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RE: Contest - I will donate 300 STEEM to buy food/water/medicine

in #donatesteem2 years ago

This is very good.. I was recently posted to a remote village in my country and its expected of me to identify a general problem and solve it. For now i'm still in the orientation camp.. As soon as i identify the problem i will write for the help.. Thanks very much for what your are doing. And i will suggest others to also contribute a token to the cause because there are people out there that our little contribution means the world to them.. Good man God bless you for this.


Thank you very much for your comment. Yes please write a post on how you can help the people or let others know about this initiative. All the best to you.

I have resteem the post. If i had some steem or sbd i would have paid for this post to be resteem for others to see and also benefit from it....
"Givers never lack"

Thank you for your support.

Thank you sir.
We are kept in the camp for 21days. Going through series of lectures and basic training. Red Cross and Man "O" War drills.
Upon completion of the orientation i will be redeploy to a place where my skill is needed the most. So till then

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