Stunting is bigger than you think

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My name is Reon Louw and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is my entry in @tarekadam's contest explained in this post Contest - I will donate 300 STEEM to buy food/water/medicine

@tarekadam wrote the following.

To share a bit of the luck I had, I like to donate 300 STEEM to someone who will use the donation to help as many people as possible by providing food/water/medicine.

This is a very generous offer and I would want to put forth my case for it. It is a pity that only one of the participants can receive this amount. Everyone is doing amazing work.

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I work with a charity called Africa Food for Thought (AFFT). We help to provide food security to more than 18 000 children to the west of Johannesburg in support of education. The programmes of this charity are detailed in my post Feeding children. Bringing hope.

Our challenge

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says this about stunting:

Stunting is the impaired growth and development that children experience from poor nutrition, repeated infection, and inadequate psychosocial stimulation.

The Daily Maverick shared the following in 2017.

South Africa ranks 70th out of 132 countries for stunted growth rates and the third Global Nutrition Report, released at the end of 2016, found that South African children were worse off than their counterparts in many poorer countries, including Haiti, Senegal, Thailand, Libya and Mauritania.

The result of stunting is far-reaching effects. The WHO states this.

Stunting has adverse functional consequences on the child. Some of those consequences include poor cognition and educational performance, low adult wages, lost productivity and, when accompanied by excessive weight gain later in childhood, an increased risk of nutrition-related chronic diseases in adult life.

AFFT plays an important role in providing food security to more than 18 000 children. Some of these children will eat every third day. Others will walk 8km to school on an empty stomach. This is not just suffering in the moment but impacts that child for the rest of his or her life.

The impact 300 Steem would have.

According to 300 Steem today would be worth about $1 200 US. This will be equal to about R15 000 (South African Rand).

We recently started rolling out a meal replacement biscuit jam-packed with lots of protein and goodies. (It is used in large scale on South African mines to sustain miners on long, intense shifts underground.) One such meal replacement cost R6.

R15 000 will enable us to purchase 2 500 such meals!

This will be an amazing boost to our programmes!


  1. AFFT is audited by an independent auditing firm and this company will confirm receipt of the donation in writing.
  2. A blog with photos will be posted on Steemit within three months by myself crediting Steemit, the contest and the donor.
  3. AFFT will post an independent and separate report on Facebook within three months crediting Steemit, the contest and the donor.
  4. A report will be published on AFFT's website detailing all the above information and may be a copy of one of the above.

The donation may be transferred to @reonlouw on Steemit as Steem. I will then do the necessary to transfer it to AFFT. Specific amounts will be determined by all relevant exchange rates on the given day and will be reported to the donor within 24 hours.


The donor can exchange the Steem for the currency of his choice and use the payment portal on AFFT's website to transfer the donation.

I thank @tarekadam for his generosity and the impact his donation will have wherever it is applied. It is an honour to represent the children we serve at Africa Food for Thought in this contest.

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Doing charity works is not easy. It requires lots of efforts and time. Being in this kind of endeavor is a great act of mercy for the less fortunate. I hope @tarekadam is an instrument for AFFT to soar higher.


Thank you @rubelynmacion. I hope so too.

As steems value grows, every small piece of it can make a change. Good post and lots of generosity from @tarekadam


lovely post and great initiative from @tarekadam


@reonlouw you didnt gave a look in at my latest post....

This post has received a 0.66 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @reonlouw.

Resteemed and holding thumbs for you!


Thank you @sweetpea.

Feels funny calling you sweetpea. My dad used to call my mom dad and it is one of my favourite childhood memories.

I'm incredibly impressed by this initiative and the proposed use of the funds should you receive a donation from @tarekadam. The effects of stunting go beyond physical development, but also educational and emotional. I wish you all the best in your effort here. Thanks for sharing.

@reonlouw, a terrific contest and a great opportunity to use steam for charitable purposes. My husband paid 25 euro a month for 10 years to a charity for a girl from Ghana. from kryptonia @vipnata


Thank you @vipnata. In South Africa, a monthly donation of 25 euro would be VERY significant. I'm sure it would be similar in Ghana. Well done! That child has a future because of your generosity!


thank you so much for your reply @reonlouw

This is another reason why I like Steemit, it actually ables you to help others with a single click, Upvoted and followed!


Awesome! Thank you @jorgedr0id!

Thank you for your post and introduction of this project. All the best to you!


Thank you @tarekadam. We are all finding this very exciting!

@reonlouw You heart is so BIG! Keep helping! may the Lord bless you more for doing this!

Krypt ID: Joseph Lacsamana

Great post Kryptonia socialmediaseo

Great work Reon and also cheers @tarekadam for your generosity.

Thanks for introducing this post and also helping others and also @tarekadam thanks for being so generous
Am @bitcoinpaul from kryptonia

Wow, this is a very good project, touching peoples live through charity is one of the most noble acts in life. God bless you and in your charity works.

@reonlouw Great work, keep helping, you are so generous
Upvoted you from kryptonia

Greetings from Kenya,
This post melts my heart as it is something I have seen first hand in different parts of my country. Whichever part of Africa you find yourself next, know we are cheering you on amd I hope @tarekadam 's donation helps you move a step closer to realizing your goals.
This is such a noble initiative.
Be blessed.