Section 3 - Basic Excel for Basic Bookkeeping (free Excel training course)

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Welcome to Basic Excel for Basic Bookkeeping full free Excel training course on DLive.

This is Section 3 where we are going to look at inserting and hiding rows and columns, merging and splitting cells, paste special, find and replace and hide and unhide and we are going to look at we are going to look at entering basic formulas, spell check and cell formatting.

Download the notes for this section
and here is the excel file to work with

Complete the following activity
Using the sample Day Book file from section 2, have a go at the following (if you get stuck, don't be afraid to post a question in the comments)

  1. On the worksheet, Pastespecial, Find the value 500 and replace it with 1.42

  2. On the worksheet, Pastespecial, use the paste special function to multiple all of the values in column A by the multiplier value in cell C1

  3. On any Day Book that has row 2 blank, delete this row.

  4. Format the Day Book Name on each day book so that it has been merged and centered.

  5. Ensure dates and % are in the correct format

  6. Enter any missing columns to the petty cash day book including any necessary formula

If you missed module 1 you can find it here

If you missed module 2 you can find it here

Stay tuned and follow for more. In section 4 we will learn more advanced excel so you can analyse your day books, including the use of Pivot Tables.

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I always liked the magic of excel.


thank you. Do stay tuned for more