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RE: Contest - I will donate 300 STEEM to buy food/water/medicine

in #donatesteem2 years ago

Very admirable act of generosity. I was a disbeliever of Steemit when I was told of a blogging site that pays you to blog. My first reaction, I don’t have time to blog! which is true. I decided to give it a try because I read how Steemit is a platform that can change someone’s life or even a community.

I’ve seen the community support firsthand when @davemccoy wrote a post a few days ago that helped to raise over $1,000 USD for cancer medication for @lynncoyle1’s husband @briancourteau. The community support with SBD donations, upvotes, direct PayPal contribution was unbelievable.

Now seeing another effort by you to help raise awareness and support for communities that may need the basic necessities such as food, water, and meds...simply beautiful what we can accomplish on here.


Thank you fir your great comment. I agree that this platform has a perfect use case for charity and donations. Steemit has a wide reach of users around the world, Transactions are free and luckily STEEM gets accepted on more exchanges.

I only wish other high ranking reps that have the ability to help would actually support the charities and needy in the world. Yourself for example. You started here early and are in a position to help others and you are doing just that. There are so many that could do the same.

I did let @sircork know about your contest. He has a #YouAreHope foundation that help others around the world. I've seen his support to Nigerian students trying to finish their schooling and he did mention helping the needy too with Malaria. I don't know if he or one of his witness team would be interested in writing a post to illicit help for one of the communities on his list, but I tagged him. :)

Thanks again for your generosity. It is very admirable.

Thank you for your support.

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