dMania shuts down

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On 2nd of May I am going to shut down dMania. At this point I don't see any future for dMania on the Steem platform and I don't see any reason to continue working on the platform.

The journey so far

I had the idea for dMania the first time I saw the posts from @heimindanger and @prc about DTube and DSound. I was fascinated that creating a platform like that would be possible. A platform that rewards the users, rather than the big companies that run them. That is a completely new paradigm shift that wasn't possible before cryptocurriences and blockchain.
As a developer and a big fan of 9GAG and other meme platforms, I immediately knew what I had to do. To create a new kind of meme platform that rewards their users.
When I launched dMania, it was the very first of it's kind. Not only on the Steem platform, but also worldwide. There hasn't been any meme platform that actually rewards their users so far.

The goal of dMania was to create a platform where users can share any kind of funny content and they will get rewarded by the community. The goal was to replace existing platforms like 9GAG, Imgur or Reddit Fun and give the power back to the users.

Obstacles along the journey

Shortly after I launched the platform I noticed memes in general didn't receive much rewards from the community. The problem was that the community compared them with blog posts on Steemit and thought of memes as low value content. Meme platforms have hundreds of millions of users worldwide and they definitely have value to a lot of users. If you compare them to blog posts in terms of amount of work to create them, memes will always be inferior. It's like comparing apples and oranges. You could just as well compare a scientific paper to a blog post and call the blog post low value content.

To overcome that issue I introduced a similar system like utopian-io. The supporter system on dMania collects Steem Power from the community to reward users on the platform. Supporters get part of the rewards, so they have an incentive to support the project.
I worked hard to find new supporters who would support the project. Over the next few months the rewards for users on the platform increased and at least that problem was solved.

That of course created another problem. I was responsible for spreading the rewards among the community.
I think a single person or a small group of users shouldn't be responsible for the rewards of the platform. That just creates a central authority who controls the platform. In case of dMania using such a system would be even worse, because everyone has a different sense of humor. That's why I tried to find a community driven approach, where the community selects the best content by voting.

I tried to spread the rewards equally among the top voted posts on dMania at first. That worked very well until voting bots started to dominate the platform. Voting bots completely manipulate and skew the voting system on the Steem platform.
To overcome that I switched to a voting system where supporters select the best content. Some supporters tried to benefit from the voting system and I tried several approaches to make it work. The main issue is that supporters should only vote on content they like, without any thought how they could benefit from that vote. I think with the last version I solved that issue, but we will never see how that will work out.

A platform for sharing content

dMania was from the beginning a platform for sharing content. Some users called that plagiarism or stealing content. Those users don't understand the meme culture and how it has evolved. On platforms like 9GAG or Imgur over 80% of the content doesn't originate from there. The content comes from all over the internet and is just collected there. Basically any meme, gif or funny video is just based on the post or work of somebody else. That's how meme culture has been from the beginning.
So on a platform like dMania you are rewarded for sharing the content, not necessarily creating the content. It would only be plagiarism if you would claim that content as your own. There is a big difference between plagiarism and sharing.

Some would say it makes a difference because on Steem you get paid and you benefit from the work of somebody else by posting it on dMania. What they don't understand is that somebody already was benefiting, the big companies that run platforms like 9GAG, Imgur or Reddit. Every single top posts on those platforms is worth thousands of dollar to them. The difference to dMania is that those posts now have a price tag and the users get rewarded.

I strongly believe in a community were sharing is everything. A meme is like a joke in form of a picture. For a joke it doesn't matter who created it, it is only important that it is shared and brings joy to people.

Steem is corrupted to its core

At the beginning I was fascinated by the Steem platform and how it rewards the community. I thought finally a platform that gives the control and power back to the community. Unfortunately when you learn the truth it's not so magical anymore. Steem is just like any old system in a new disguise. Only very few users get the majority of the rewards and those aren't the users with the most valuable contributions. Most of the time they don't contribute at all to the platform.

