Huge donation for Africa Food for Thought

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I recently entered a contest on behalf of Africa Food for Thought that was offered by @tarekadam. Some of you may even remember as many of you commented and supported the endeavour. The contest was offered in the following post.

Contest - I will donate 300 STEEM to buy food/water/medicine

My application is in the following post.
Stunting is bigger than you think

@tarekadam announced his donations in the following post.
300 STEEM has been payed out as part of the #donatesteem contest

This last post is the only one of the mentioned posts that is still live. Please visit it and thank @tarekadams with me for his generosity. Here is the great news!

@tarekadam awarded Africa Food for Thought a donation of 150 Steem!!

I have no words to express my gratitude. This post will be followed by a report on Steemit of the project when it is completed. A different report will be posted on AFFT's Facebook page and whichever report works best will be posted on AFFT's webpage.

Full disclosure

This morning I could buy R7362 (South African Rand) with 150 Steem. After travelling via Bitcoin and two South African banks AFFT would have received about R6 950. Instead, I transferred R7500 from my bank account directly to AFFT. This will result in an extra 92 meals being supplied to school children.
AFFT will confirm, in writing, that they received precisely R7500 from me this morning, in my report that will be posted here. It can also be independently verified by contacting them via their website.

The chairperson of Africa Food for Thought and the company who supplies the meal-replacement biscuit were so enthused by this donation, they have committed to making donations of their own towards this programme in the coming days!

The next steps

  1. 1250 of the meal-replacement biscuits will be purchased by Africa Food for Thought.
  2. This will be distributed to schools, creches and one very significant tutoring programme as a test of the success of the product.
  3. Feedback from the children will be collected and collated.
  4. A decision on the future use of the product will be made.
  5. Sponsors will be approached to sponsor future distribution.

If this programme proves to be successful and sustainable, it will be the result of this contest, @tarekadam's donation and the Steemit community. @tarekadam is an early adopter of Steemit (hear the jealousy in my voice) and in my mind embodies the culture I have found here.

Steemit seems to bring out the best in all of us and I have enjoyed every moment of my journey thus far. I never expected to gain support for Africa Food for Thought here. And I never expected to make any friends or care for people whom I cannot see.

Full disclosure

I gave myself three months on Steemit before making a decision regarding my future involvement. I invested time and energy but no money. These three months convinced me.
This morning I made a financial investment in Steemit. It is very small but it is everything I have available right now. You will not be getting rid of me soon...


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Congratulations to you and your organization my friend! I'm very excited. I went and posted a thank you on @tarekadams post as well.


So glad you saw this @energyaddict22! And I'm very grateful for your support in this and your personal response to the donor. You are great!

It makes me so happy! We need more people like you @reonlouw and Africa Food For Thought most definitely gets my support! Keep up the good work👍

Oh this is good news. Im proud to say i was one of those many steemians who supported for AFFT. Thanks God it became a reality. Looking forward for another opportunity like this. Upvoted by rubelynmacion of kryptonia

well done! Good luck for you!

Very nice project, I wish you good luck. Kryptonia


Job well done! Awesome @erose

This is amazing @reonlouw what many do not realize, here in South Africa poverty is huge. Being paid in Steem or SBD then multiplied out (even though we pay dearly on exchanges) at the end of the day it is a tidy sum, helping many.

Congratulations to you for entering, thanks to @tarekadam for arranging, what wonderful news to hear you are solidly hooked into Steemit.

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Steem is quite good to direct money to whoever is in need.
Thanks to kryptonia for connecting people!

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Oj my! You're doing absolutely great, keep up the good work.... From @joyart on kryptonia

Good post! Upvoted from kryptonia @juoleuse

Thank you very much for your kind words, the project to support children by buying nutritious meals is awesome. Keep up the great work you and the organization are doing.

perfect! it so amazing! from @reatimtim of kryptonia