❤️ Did I say delegating out 3.5K SP? Whoops I meant 4.9K SP! Announcing winners! ❤️

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First off, I just want to thank everyone for all of the wishes, support, and love. I can't think of a better way of celebrating 3.5K followers! I was overwhelmed and touched by all of the sincere entries for my 3.5K SP delegation contest. I had over 135 entries. Thank you!

I'm sorry, it took so long to announce the winners, but this was such a hard decision for me. I spent many sleepless nights, reading your lovely posts. I read/watched everyone's posts. All I can say is, I LOVE YOU ALL! There is so much good everyone is doing to help build a better community for all of us to live in. So, THANK YOU for being so awesome, and taking time out of your day to share your story with me. It means a lot to me.

Alright, so like I said, this was a really tough decision. I re-read some entries 3 or 4 times before making a decision, and still I couldn't decide. So, with @teamsteem's help, we will be delegating to 7 winners 700 SP for a month! He will be delegating randomly to two people and I will be delegating to five people. Please give @teamsteem a big thank you for the generous gesture. If you haven't voted him for witness, now is your chance, click here.

In no particular order, here are the 7 winners! Congratulations! Let's meet them!

Meet @xabi! He is a loving caring human being who wants to give back to his community in Pakistan. With his delegation, he wants to donate $65.20 to SOS Children's Villages Pakistan. INCREDIBLE! What an awesome gesture. The Pakistan community is so lucky to have you @xabi. To read his post, click here. Also, @xabi thank you for your drawing of me. I LOVED it.

karensuestudios drawing.jpeg

Up next is, @jokossita! This special lady is doing cool things for her community, in Venezuela. From her post, I learned that a "Venezuelan can eat with 1 SBD for 5 days." WOW! She has been hosting classes teaching people about Steemit. I am a believer in education, and I believe one of the best ways to help others out is giving them knowledge. So thank you @jokossita for being awesome! To read her entry click here.

venezula steemit.jpeg

My next winner is @Mashiliyanage! Did you know this young lady is 16 years old and is an incredible dancer and aerobics gymnastic aerobics gymnastic player? She is from Sri Lanka. What caught my attention about @mashiliyanage is her positivity and inspirational blog. I was moved that someone at such a young age is already doing amazing things to help out her community and her parents. I aspire to be like you when I grow up. 😋 To read @mashiliyanage's entry click here Here is a video of her dancing below.

Alright, the next winner is @edward-ong! Your cute personality totally made me smile. @edward-ong is a talented fingerstyle guitarist. Fun fact about @edward-ong "I am a man of many interest, but mostly useless interests. Those that does not generate money but in fact makes me spend more. I love to eat." HAHAH. I love to eat too! Don't worry, you are not the only one. With the delegation, @edward-ong plans on sharing it with #teammalaysia and #steem-music community. Awesome, I love supporting musicians. To read @edward-ong's post click here. I've also left you with a video he has made. Talented right?

@kymio is our next winner. @kymio is a talented sketch artist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Not only is @kymio a talented artist, but he also started "Sketchnation." This is an international community that "gather in an under appreciated part of the city, to sketch and have conversation about the place, and engaged with the local people there, to learn more about our own city." I love your project, and artwork. As an artist myself, I appreciate people inspiring others to be creative! To read his entry, click here.

Meet @joedukeg from Venezula. He is a lover of photography, writing and music. What really stood out in @joedukeg's post was what he had to say about himself. "I have always lived in a constant struggle in which I do not want to resign myself to live a normal life, I want to live a relevant life, and I believe that the relevance is directly proportional to how many people I help and what I do to make this life better." His words really moved me, and it's a great reminder to us all about how precious life is, so we must make the most out of it. I'm glad you are spending your time on earth to help others. To read @joedukeg's post click here.


Last but not least, is @cobmaximus! @cobmaximus is a talented comic trip artist. I really enjoyed how creative your entry was, and it made me smile... A LOT! @cobmaximus wants to use his delegation to run art contests to help build up the comic community on Steemit. I really like the initiative he is taking to support other artists. To read the funny comic he made for my contest, click here. I'll leave you with one of the funny images he drew me. This is @polebird @acromott in "killer machine" formation. AHAHAH! Thank you for that. :)

comic strip.png

I also wanted to give a shout out to a couple other amazing entries. It was so hard to choose, but I thought you also deserve recognition for all of your hard work and inspiring posts. @sashagenji @coachmelleow @whack.science and @mineopoly.

Lastly, I want to invite you to join Steemit School, which is a discord group I am very active in. The purpose of the channel is to provide knowledge to new Steemit users and skill share. We share art, poetry and even acroyoga! Knowledge is power, so join our school and make a lot of friends. If you would like to be a mentor in this group, please DM on discord. I hope to see you there.

I'm really proud to be a part of the Steemit community. Thank you for all of the love!

If you want to support my art, check out my coloring book for adults called "Life of the Wild" on Amazon!