The Steem platform at its current state can only work if users spread the rewards. If everyone only upvotes themselves or sells all their votes, the platform can never work.
Users should have a high incentive to spread their votes and reward others. Only valuable contributions and engagement should be rewarded.
If you look at Steem now you will see a different story. Users selfvote and sell their votes as much as they can. The community doesn't even recognize that vote selling is basically selfvoting. The community even encourages vote selling. At the moment over 30% of the reward pool are already sold. In three to six months over 50% of the reward pool will be sold. A system like that is worse than any system out there. Only very few are really getting rewarded, it's not free and you have to pay to be successful. Nobody will use a system like that and it will result in a massive drop in user numbers.

Who is benefiting from vote selling? Only the whales and the vote bot operators. @freedom gets over $5 million USD a year for selling his votes. A user who has never posted or engaged in the community at all. Many whales do the same. By buying votes you are just making them wealthier and more powerful.
Some whales here on the platform think they are all mighty and powerful. What they are is just one user who is granted too much power by the system. Most of them just care about how much they can get from the reward pool. They don't care about the platform at all.

Developing on Steem

You may have noticed the low number of apps on Steem. The Steem blockchain is already over 2 years old, but there are only a handful of successful apps on Steem. There are no big companies or startups building on Steem.
Because there is almost no support by the community for those apps. The community just cares about vote selling and to generate more rewards. The voting bot ecosystem flourishes, but not the apps on Steem. There are way more voting bots on Steem than apps.
Apps on Steem almost get no delegations from the community. That's why Steemit Inc. stepped in to support those projects with delegations. They had to because the community did not.

ChainBB,  MultiTube and SteeFun just shut down recently. dMania will be next. With the support of the community and Steemit Inc there could be hundreds of apps on Steem. Now there are just a handful of successful apps and more and more shut down every day.

For creating dMania I was attacked and insulted by other Steemians and developers. An app that contributes to the ecosystem and brings new users. That's what you get when you build on Steem, insults and accusations thrown into your face. 

Daily witch hunt on Steem

You can see it every day on the top of the Trending page. Some user accusing some other user of some kind of abuse. They rather throw accusations at each other than working on a solution.
The current curation system on Steem makes that just a lot easier. Basically everyone can push any content to the top of the Trending page. All you need is to buy some votes or have enough Steem Power.
The problem is that the community didn't vote for that content to be on the top, only a single user did. It is very easy to influence the opinion of the community like that. Most of the users on Steem think the content on the top of Trending must be the most valuable or true. How else would it get there? The truth is, it is just the arbitrariness of a single user or a small group of users.

dMania wasn't target of one, but several witch hunts. dMania has several enemies in the community with too much power  who wanted the project gone. Now they have reached their goal. I hope they are happy.
They manipulated the opinion of the community and spread false information to discredit the project.
It doesn't matter how good dMania gets, they will always try to keep it small. dMania can never be successful in a community like that.

Anyone involved in the project knows that I have always tried to spread the rewards among many users and as fair as possible. I have always used my personal stake to vote and reward as many as possible. I have always used the stake of dMania to reward the community and push the project. I have never made any deals or anything like that. All I ever did was in the best interest of dMania and the Steem platform.

At this point it doesn't matter anyway and I don't have to convince anyone. The project is dead. All you should do is take a look at who is accusing dMania of any abuse and how they are contributing to the platform. Most of the time you will see they are just selfvoting or selling all their votes with more Steem Power than dMania ever had.

Shutting it down

I don't see any future for dMania on the Steem platform, that's why I am shutting down the project on 02.05.2018. All supporters should undelegate and reclaim their delegations. dMania has still over 100k delegations in Steem Power. I will stop the bot and close the Discord server as well. Image hosting will be available for another week.
I will power down and quit the Steem community completely. This will be my last post on Steem.

I want to thank all users and supporters who contributed and supported the project. Unfortunately a project like dMania can't exist on Steem.
If I can I will try to revive the project somewhere else. At the moment the Steem blockchain is the only place to create a project like that. Soon there will be other platforms with a better and fairer system than Steem provides. It's just a matter of time.


Damn. I think all your reasoning is very poor, but it's your choice. A competitor will take your place.

I think you have listened too much to your emotions and not enough to your reasoning faculties.

It must be a huge disappointment for all those who supported it, and have now had the rug pulled out from under them by the person they supported. Good job on being wishy-washy.

