[Meme Mania #2] Meme Challenge on dMania - 100 SBD in Prizes - Go fun(d) yourself

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Hi Steemians and dManiacs,

I introduced dMania just a few weeks ago and you guys already posted over a thousand memes and funny pics. Thanks for your support. We are already dominating the meme section on Steemit.
If you don't know what dMania is, check out the introduction post -> Introducing dMania.

dMania is still in its infancy. We need the support of the whole Steem community, to be able to grow beyond Steemit.
Just a while ago I started a meme challenge on dMania called Meme Mania. The goal of Meme Mania is to reward the dMania community and bring more people to Steem and dMania. The first Meme Mania wasn't so successful, but that won't stop me from giving away free money. I double the rewards for this Meme Mania and I picked a great new topic. I hope you guys will like it.


First place : 60 SBD
Second place:  30 SBD
Third place:  10 SBD

The challenge

dMania goes on a quest to catch the most mythical and magnificent creatures of Steem -> Steem Whales. Your job is to create a meme to attract those rare and shy beasts and bring them to dMania. Create a meme or picture so funny that they can't resist to upvote it. Your post should be connected to Steem Whales somehow, but there are no restrictions. Use any picture, meme or gif you like.

If you don't know who the Steem whales are, here is a list of the biggest whales. Our goal is to catch Moby Dick aka. @ned (CEO of Steemit). 😆

dMania already has a few whales supporting it, but we need a lot more to generate rewards for the dMania community and attract new users. I think it will be a lot of fun. Maybe we can get a meme on Hot or Trending page. That would be awesome.

The rules

  • Include "[Meme Mania #2]" in your post title.
  • Post your meme on dMania. Posts on Steemit can't enter the Meme Mania challenge.
  • The winner will be the post with most rewards in SBD. Just catch the biggest whale and you will win.
  • The meme challenge ends on Wednesday, 25.10.2017 20:00 UTC.

Make sure you don't forget "[Meme Mania #2]" in your post title. Post the link to your meme in the comments, so it's more likely a whale upvotes it.

Resteem and upvote this post to support the Meme Mania challenge. All rewards from this post will be used for the next Meme Mania. Tell everyone you know about Meme Mania and dMania. Also upvote a few posts on dMania. There are a lot of great memes that don't get a lot of upvotes. Every upvote counts.

Hopefully after this meme challenge, dMania will be like

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Hahaha its so funny

I am not positive on winning as I think whales see me and swim away XD.. But surely will give it a try

But these whales are really shy to Minnows only, they never shy from their own species hahahahahaah :D

I already had a Whale Upvoted my meme on dMania, is that you actually asking for? Or we should get him on dMania? But how will we know that this particular Whale is here coz of me :D

But these whales are really shy to Minnows only, they never shy from their own species hahahahahaah :D

As a self-proclaimed Mememaster I'll consider some Memes they can not resist.
Gonna catch em all!

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I follow you @zombee
Thanks for sharing
Vote me

👍 nice work on the pokemon one lol

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can i enter the challenge with 100 or 200 memes :D


Man, you already post non stop 😆
No I did not set a limit, but I think quality memes will win


:D :D i will get some high quality memes for that :D


When you tell @midobashamido that there is no post limit 😧 😭


hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)))))))))

I didn't understand one thing. How am I gonna attract the whales given in your list.?For that they should follow me first then they will see my post which is hard because I don't they will follow me. Right ? @zombee


There are some whales who visit the meme section or dMania from time to time. You can also promote your post on steemit.chat or on other steem channels.

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Wish the best steemer wins !!!

Thanks for making this opportunity possible for all, here I leave the link of my meme with which I participate: https://dmania.lol/post/luming/meme-mania-2-mother-found-my-dream-job-zg1hbmlh-yn7az