DLive 0.2.0: UI Now Optimized For Mobile.

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We’ve received a lot feedback over the last little bit about DLive and its functionality. This has allowed us to put in focus on how to improve Dlive for you, the users. We would like to thank-you for it, as without it, DLive would not be a fraction of what it is today. We’ve made some big changes that improve your day to day use of DLive.

Mobile Optimization
Our new mobile UI gives users a smooth renewed experience via their cellular phone. This has been a larger request, and we are happy to finally provide this improvement. Taking DLive on the go has never been easier!


New Site Functions – Lazy Load & Load more
We have implemented a “Lazy Load” function which delays the loading of images in each section until the live stream images and videos have been fully rendered. This implementation lets you know that the streams and videos are being loaded instead of showing a blank screen. The other function we are happy to reveal is the load more option. Now users at a click of a button can scroll endlessly through videos and live streams.



Video Uploading Improvements
The DLive platform is not only a streaming platform but a video service as well. Due to this we wanted to increase the ease of being able to upload videos to DLive. We have now enabled the option to fill out your video’s information while it is being uploaded, instead of having to wait until after upload completion.


In Closing
The growth of DLive has been very exciting and we wish to welcome new users to our wonderful community. This has been a motivation for us as we continue to work hard to bring you more updates to the platform. Bitrate optimization and live streaming history bugs are on the top of the list for us to tackle. We’ll keep you posted on our progress!

DLive Discord : https://discord.gg/nuVrV4E
Dlive Website : https://www.dlive.io/#/


oh this is so great youmans!!
does that mean we no longer need to install the plug-in required? my phone was being weird about that. Thank you for inventing this!

This is friggin unreal!!! AWESOME.

Mobile is the future! Tons more views for everyone this way.

I bet you do too..hh


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Which key or pasword are we supossed to use to sign up for d live? I cant get any to work

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Ja I think so too

Wow! It is quite mobile friendly now!

it is very cool done))

I am followed u :)

following you too ;)

it is amazing, better than youtube live :)

Good to see you guys coming forward. Keep it up.

Next step could be to save the life stream video directly with download and reupload. This is really an unnecessary step and would make the user experience much better. :)

We are working on them. Hoping to get all the bugs fixed and suggested features added ASAP.

Bam! Was about to post this exact same suggestion. Having the video upload once your live stream has ended and allow it to play once it's uploaded. So you dont need to do a double post to share the video recording would be brilliant. Loving the moves forward for sure!

Yes, that would be very cool.
Great job guys!!!

this makes dlive player easier to see his own videos

These are things we are currently working on, baby steps :D Thanks for your input, we are always welcoming suggestions on our dlive discord if you happen to have anymore.

Uhat. you are one of the builders of dlive?

I am one of the admins yes, but I am not one of the developers.

Live streaming?? :D

Yes, this is a live streaming service tied into steemit :D

Yeah that is the beauty of it all. not just a new network but plugged right in to the already existing and thriving Steem network

Check our posts! We have lots of guides for "how to start streaming on DLive"

video upload already works better then on dtube there too imo.

well i guess :D


lol... one day this will actually happen...

i know this is off your topic but please consider it


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How to register? please explain, I do not understand for this. thank you before

you can just login with your steemit account, when you click go live or login on dlive steemconnect pops up and asks you for your account details.

thanks for the explanation friend .. hope we more exist in this steem ..

i know this is off your topic but please consider it


please dont flag me, this is very important to me

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Totally agree

me too...i so sorry i did this. im soo so sorry

Thank you @Dlive very satisfactory service

I’m glad it’s so handy to make live video now.

I will try to make one later.

Yep, it's a big move for the platform.

great list of updates. glad that we dont have to wait to complete the information till the video is uploaded. Hoping for many more such amazing enhancements. Great job @dlive

We should hopefully be seeing a new update sometime next week. :)

Great work!

This is a big step up for steemit! Its awesome to have some of the smartest devs in crypto working on steem. One great announcement after another! Keep it coming fellas.

I would like to be able to join only with my posting key.

Wow! good news!!

Moar like this!

this is crazy. Open source sure gets things done fast. The company I work for has billions under management, and they just got their site mobile compatible. Guess I know why it's so hard to find developers... they're all working in the crypto space.

Thats great, Dlive and Dtube are getting better every day!

More power Dlive!!!


Super saiyan!

very nice dench.... hahahaha

Thank you!

I love this chain of replies haha. We will be over 9000 here soon enough ;)

This feeling is so nice , when you got a win or you know that you will win

Yes! I am seeing the updates right now! I was actually live on DLive when it happened yesterday and did not get kicked out and it worked great the whole time! I love the chat is so much faster and it's working so faster!! I have had so much fun with DLive and will continue to! Youtube is never going to be on my screen again! #TeamDLive

I am followed u :)


thats great update !

Finally we're getting a better mobile slice experience yippee

DTube, DLive, DMania, DAudio....
what is coming next?

that great news! now we can be live on mobile without any loading! thank you

That's great!

This is amazing! this is going to grow Dlive even further a lot people usually watch streams on the go like on the bus, on break and certainly while not at home. This is going to give dliver's like me who just started and many others more of an opportunity to be viewed, upvoted and have chats with more traffic during livestreams!