My video is at DLive

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Oh Karen, thank you so much!!! You should see me now, screaming like an idiot with a big smile on my face :P I'm soooo happy!!!!!!!!! I didn't notice I won this until my friend @kenny-crane told me. Woohooo :D

And I'm even thankful for your wonderful words. I'm so honored. You didn't just saw me as a child but you also saw the strong positive soul inside me. I didn't have such publicity before, you made me blush. Thank for everything, @karensuestudios. I'm going to put your little gift to a good use :)

Also, I want to tell you that I'm waiting for your next acro yoga lesson. Those lessons are so cool. I and my sister tried bird pose but she ended up on top of me XD. We will try and try till we succeed, you'll see.

Thank you again @karensuestudios. You made my life shine. Finally, I want to say that you are AWESOME! See ya^^


HEHE! Your comment totally made my day. I remember when I won my first Steemit contest, I had the exact same reaction! :)

OMG! I would love a photo of you and your sister doing acroyoga. hehehe. Thanks again for entering, you rock!

Thank you SO much for this <3 I think you are amaizing too and what you do is great, totally gonna use this as much as I can to help more people!

Thanks for being awesome and congrats to the other winners!


awww! You deserve it! Thanks for helping out the community so much!

Thank you so much Karen :D!! Not just for me but for delegating so much SP and also thanks a lot to @teamsteem for partnering up with you and delegating even more SP. All this actions does really help a lot the community and give a big impact to us minnows :)
And as a side note, I'm truly happy to bring smiles to people with my comics and seeing you tell everyone how to liked the comic makes me realize that I made my job well hehe.


hehehe of course @cobmaximus. You have already brought so much joy to me! :) I can't wait to see the comic community blossom!

Thank you so so so much for choosing me as one of the winner 😊😊. I didnt realise useless interest like eating can be quite a common thing out there. Cheers to that and cheers to your generosity. I will entertain you once i am done with my A levels exams with some good music 🎵 😆

Will put the delegation to good use :) Congratulations to all the winners 😀😀


hehehe! :) I can't wait. You are a talented musician, and I love your spirit. Keep pursuing your dreams!

Awww...thanks Karen for the lovely remarks...I am flattered. ...and very thankful to you for the delegation gift...

My congratulations to everyone who got the delegation and I sincerely wish that we all make the best out of it and prove ourselves worthy...

In the end a special thanks to the awesome and generous @teamsteem...
You are awesome man. ..and we all love you! !!!


Congratulation @xabi It is really nice to see your name at the top of list. Congratulation to all winners and better luck next time to the remaining participant:). Thanks @karensuestudio for arranging this contest:)

Karen! Thank you very much, our best regards from Venezuela!


You are free to make a meme with my face... haha


aww congrats! :) Thanks for the awesome entry!


Congrats to all winners!!! Thank you for everything Karen

Whoaaaaa 😮😮😮😮 This is sureal...So many great entrees thought i wont stand a chance! Thank you very much @karensuestudios youre the best! You wont gonna regret this! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😊😊

Congratulations for all the winners of your delegations @karensuestudios I am sure that they all needed and deserved it. You are a great part of the community, keep it up.
I just envy your flexibility and smooth flowing joints.


awww! Good to hear from you @cryptopie! You are an inspiration to us :)

Hearty congratulations to all the winners. Some amazingly inspiring stories you've got there. It's a good thing we have a lot of people here on steemit who want to build their community.


:) Thanks for stopping by gamsam! I loved your entry as well. Thanks again for the silly face :)

First and foremost a BIG Congratulations to ALL of the Winners

A little sad that I did not win but really HAPPY to get a mention on this post... continue your Great Work @karensuestudios! I wish you sincere blessings.

If anyone wants to support the work that I'm doing in parts of Africa with Social Entrepreneurs... please go to #IAmCatalyst

Thanks so much everyone!!!

Much Love,

Mel @coachmelleow


awww Don't worry! I got my eye on you @oachmelleow. Keep up the good work, I really love what you are doing.


Thanks so much!!! :)

Awesome choices for winners. Very inspiring entries. Thanks for initiating this. You will lead to a lot of benefit to many people through having an idea and putting it into action.

Congrats to those who are receiving your generous delegations! I know some of them and have been voting for them for a while. Good choices!


awww yay! :) I'm so happy for them!

Congrats to the winners although i didn't make it but am happy because the ones seem to be the best by the judges made it.

A happy world is a world where everyone is happy for the success of others.

Congrats to them again


awww! Yes, so happy for them as well :)

Congratulations to all winners

upvote me once yes

Its a really nice thing that you have done!

I shared this sharing follow

You support the Steemit project to be a magical place for all of us, thank you Karen


Of course! The Steemit School is doing great things! :)

ah shame I missed this!! and congrats

Congratulations @karensuestudios for getting over 4 thousand followers, that is not easy to do and in just 10 months of being on steemit. You really deserve it and best luck to your steemit blog. Keep up all of your hard work and thank you for helping out the community the way you do.


aww thank you so much! I couldn't have done it without you all! :)

Wow more people you inspire soon, congrats to all winners Godbless

Cool im joining the discord channel. Can i teach you guys the way of the Jedi?