Thats' very selfish. You can easily hand over the project to people who believe in it. I think all the articles I wrote about dMania was a waste of my time and effort.

You talk about centralising the curation when you're the only central point here but you don't see that as a flaw. You are a good developer no doubt about that but being stubborn and not taking the community suggestions is what brought you to where you are now. You really just don't understand STEEM if you think copying memes from imgur and 9gag is worth rewarding.

Since I delegated to dMania I was trying my best to improve the platform but now I know it's all about who is on the top as you said.

I created a curation trail, which doesn't follow self-upvote, to try and improve the quality of dMania and I'm sorry to waste their time and my time.

We'll see you all in and

...and not taking the community suggestions is what brought you to where you are now.

zombee never takes suggestions from community, from users.
zombee never wonders users opinions.
zombee just makes what he wants.
zombee makes bad/too complex algorithms without taking any suggestion.
then zombee blacklists users because of that bad algorithms without any warning.
don't be like zombee.

I have has been told you @lifeaef, if it is indeed zombee want hear a user platform surely not will happen like this.

You were the one who added value to the platform. You are special

If @zombee was not guilty of what he's accused of doing , he should keep dmania going and prove to everyone that hes not a fraud ! even if he himself gets down voted dMania should live on , it brought a lot of new people to Steemit which is ultimately good for the platform as more people learn about cryptocurrency .This just totally makes him look guilty by not standing up for dMania and leaving steemit . Still standing by him though , we all make mistakes , and when we do we need to shake it off NEVER QUIT and move forward , Lifes to short !! Sigh😕

This is the problem is not because he is making a mistake. But that make dmania died because he never heard platform users. If indeed he will listen to users of the platform is not possible as this. And he did what he did out of mind he does not want to hear the opinion of others.

That makes me not like him is he could not appreciate those who want to make the platform dmania become better again. An example of such as @equ1l1br1um and @lifeaef . They make curation and such as @equ1l1br1um He always make the contest in dmania and it was not for his own interests, but he did this to create a better platform again and want to improve the quality of memes in dmania.

Most importantly, Hear the platform users important and as owner of the platform we must communicate with them and ask for an opinion from them.

This is poor reasoning

lol got another day off...

your point is nonsensical though..

you stand for NOT QUITTING yet support zombee even though he is quitting...


it' all LOL here on steemit...

I stand by what he is saying and that he did nothing seriousely wrong !! it doesnt mean I stand by him leaving steemit and also shutting down dMania , which is what i said in my comment if you read it properly . 😀

shit nothing wrong..

if noting else.. poor management.

anyway it's steemit..

another day another floating ice sheet ... push on.

that ice berg is nearing though.

Have you tried these two platforms ? or they are still in evolution ?


The open source project behind is still being actively developed, and the site is migrating to a more permissive legal jurisdiction and will continue to be available for the Steem community.

The latest update is here:

Vote selling is not the problem.
Self voting is not the problem.
Premining is.
It is should be expected that inequality, corruption and greed will exist.
What is worse and less reasonable is the founders and creators of this platform and their successors whom maintain it now perpetuated them by allowing few to benefit far more than anyone else can, based on early adoption.
Is early adoption due to reading the right thing in the right time the biggest contribution possible that warrants the biggest rewards possible?
According to serial initiator and quitter, the one whom created platforms only to quit them shortly after in order to compete against his own creations, it is.

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Buying votes on comments. That's a-paddlin'

What is paddlin'?
I need translation.
edit: steemit is garbage, so I had to edit my comment, or it would have been taken out of context.
After all, some whales do it too.
You can complain, and as far as I am concerned, you may have a different account with which you do far worse.

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Good point I guess.

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Upvoted to help restore visibility although I agree with downvoting to not reward rage quitting. The ideal reward for this post is 0.01 or 0.00.


all out attack on each other at this point then....

LOL here comes EOS....... with the 2.0

dick pumps for everyone!

The funny thing about free markets is that...

One rat leaves the ship and there are already at least 3 competitors hi-jacking his good bye post to promote the replacement.

Damn it where will i put now these two once i have put some text on them so i get the Compelling reward of my self vote - 35% ?

