300 STEEM has been payed out as part of the #donatesteem contest

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Today I will share the winner's with you following up on my 300 STEEM contest post from last week . In my initial post I said it will be one winner but after receiving so many awesome submissions I simply could not decide on a single winner. Hopefully you will understand.

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All right! without further delay lets get into it.

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150 STEEM went to @reonlouw : Stunting is bigger than you think

Being a father of two boys myself I can not imagine anything worse than seeing them starve! This project will provide meal replacement biscuit jam-packed with lots of protein and goodies for the children. Unfortunately it is just a temporary Solution but I hope it will help a few children for a while. Thank you for this post @reonlouw and I am looking forward to see a follow-up post from you showing pictures of the kids with their protein bars.

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50 STEEM went to @hopehuggs: How to Give Your Steem Substance...

Thank you @hopehuggs for introducing YouAreHOPE to me. This seems to be an awesome organization with a solid track record to provide funds were needed. I hope that the donation will help a few people in Venezuela with clean water.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 22.33.58.png


Thank you for your detailed post @lakawero about supporting children with school supplies. Education is the foundation of everything and I hope that my donation will help a few children.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 22.38.59.png

50 STEEM went to @kokamspycare: Donate to Ethnic Rohingya

Thank you for introducing me to the @kokamspycare organisation from Indonesia which seems to do a lot of good things to support people in bad circumstances. I appreciate the support for the refugees a lot and hope that the donation will help to buy the most urgent things to make live a bit easier for them.

I enjoyed this contest a lot and hope that I made a good decision to spread the rewards to multiple people. Most of all I hope that the STEEM will be used to the best interest of the people in need.

Thank you all for your great submissions.

All the best!


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Thank you @tarekadam!!! I am honoured by your trust!

I was at a board meeting at Africa Food for Thought this morning when the message popped up on my phone. Most of the board members have no understanding of cryptocurrency or Steemit but are very grateful nonetheless. The sceptics are rethinking their scepticism.

This donation will give the project mentioned in my proposal a lot of momentum. If proven to be valuable and it continues, every meal after the first 1250 you will be purchasing will be the result of your donation.

Thank you!

I'm glad you helped everyone who applied. It speaks volumes about your heart. May the Lord of all creation show you great favour!


Thank you very much and congratulations!

I on behalf of @kokamspycare say thank you very much for your help @tarekadam, in the near future we will distribute this assistance.


You are welcome and congratulations, great initiative.

Thank you @tarekadam, I transferred it straight over to @YouAreHOPE. You are very generous. The number of people that you have and will help all over the world is awesome. Kudos to you <3 <3


Great initiative, thank you.

Thank you so much @tarekadam. 50 steem is already a very big help to make our charity program successful. I will update as soon as we bought the school supplies needed for the cause. Thank you once again. :)


Great submission and project, all the best!

I would like to personally thank you for undertaking a very generous program to support these groups. This was brought to my attention by @reonlouw and I'm a huge fan of his optimism, willingness to work, and his general giving nature. I have no doubt that your contribution to his sponsored program will be used wisely.

Wish you all the best in your Steemit journey and elsewhere.

Congratulations to the winners
And God bless you @tarekadam
To me I suggest that all the people who participated in the contest should have be given a steem even if it 10 to add to what they have already to help thanks you
To me it was not a contest
I was only here if I'll have support to help kids in Africa as am From Nigeria
Amma student I try at times to help
God bless u once again for giving
Givers never lak

Thank you @tarekadam for helping those in need. hope you are always successful. I am one of the KOKAM-SPY organization to express my greatest gratitude.



Congratulation for winners , its an amazing initiative :)
thanks for sharing

Congratulations to the winners, I could not do the post due to lack of time and electricity in my country Venezuela is removed every day and the electric power is removed regularly :( I wanted to participate we need help here in Venezuela our minimum salary is 2.45 USD but good a big hug for you :(

Yes, that's really difficult to select one cause when many people and organisations are associated with an cause of making this world beautiful. And in my opinion you have distributed your support in an effective way. Keep doing this great work, you will earn the blessings of many. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

your heart is very noble @tarekadam, hopefully what you have donation can be beneficial to many people

thank you @tarekadam your help is of great value to us, not because of the number of SBDs but the value of your "trust" to @kokamspycare and that price is not bought and hopefully we can make you happy.

we never know each other, with our #donatesteem contest united "humanizing humans".

this opportunity also I say "you are all heroes to others"
@reonlouw, @hopehuggs, @lakawero and all the contestants who have participated for humanity.

congratulation for you

as general coordinator of #KOKAMSpy

good job @tarekadam, keep up the good work !!


Thank you!

Wow, A great contest,
Hope the winners can set aside some of their prizes for people who need food, medicine and so on..hopefully no more our hungry siblings..

You do a great job ,, you donate income to help others, may God Almighty repay your kindness..

I am wait for your new contest ..

Thank you..

Thanks for informations,,, @tarekadam

wow..thats such a great contest… .@tarekadam you did a very great job..i just followed you too so that I'll be able to partake in your next contest

Having seen and learned some of the #postingan in your contest is all worthy of appreciation in accordance with conditions and circumstances, it is very difficult to make a decision in this case, but here you @terakadam look so wise and appreciation from me to you for the activities and programs which is already running, and look forward to the follow-up posts from @kokamspycare community account for the #party distribution of 50,000 STEEM greetings respect me on behalf of community #kokamspycare by admint

congratulations to the winners, well deserved

You have such a good heart @tarekadam God bless you that is what I only could say.