Keep pushing I 100% we can grow as big even bigger than all the other social media websites, blockchain is the present and future!

@dlive i have some other stuff to think about.

i allways have the problem when i fill in the login information in obs first and then start my livestream in dlive, i cant start it in obs. so i have to fill the login information again in obs and then it will work. why not keep the login the same. the server address and the password etc.

other thing is i would love to save my livestream to dlive as a normal video. so if someone use the link in steemit to get to my livestream from days bevor, he can see the recording if it. thx

good work, live streaming service .thank you.

Wow.. this perfect optimized for mobile.. i hope enjoyit to using dlive.. (Y)

Thats great news it makes it much easier to share our adventures when we"re out and about

amazing new features! Keep it up!

Wow! nice post.. Thanks for giving the news.. I like your post very much.. Keep it up.. Stay blessed be happy.. Thank you..
@fyrstikken inc.

Thank you.

No problem.

Wow, you guys are really working hard on this! I love the improvements made on the UI this week. DLive is definitely going in the right direction!

Again, thank you to the entire @dlive team for giving us a place to share amazing moments with the community!

Peace! ✌

This is really amazing! A few people I take after have been utilizing this increasingly and it'll be cool to have the capacity to watch them on versatile less demanding.

amazing post my steemit friend wish you good luk thank you

Cool. Makes life easier for us on the run.

Awesome work @dlive ! :) Looking forward to this. Cheers!

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It's my 3rd day on steemit, I still don't know many thing about steemit.

through your post, I learnt a new thing.

but I still have a confusion, is there any connection between steemit and "D Live"
Please let me know:) thanks:)

  1. The slider is too big.
  2. Slider displays only videos and should also broadcast
  3. The Polish community conducts a lot of live broadcasts, why do not you add the choice of Polish?

And after that good job :)

It's Fabulous 😍😍😍😍😍

I have to try this one.. Thanks

i am still new to steemit....would love to know more about features like video apps.

This was really good.
By the way, just check you my first post and give me some suggestions.
Please don't flag the comment. This is can be very helpful for me.

If this is live streaming then I am all for it.

WOW. This is absolutely amazing! 😃👉I‘ll try it out today! 😁

As far as I understand it (so far), DLive is not in competition with DTube, because it is focused on live-streaming. Right? 🤔
On some screenshots above it looks like there are „normal“ „uploaded“ videos, too. Is this right or were they streamed before and than saved on the Plattform? 😶
Is DLive part of DTube? (Similar name)
Would be great if anyone could answer my questions. 😃 #dlive

Just Awesome, Great going DLive :)

thank you very much for this information is very useful information
greeting steemit for stemian friends
by: @syampadusen

Wow, that is nice! I quite new to Steem and this astounds me - the potential of this platform is very robust. Giving the ability to the People the erans money for their input into the community, aswell as project such as DLive are really awesome. I hope this continues to be trending up. Also , it would be nice if Dlive and Dtube joined together as they seem to provide more or less the same functionality. Cheers!


Had a rough morning but this new DLIVE UPDATE GIVING ME A BIG SMILE!

Dont know why tho - should i start vlogging on it tho? :P

Great step, but we need an application for mobile 📲

Android Play and AppStore are waiting :(

Baby steps, this definitely a goal though.

This is awesomely good!!!!!!!!
Dlive is so trending by bringing people together and changing the life of growing youth for the better tomorrow @macdonaldfebi

League of Legends live broadcast even done playing nice site :D

This is Awesome to hear. Thank you so much for this improvement

Good way to give back sbd. Upvote. Enjoy yourself.

This is what I have been waiting for. this will be very helpful.

its awsome one new step toward new revolution.. its time to put down the old things.. 💓

Cool I want to try that, I never was able to get Dtube to upload my video. I wonder if all this video uploading is what has been eating up all the bandwidth though.

Whoa this is pretty cool, this is basically like a Facebook live or live stream site right? Stream video games and such? #Minecraft with my son. 🤙

Exactly minus the advertisements :D

Damn, that's dope! I can't believe they pulled this off, its hard to build a platform like that! Bravo to @DLive 🙌

Me and my kiddos are going to have a blast! Just got it today! 🙌😊


Awesome, thanks for working so hard on what I hope to be representing the future of the internet!

We hope that this application improves the tasks and performs them more easily compared to others with the same characteristics

It is amazing, better than facebook live....

it is amazing, better than youtube live

I will definitely check this out!

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Good job 🖒🖒😋🖒

Thats was awsome! I think everybody is happy for this update.
Thanks for he post! 😏

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You know Sir?

Please tell him that they've gone up the ventilation shaft.

I'm pleased to announce that I was live streaming and watching it on my phone with out a hitch. Thanks DLive!

best regards please support and enlighten brother...

live streaming process tied into steemit :D

Im all for the load more. def one of the cooler places on the web to me.

Time to watch some streams on the phone and play some #pubg and #GTAV!

post is amazing and an inspiration for me. I want to join you, please help me, because in steemit I have not experienced, still new

How to do live streaming in dlive??