Oh it just occurred to me i can make a post about how my cat was patient enough to allow me to surround him with Ikea Mice and Rats so i could take a picture.

Explain why Ikea rats are cool (and why i have 2 dozens of them)...

How fun my cat is and why STEEM block-chain is not the right place to share my professionally taken cat's pictures and cash 400$

This place has evolved a lot in the past 9 months, what used to be a punishable crime against the block-chain now is called a business model.

In the mean time the chain size keeps growing exponentially because we are encouraging the people making WebPages to show us what the business model should be.

That is how you make 10$ in rewards organically...

Or you sent yourself a bidbot and make 400$ ... who knows...

No offence but you sound like Hillary Clinton - you are the source of corruption but blame others to be.

Whoever took your delegation away, thank you! The future of steem blockchain will thank you too

I'm very sad to see this @zombee. You've built an amazing platform in Dmania where you could upload anything funny in picture, gif and video and get paid in cryptocurrency. It was one of its kind and the first. You will always have that honor.

But THANK YOU for all the opportunities to earn STEEM with memes. I probably would have never been able to earn as much without dmania. I'm truly grateful to you.

Best of luck to you in the future.


@equ1l1br1um is a .............. (insert multiple insults of your choice)

@equ1l1br1um is a MVP

Nothing to stop you uploading a funny pic, gif or video now ? Difference is that now its being voted on by the whole community whether it's worth being given cash for!
Dmania has done nothing except encourage shit posts.

@zombee you were exposed as a scammer setting up multiple accounts and using the bot to self vote. Now you are running away, that says a lot. People make mistakes, you would learn more by facing the music

Hi @paulag. I was searching for steemit success stories for inspiration when I came across your post

I am inspired and have been working hard on steemit. Please take your time to check my blog.

I have to admit I have been encountering challenges (though no one said it'll be easy). Could you please use your blessings to bless me too.

I know this is downright wrong, straight forward begging but please hear me out.

I live where internet data is expensive and my major challenge is having internet data connection to keep writing here. I have been doing small task online but about exhausting my data connection and honestly don't have the means to subscribe again.

Please assist any small amount you can. Here in my place, 3 steem is even enough to carry one through a week prudently. I just need to subscribe to data and keep on writing here.

See some of the recent SBD I exchanged and it's equivalent in my place.


Had about 11$ on binance and I exchanged it to steem. The resulting equivalent in my currency kept me and I am running out of it now.


Please help any way you can.


I think you may be too focused on the negative and not enough on the positive. There are plenty of users like me who have used dMania to share actual memes with original content.

If you want to build the future, continue dMania and, instead of limiting rewards, expand them.

There is nothing wrong with expanding rewards to attract new users that may not have to do with bot-manipulated metrics.

In addition, I think your model of rewarding those who delegate Steem power is brilliant and is a strong backbone to stirring interest in new platform interfaces.

Don't give up! Think of new integrations/expansions instead of limitations.

If you think small-minded, you'll only see the negative.

Go bigger. \(≧▽≦)/

tony robbins successs taxation.jpg

Nicely said, I wish also that he changes his mind and proves that he can surpass this problem. And I'm not joking here. We all have tough times in life and make the wrong decisions at some point, but how we react to them is what defines us.

A project like dMania CAN and WILL exist on STEEM!

You tried to do all by yourself but you failed unfortunally. You are a really good developer, no doubts about it but you were missing some other keypoints.
I do not think that shutting down dmania is the right decision and I am pretty sure you will regret it. Maybe you can restart at "Steem2.0" on the EOS Blockchain.

I recommend you for your future projects to listen more to the people that want to help you, not to get too greedy and stand straight, when you do mistakes.

Best regards

Well a shutdown announcement for a solid app that is frustrating

While i like the idea of Dmania it seems like it was abused a lot during the time it was live.

any proof? i hear that a lot but i havent seen SINGLE proof...i havent been searching for it but since you share that info too do you have any proof?

There are multiple posts about it. People abusing the bot with paid votes. People with many different accounts posting there and bumping their posts to abuse the system and get more than 1 vote from the bot. People making different account and upvoting them after the algo change so the bot upvotes them.
@looftee has made posts about it but it doesnt really matter anymore. At this point it seems that the entirety of stream it is based on a scams/abuse and the only way to grow is to join the party and be one step ahead of everyone.

