medicines and water, and my strong is growing food. I feel like I need to point this out:

  • Currently there is food in Venezuela, but not enough liquidity for people to buy it, so I am working into offering a solution at short and medium term to provide food for an entire region.
  • Water supply isn't functioning, people have to pay trucks that provide water, but this only happens as much as twice a month, and there are several towns that haven't had water in years. This happens in the entire country. Yet I live in a unique place where our supply isn't cut and I will use this for the improvement on how we deal with water issues and help many communities along.
  • Medicines are the most expensive of products, and many times patients need to start a fundme project while having several health problems, or ask for many people to help while many others can't rely on this, for this is not an easy thing to accomplish, and nothing can secure you the medicine you seek. There are +million people without the possibility to acquire or even ask for this kind of help. This is the most delicate subject matter, but I'm sure that making contact with another companies will be of great help, maybe donating half of the budget to an already stablished project (or at least three of them) that provides these services, or a even a new campaign looking for these types of help tpo contribute.

Last but not least, I would like to thank you for taking the time to think about our situation. It gives me hope and a place where I can put my work before anything else. I will continue to do so and I will be a great asset into the recovering of our country, and providing jobs for young people who can't even afford to have one. Because the prices for transportation are too high. I plan to end this by introducing a new way of hiring through crypto and even steem to all communities if possible. We need to adress our situation, but most important, we need to work and be on steemit to become and build stronger communities and connectios. Of course, I will explain further into the post that I will work on for you to read and see. These are some of my previous entries.

I don't think I will ever be thankful enough to what you're doing. I hope that this serves of help to many venezuelans, and I sincerely look forward to keep my work up and running as a project on steemit, social media and most important, to give offer people trust and an opportunity to help Venezuela through crypto, through real connections and people achieving a sustainale living. Again thank you, cheers! Have a great week.

In the hopes to still be read by you, I edited the previous reply and put the link at the start of the comment. I will leave it here for visibility. And I really believe that you will enjoy and understand what I do and why I will continue to work for it, for my country. Cheers! Thank you for thinking and actually help us. I'm humbled by your actions. Have a great weekend sir.


Me and some of my friends who have been on the way for a long time to change the direction of life so start learning #stememic #blockchain #steemit application, and my question is whether I can participate in #personal or #personal to participate in this contest why I ask this question, it is clear that I am one of the workers in #power #community that I always interact with them, a very good activity in supporting the needs of the crowd thank you for sharing this post

you are the most special @tarekadam

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