This is awesomeee! ... i'm superinspired with your initiative... hopefully one day i can do the same... great pick @karensuestudios ... they are all deserve it...

Congrats to all the winners. I know losers need time to get recover as they might have dreamt of if they win 700 SP.

Winners, use the SP with working hard this month. If you are lazy, there is no use of it as it is for a month.

Karen or we are waiting to hear you success because of this huge gift.


awww! :) Don't worry, keep up the good work!


I know winners are winners, but I was discouraged a lot, it was not because of you, it was because of me as I dreamed I'm a winner of 700 SP. In game, it is must some should lose and some should win. But it is better to not participating in this kind of contests when you don't know how to win the judge to win.

And other successful people don't like to encourage newbies even if they write good content. They only vote themselves and go to sleep. Only a few people read and respond to newbies.

I don't know about the past, but now it is very very hard to become successful on Steemit as a newbie. Can you promise if somebody posts daily at least 1 good post, he will earn 100 SBD withing 2 months?

Congrats to all winners :) 😙

Wow. That's very kind of you increasing the sp delegation amount. I am glad I found.

Keep being Miss Universe for your AWESOMENESS.



aww :) keep up the awesomeness @emjoe!

Thank you
I love korean

This is honestly one of the greatest things ever. Just reading through it and watching the videos put such a big smile on my face . Thank you so much


awww! I like your username btw :)

hello I am new I hope to receive your help please

Congratulations to the winners

Congrats to all the winners!

And thanks @karensuestudios for making this challenge and taking your time to read all the entries!

It is a gesture of love and I really appreciate that always, aaaaalways :D
Much love!


awww :) You're entry was so awesome. I loved how it was about love :) Glad to have met you on Steemit School!

Congratulations to all the winners, it's a pity I missed out. Kudos to you @karensuestudios for this opportunity.
I hope all the winners stick to their ambitions and add more value to steemit.... 🤗 🤗 🤗


I'm sure they will make us proud!


I do hope so a well, thank you for adding values to steemit. I really love what you are doing, I hope we have many more people practicing this act generosity...

Good post loveyou

Thanks at @karensuestudios you are wonderful

Good morning, cute Karen.

Congratulations for all winners of this beautiful prize that you made.

I was hoping to win it to contribute to the brazilians community.

I hope to have that opportunity someday.

Thank you very much for your initiative and your affection.

Wow, am happy for the winners. Was it only whites that participated? Because I see no black among the winners

Congrats to all the winners. We all are winners

congraculation @xabi it is really great to see your name at the top list. i am sure that they all needed and deserved it . i am so happy. thanks for @karensuestudios.


awww @xabi is awesome! :) Love the guy!

Congratulations to all the wonderful inspiring winners and to @karensuestudios for making this amazing contest.

I am very inspired by you all and so glad to meet all these amazing people here on steemit.

Amazing job @karensuestudios for reading all these submissions and picking the winners, I bet it wasn't easy.

Also thank you @teamsteem for always helping out this community. You are one of my biggest inspirational people here on steemit, and here you are doing it again, so thank you for your amazing generosity.


awww! :) Yes! @teamsteem is super awesome! :) Love the guy!

Hey Dynamite Karen, I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, and thanks for your contests and everything and you are dynamite for all of this buzz and it is exciting. Love contests and games. I love to sing, dance, draw, write, play guitar, piano. My favorite from this might be the Baby Shark video here. Congratulation to the winners.


awww :) Baby Shark video was awesome! He is so talented :)

Such great choices. Congratulations to all the winners!


aww thank you!

This is really great, you really are appreciating people for there great efforts and hardwork, i am also a part of steemit school and i have been listening to you for a while, and i believe you are really inspirational and its good to hear words from you.
Next time i will also be a part of your contest.
Feel free to visit my page you might find something intresting.
Thank You

@karemsuestudios hi please make a contest related to design or logo haha

Wow, over 135 entries, it is a good thing you left yourself with time to look at them. It looked like a well deserving lot, and people that will be able to do some good for those around them. Nice job, and congratulation again on the followers, and congratulations to the selectees.


Sad we did not win, but anyways big congrats to all the winners. Lets make steemit a better place🙏


thank you for entering! :)

I wrote a book for kids featuring ASL. Can I talk with you on discord about your book and the publishing process. You are great asset to the Steemit community. We love you and your work. Your art is a bonus. Look forward to your posts and it's great you highlight others. That's very encouraging for us who are just starting to shine.
Thank you @karensuestudios

congrats to the winners.

Its cool @karenstudios, i've joint to #steemitschol. thats cool community and networking with @dobartim...is veri cool

Totally missed this announcement, well done to all the winners of the delegations.

Glad to see some of you putting back into the community!

Alright! Congratulations to the winners!

I wonder who's holding another delegation giveaway contest. I feel like winning some free delegation soon. 😁