World's biggest cash based MMORPG. Complete with PvP.

World of Steemit.

What are you, some sort of Paladin?

I actually called myself a Paladin in a similar conversation the other day. I build charities, but I fight like a mofo with the evil forces too. ;)

Hahaha MMORPG, I almost litterally choked in my blunt😂😂


Before you go i want to know "How old are you @zombee ? Why you can not clear this problem ? Why you shut down dmania after you proven as abuser ? I wonder about that !

Dude this is seriously really creepy. Please stop asking how old people are this is like the third time I have seen this.

i permit my self to translate your post in french @zombee

It's sad see it turn out like this I am really sad, well I think I have too muchvto say but I guess it's bettercti remain silent, you've built a legacy and you believed this platforms for a while u believe in steem and I think steem will last here for a long time and even the future, so long anyway and good luck.

Sorry to hear that it's shutting down. Judging by your previous posts I'm guessing you won't read any replies or interact with people here.

Personally I think the idea of Dmania was out of line with the rest of steem that it was difficult to mesh the two ideas together. it might have worked better as a SMT or something not so closely associated with steem as it was. The issue is people sending entries to Dmania by finding funny contest elsewhere and for 2 mins of work they get paid $70 where on the rest of steem you could take 2 days to write a perfect post and get paid $0.03. Reward systems need to be fair, rewarding someone for finding content more than someone else who created content isn't fair. Original content should be rewarded more.

You spent all this time creating the site and getting it working with the steem blockchain. what are you going to do with your code? Just delete it I guess. If you are wanting the best for steem, you should release it. Open Source. Allow 20 Dmania's to pop up. Just my 0.002.

Hope your next project provides better fulfillment for you.

20 Dmanias? Steemit Memeit confirmed! Imagine an entire block chain of memes!

catch @heclgang live monday nights at

Look at these 2 accounts, same person, and he has many many more accounts lnked to 'betting tips' as well as dog pics, posting hundreds of #dmania tagged stolen imgur images daily. Ive bunged hundreds of flags in his direction in the last few months but he marches on relentlessly.
Where is the value here ? where is @dmania doing any sort of blacklisting or community support to stop this sort of shit ?
To be fair, @steemcleaners aren't much better, They won't do anything either..maybe too small and not enough glory involved.
The problem is, this guy started at 0.00 and 00.1 per post a few months back, I could flag him. Now he's creeping up the rewards. One day, it wont be cents, it will be dollars per post and he will be much harder to stop.
All because @dmania encourages, how did you put it ? ahhh 'curated' funnies mean plagiarised, they are someone elses and Steem is about originality.
I will seriously be glad to see the back of the dmania tag.
PS @abusereport @nextgencrypto @berniesanders @themarkymark @emrebeyler , cant any of you guys gives the above mentioned accounts a little 'tap' ?

No, please, do not do this!

It is not right! Do not give up!!!!!!!

That's ur choise, but shut it down? To be honest I dont see that "there is no futures for dmania at this point " really sad but i still regarding you as a single soldier anyway

I wish to say welcome back

If you compare them to blog posts in terms of amount of work to create them, memes will always be inferior. It's like comparing apples and oranges. You could just as well compare a scientific paper to a blog post and call the blog post low value content.

Very well said man @zombee. Although writing articles is my main craft, but I do appreciate the value of meme, the kind of sublime humor it brings that no amount of written joke could ever accomplish.

On a side note, I have to admit I am a bit disappointed by this official announcement of shutting down Dmania. This scenario is like shutting down Bitcoin once and for all for ever and your competitors are now partying at your lose. I was about to post another meme today only to be greeted with error 404. It's pretty disappointing if you ask me to see Dmania exiting this way.

I only wish @eosio is learning a lesson from this failed Steem experiment so they won't end up on the same communal catastrophe. See you on the other side.


I'm sorry you closed the dmania.
you should proceed,
your new voting system was fair

i don't know about anything but i will miss it :(

We've all made mistakes in our lives. I've made MANY.

