The Steem Monster KickStarter - Creating Social Proof for the Steem Blockchain

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Hi Friends!

Coming out of the Toronto Steem Creators Conference - I feel super inspired about the future of Steem. One of the main reasons for that is because of all the amazing projects that are being built on the Steem blockchain that really have the potential to help bring more users to the platform. The more people we have using the steem blockchain - the closer we get to mass adoption and the more it helps the price of steem increase over time.

I've been really stoked to get more into Steem Monsters because I honestly think this game has so much potential to be one of those projects that helps the steem eco-system explode.

We are all going to the same moon.

I love this line from @aggroed. He really hit it on the head that as we have more projects like @steemmonsters that attract major attention to the blockchain - we all benefit from that.

I was first really attracted to Steem Monsters because of all the music, story, art and lore surrounding the game - but I've really come to understand the huge potential impact here as well.

Reaching People Outside of our Walls

Steem Monsters currently has a Kickstarter Campaign going - which is full of all sorts of perks and special edition cards that are only available to Kickstarter backers.

One of the main reasons they decided to run a Kickstarter campaign was to help increase awareness of the game outside of the Steem eco-system. Having a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign not only helps to get more eyes on the project - but it helps provide social proof.

People getting involved in the game at this early stage want to feel excited and confident about the future direction of the project. The Kickstarter campaign is literally almost at their $50,000 goal and there are still 21 days left! This helps give confidence to people coming into the game that it is legit. Not just on same site called Steemit that they've never heard of - but on Kickstarter too.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 7.51.54 PM.png

Now Is An Exciting Time for Steem

I know that a lot of people seem to be ghosting right now due to low steem prices - and that can get discouraging, but I have to say that I feel so much excitement for the future of this platform right now.

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Greetings, beautiful coruscate

Well cool your idea about steemmonsters

I have not yet encouraged you to participate in this. I find the rules very complicated.

Glad you like it.

Thank you and good night!!!!!


Thanks for stopping by @juliasavio! So far they haven't released specific rules for the game - we are just all getting excited for it! There has been a lot of cool art, music, and fiction surrounding the game.

I hope this doesn't sound like a shameless plug - but I run a show with @littlescribe every Wednesday called the Steem Monster Show. We go over a lot of things about the game and we even have a "newbie hour" segment where some monster fans like @cryptkeeper17 help new users get familiar with the game. Anyway - we can be found on Wednesday's at 4:30PM PST on Dlive! We are gonna start using the @steemmonstershow account - so look for our show there if you are interested.


Hello me'am plz yaar visit my account and upvote

I don't want to go Earth's moon. I want to go to one of the moons of Jupiter!

That is where we're headed if Steem Monsters continuing developing at the pace it is!

Thanks for this post!


hahah love it!! I guess eventually we'll have to define "which" moon we are aiming for!

That's so good news. I hope the crypto will go to the top soon.


Call me crazy - but I kind of hope this bear market goes a bit longer. I'm trying to buy up whatever I can afford. haha

Ultimately though - I can't wait for the next time we go to the moon! It is gong to be such a fun ride.

BIG believer in steem here as well but I gots to say I'm hoping the CrYptO markets stay cheap at this point! I'm earning here and there just accumulating...... having fun while doing it .......... but also trying to get into new things as well such as trybe and polyAlpha but also buying while the blood is in the streets right? Accumulate now and set yourself up for "the" later. If it did go to the moon tomorrow I'd still have one BIG smile on my face but I can wait! Nice post and I'm glad you had a good time on your steem journey! Enjoyed!

Glad you had the opportunity to get inspired by attending a STEEM meet-up! I've met so many awesome people here over the past months, but they tend to be scattered all over the world. It would be amazing to be able to meet some of them in person.

@steemmonsters is such a powerful project, because there are few things people get as excited about as games that capture the imagination and allow it to run wild. I just became a backer on the Kickstarter and they are literally only $69 away from completing the main amount they were asking!

Among all the popular card games like Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh and others, what Steem Monsters is doing is unprecedented because of the integrity of the existence of each card. Everything is totally transparent and with a unique cryptographic hash it's easy to trace the exact rarity of each monster.

Also, their decision to make it with an art style that appeals to children is brilliant! After all, though we are some of the early adopters of blockchain, it will be the next generation who see it carried through to total adoption. I'm really looking forward to the launch of the game! Even though they reached the $50,000 goal, let's keep going further and reach some of the awesome "flex goals" listed on the Kickstarter as extra perks!

Yes! This is so very exciting,isn't it? I'm so looking forward to see where it all goes, but obviously there is a bright future ahead for SteemMonsters!

so far i dont get it. what have the steem monster to do directly with the steemchain? i thought they were just paper cards?

I'm feeling that same excitement and it feels even greater being able to to be a part of the beginning.

Even though the price of crypto is down, there is still a profound belief that we know that steem is different.

good news & impressive

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Loved your video @coruscate , I am also drinking the Steem Monsters Kool-Aid lol! Love all the new projects starting up especially the huge success of Steem Monsters ,with many more in the works on the Steem Blockchain ! we will defintely Blast off to the moon in the future!💕🚀🚀🚀
Love your videos from the balcony, they say natural lighting is the best!💕👍🚀