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#StreamOnDLive & World Cup Leaderboard Update

In today's post, DLive will be celebrating to those who have earned an upvote for the #StreamOnDLive campaign and also giving those who entered in the World Cup 2018 campaign an update of the leaderboard. The World Cup 2018 campaign is still active and there's time to enter some of your original content to participate, click here for more information.



Congratulations to those who entered in the #StreamOnDLive campaign and received an upvote. Give these users a follow and congratulate them in the comment section, DLive has the strongest community on Steemit!




The first leaderboard update for the World Cup 2018 entries is here! These posts will be scheduled to post every week and we are happy to present to you the top 3 users who have received the most DLive points in the campaign.


travellingtwo clixmoney anomadsoul


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Thanks to @dlive for taking me as a top winner of #StreamOnDLive Campaign.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me. Stay Blessed and Be Happy with our Respective DLive Community.

We are always trying to create the best contents on DLive.

Thanks to @teamdlive for giving us the best platform for improve ourselves. God Bless You. Have a Good Day!

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Thank you so much @jimmylin sir.. Keep Supporting me :-D

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COOL I'm on the list :D
Well I'm doing what I can to promote @dlive where I can.

  • facebook
  • YouTu... SafeSpaceTube
  • events (like IEM 2018)

I will keep on supporting DLive and steemit as much as I can and more.

Dlive Admin u doing very good work at dlive as i am newbie but taking my best to understand the game & i upvoting daily as per choice

Oh my! I can't believe I won too 😮 this is so cool! Thank you! 💜

I love. Congratulations guys, good job. There is still a long way to go, I've seen the videos of the cup and I seem very interesting and funny. Thanks for the news and announcements @dlive.

Congratulations everyone!

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Can u upload a blog on steemit

Congratulations to the winners :) One day i will be on the list =)

Congrats to the winners!

DLive is also best platform to upload and promote content through our amazing videos.

Congratulations to the winners. Dlive going places

Wow! Unexpected as we thought @anomadsoul would be first! Thanks @dlive and everyone who has supported us! It's been a great World Cup so far and I'm happy to make all these videos 😊 Congrats to all the rest who used the #StreamOnDLive, #dlivewc18 and #worldcup too!

Way to go @anomadsoul unprecedented world cup update, razmatazz and world cup passionate video with Mexican team and all, congratulations buddy.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Woa, Congrats @carrioner, @hch, @mahmudulhassan, @mariandreapf !
All of you are great !

You are great steemians great whales continue to work in favor of small whales following you

@dlive Congratulations guys, good job. There is still a long way to go

Congratulation to the winners.

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