Making a mistake is not tragic, admitting a mistake is not difficult, but giving up is weak. Don't be weak.

So on a platform like dMania you are rewarded for sharing the content, not necessarily creating the content.

I thought the users of dmania made the memes? Well this changes my opinion on it totally. Just because I don't think people should get paid for reposting that means I don't understand "meme culture"?

Before you go please accept my friend request on discord. I would love to keep in touch and see what you are up to in the future.

Now I feel sad because i loved dMania much.
But it didn't have a management team with high communication skills, it just had only an admin who made lots of mistakes. No need to write everything here again... And finally he/she blacklisted fair users because of his/her wrong/too complex algorithm.

I will power down and quit the Steem community completely.

You'll quit with only zombee or with all your multiple accounts?
@meme-maniac @terimar @tank-girl @sinsister @ready-player-one @garanger

There is another platform similar to Steemit with very strong backing which might be great for your app. Send rangers a message if you're interested.

so sorry to hear this, Zombee. Unfortunately Steemit has turned into one big witch hunt taking down lots of good people. I can't imagine future devs seeing this scenario and wanting to be part of the Steemit eco system. Very sad.

Goodbye, big chef. I will miss you @zombee

and, thanks to the plattform you created. but they are attacking you.

Good riddance. Goodbye.

two roads diverged in a wood and 1-1 took the one less traveled by ,and that has made all the difference boss..

how im supposed to shit post now? wtf

Can you autodirect the domain to alt platform: and

@zombee, thank you for creating dMania. I enjoyed the content that was shared on the platform. All is not lost. You have learnt a lot about creating & maintaining a desired dApp on a decentralized platform. I wish you all the best in finding a new platform for your dApp. Thank you!

Sad to see that things had to turn out this way... Steem blockchain has the potential to be something amazing, yet the ones with all the power are making this place a pile of garbage.

I have noticed that when I open any kind of post that has some nice rewards in it, there's like 3-6 upvote bots that contributed to the reward. People are no longer spreading their votes. Literally almost everyone is delegating to those fucking bots and buys the votes. This community will become a massive shit hole if these bots continue to grow.

Steem is no longer the place where you can earn rewards for putting out some nice content. Steem is the place where you buy rewards. Only the rich will earn. And because of the few rich people that are earning massive rewards, everyone's potential to earn rewards is getting wasted.

I guess the community just doesn't want the apps to be successful, they rather delegate to bots that are destroying the platform, instead of delegating to apps that could potentially attract millions of people to this blockchain.

Well, I understand your choice to close down DMania. Just wait and see, people will start making posts talking shit about this and they will use upvote bots to earn thousands of dollars for their rants. Good luck to you, hopefully you'll find a better place to make DMania a reality. A place where the community isn't a bunch of donkeys taking a shit in their own house.

Hello zombee. And sadly goodbye it seems. I only started following the controversy at the top of dMania a couple of days ago.

At first I thought you were the villain,because my aged and experienced instinct smelt unfairness in the rewards distribution.

But after reading your clear well reasoned article, I sympathise with you.No one should have to suffer such vile abuse and insults.

Especially after having the foresight and initiative to create such a valuable social platform.To benefit the contributors and the wider Steemit community.

But you have sole responsibility for operating dMania I understand.A huge task.

It really needs similar to a Board of Directors.To shoulder some of the day to day burden.Give you a degree of anonymity from the flak,which would lesson without an Aunt Sally to aim at.

I hope you will take time to rest & reflect.Return refreshed and re-launch incorporating lessons learned.

You only hear the shouters.I'm convinced the silent majority will rally behind you.

Best wishes in whatever you do.

dMania was from the beginning a platform for sharing content. Some users called that plagiarism or stealing content. [...] So on a platform like dMania you are rewarded for sharing the content, not necessarily creating the content. [...]

Look when somebody takes another persons work without their permission that in itself is stealing when it comes to the physical world. Now of course the definitions can be a bit more loose once you enter the digital space but the moment you start making money from the work of somebody else then you are being dishonest by just calling it "sharing".

Some would say it makes a difference because on Steem you get paid and you benefit from the work of somebody else by posting it on dMania.

Yes, exactly.

