Section 4 - Basic Excel for Basic Bookkeeping (free Excel training course)

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Welcome to Basic Excel for Basic Bookkeeping full free Excel training course on DLive.

Section 4: In this section you will learn about organizing and sorting data, we will give you the opportunity to organize the day-books using tables, filters, names and data validation

Complete the following activity

Using the workbook you have been working on, complete the following (workbook can be found in a previous session)

1, Create a table for each of the day books

  1. On the sheet Salestax_vat, give a name to the sales tax rates range.

  2. In each of the Day Books, set up data validation for the sales tax rates, so that the % are pulled directly from the named list that you set up in 2 above.

If you missed module 1 you can find it here

If you missed module 2 you can find it here

If you missed module 3 you can find it here

Stay tuned and follow for more. In section 5 we will learn more advanced excel so you can analyse your day books, including the use of Pivot Tables.

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