Let’s Hear it for the Boys!

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Yesterday was my dogs’ birthdays!


The Boys.

That’s right! My dogs Jasper and Kodi share the same birthday two years apart. Yesterday Jasper (the brown guy) turned 9 and his little brother (from another mother) Kodi turned 7. Time flies.


All grown up.

They didn’t notice I wrapped their gifts in Christmas bags.

To celebrate we bought them lots of presents. This included both squeaky toys and food. They love opening presents and getting deep into gift bags.


Bottoms up!

Some of the gifts.

Seems like only yesterday that they were tiny little puppies. Both were only five pounds when they first came home. Now they have tripled in size. Lol still pretty tiny.☺️


Squished puppy faces.



Some years we’ve had little parties for them. This is how you roll when your only babies are furry ones. They deserve little celebrations though too. ☺️


Oh yes, those bags do have dachshunds on them.

This year we went on a long walk near a lake and a marsh. The boys love sniffing EVERYTHING along the way. It was sunny and lovely outside.


Views around Lake Ballinger.

Pups over the years.















🎊 🎂 🐶 🎂 🐶 🎂 🎊

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Gift ideas...


Those are perfect! 😍🌭🌭

You are incredible, your dogs are incredible, many congratulations to them.

Ahhh thank you! I love my pooches. Making their lives happy makes me happy. ☺️

Congrats. In Dutch these hunting dogs are called Teckel or Dashond.

I have head the word Tekel before. The sweetest little badger hunters around. 😊

Very cool of you DFinn. I miss my dog..

Thanks silverd. I am so sorry about your pup. I feel like each birthday mine hit I worry more about having to say good bye one day. The thought of it makes me cry. No matter how many years they have it is never enough.

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Thanks @c-squared!

WOW , thats amazing.

The pickle in the jar is cool.

There are FOUR one is smaller than the rest and says sweet gherkin. 😂🤣

Belated Happy Birthday to the boys. such cute shots of them both on their birthday and through the years

Ahh thank you! The too little raggamuffins are having a snooze at the moment but I will pass on your happy birthday wishes. 😍

Well birthdays can be so tiring they need some rest 👍😎👍

Happy Birthday, sweet doggos ! Gorgeous Jasper and Kodi ! 9 years old and 7 years old, how time flies * ___ * It looks like they were absolutely spoilt with great pressies and walkies :D I also love the pictures over the years, they are such gorgeous puppers, growing up together, playing together, sharing their life with their humans <3 <3 <3

Please send my bestest pats to both boyos <3 <3 <3

Jasper and Kodi thank you for your sweet birthday wishes! They are best buds. It was touch and go when we got Kodi. At first Jasper was not happy with his little brother. But now they are two peas in a pod. ☺️

Awwwww.... I so loved viewing all the photos of your beautiful dogs! Time sure goes very fast. Happy birthday to your 4-legged boys Jasper and Kodi! This article left me teary eyed. My SweetPea is turning 13 on December.

SweetPea will be 13?! I am sure you will absolutely spoil her. Pups are the best.

Yes... and sometimes it saddens me to think that she's reaching the average lifespan of toy dogs. It will devastate me if the rainbow bridge calls her .

Yeah... that is awful. I think of it too much as well, and when I do I totally sob. Like ugly cry. It shows how much they are loved.

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Awwe look at those cuties!! Happy birthday puppies!

Woof woof!

(That is puppy for thank you.) ☺️