What they don't understand is that somebody already was benefiting, the big companies that run platforms like 9GAG, Imgur or Reddit. Every single top posts on those platforms is worth thousands of dollar to them. The difference to dMania is that those posts now have a price tag and the users get rewarded.

Everyone understands that those companies are making money on the content that users post. I presume that you claim that we don't because you, for some reason, find it less moral for a company to make money from stolen work than an individual. That does not matter. The immorality of an action is not determined by the identity of the person who performed it. If you are going to claim that it is immoral or wrong for a company to make money from stolen content then it is no more moral for a regular user that "shared" the content to make money from it. It's as simple as that. If 80% of the content has been pulled from somewhere else then it still comes down to 80% of the profit coming from stolen content. Granted it is 20% better but that doesn't fundamentally change the core of the issue.

I strongly believe in a community were sharing is everything. A meme is like a joke in form of a picture. For a joke it doesn't matter who created it, it is only important that it is shared and brings joy to people.

This does not hold weight even with something as pure as a joke. You should probably listen to professional comedians talk about this issue. They care about other comedians stealing their content and they don't let them get away with it as long as somebody laughs. Both for monetary reasons (it is their living - they do this professionally) as well as personal pride in their creation. Some people might not care but a lot would. As soon as you introduce money into the mix people will get upset about others profiting from their work. I am pretty sure you can replace money with whatever other form of rewards and the result would be the same.

Just finding this, but thanks for the write up. Its unfortunate the state steemit is in and how broken parts of the system are.

Regardless thanks for your work on dMania. Cheers!

I am sorry that you had to do that, although I do understand your decision, the idea was great, but Steemit just wasn't ready to accept it :/ hopefully, you find a way to continue building this project in the future!

I've not been following the politics around dMania, but I'm sorry to see you have to close the platform down - something you obviously put a lot of time and effort into.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do next.

idea was good but all the up vote bot abuse to get your post into trending was going about it all wrong we should been up voting things on pure humor alone that way everyone shares in small profits good content comes out on top.

Would you consider selling it?

Wow, this is kind of soul crushing really. I hope something will change your mind even though I can sense that it is not likely that will happen. With a lot of sadness in my heart I wish you all the best and may we meet again on steemit or on another platform similar to it.

Oh well, you're the boss, boss. See you back at 9gag.

That was a very concise description of the problem with Steemit right now, well said. Good luck in future endeavors.

Sucks man. I feel you on so many points. #nohomo

Sangat disayangkan,platfon yang slalu setia menemaniku, baik malam maupun siang tiba-tiba di tutup,ironis! Siapa yang harus di salahkan,apakah ada konten yang melanggar UU?

Okay, Now how can i claim my delegated steem power?

Why dmania in closing, the ceiling in many communities that participate weightis ..
Everything related to the steemit I think is very useful ,thank @zombee

So sad to see you leave @zombee ! thanks for at least returning and informing your loyal followers and meme lovers along with everyone else what you have decided to do . You and dMania will be missed 💕 it was a great idea and I know it will succeed like you say, someplace else or at a different time . So many people I guess just dont understand memes and how much new people dMania brought to the Steemit platform and how bennficial it was for everyone !! I really hope you revive the project and find a better and more fare system , Best of luck to you !! And of course most of us wish you would stay!👍✌💕😭

When projects announce they are shutting down, I think they should decline payouts. It might not have attracted the flags and got the information out better if he had done that.

@zombee. This was your idea @dmania, and you were good at it, just because of some issue that went down last week isn't going to stop you from shutting down your brilliant idea. In life there are ups and downs, - my advice to you. Don't shut it yet, there might still be a way.

Soon there will be other platforms with a better and fairer system than Steem provides. It's just a matter of time.

finally someone who sees the inevitable

I didn't even know Dmania was shutting down until just now when I saw this post.
RIP Dmania

so sad to see you go @zombee. I enjoyed Dmania as long as it lasted. best wishes, don't you let the trolls like bernie discourage you, we support the good work, come up with a new project, will be right there.

If DMania is gone, where should I post my Memes next?
Should I just post them on the SteemIt Homepage or are there any other Meme Platforms on SteemIt?

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

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