I'm so excited, I just can't hide it! (hence this post)

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I just found out today that one of my @steemmonsters voice submissions was used for their kickstarter campaign. There was a contest a few weeks back to record a line for steemmonsters. I had been doing contests based on the audio of the game. So I made a submission. I had no idea that it was for the kickstarter video!!!
It turns out that they liked it even though it was a crummy recording on my phone. It sounds like @harrisonmir cleaned it up a bit and now you can hear it being used to promote steemmonsters. So friggin cool!
If you haven't already seen the kickstarter video, You can see it here. The opening line is me on my phone.

A couple days ago, I saw a post that said they were going to announce the voice actors for the game. I couldn't believe that I had not submitted anything for that. Especially since the original post was 2 months old. So I quickly got in touch with @harrisonmir (the sound man) and pointed him in the direction of my previous submissions and basically asked to please consider me... and they did!

Look at me ma! I'm a Frost Giant!


I was cast for the voice and or sounds of the frost giant card. I could not believe it! I told everyone at work.
I've always wanted to do voice acting for video games and cartoons. But that line of work seemed sorta unattainable. Where do you begin and compete with established actors?!?!
I guess that depending on how well my frost giant sounds.... This might be my foot in the door.

This makes me more excited than anything has in awhile. I know, that sounds sad but I am so pumped about @steemmonsters that I just had to share. Thanks for listening :)

If you don't know about steem monsters, just google it.
It shall be epic!
As always....

Keep being Cool Steemians!!


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Super cool bud! something you'll always look back on.


Heck yes! Plays samba music

Dude. Dude.

This post was FUN to read. It's like your (nerdy) excitement was just POURING out all over the place! I love it!

Yes. We heard your 'late auditions' and it was unanimous: You're awesome.

I'm so glad you're so stoked to do this too! It will potentially be a bit of voice overs... so 'Hello, door! Meet foot! It's coming in!'.

Oh! And Yes! EVERYONE go checkout the KICKSTARTER!

Right at the beginning... it's HIM! On his phone! 😎


Damn that was incredible man!

That's so awesome! When I speak out loud, heads turn... but it's like that scene from The Exorcist... I forget where I was going with this. Now I'm scared. Later!

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Congrats dude! You will be the best Frost Giant ever!


I won't let the team down coach! :)

Haha, nice!! I can picture the "Frost Giant" sounding pretty close to how you sounded on that opening clip haha. I'm a little late to the party, but today I decided I had to get myself a starter pack and committed to trying to save up some STEEM to do so :)


There are also quite a few contests to win cards and packs out there while you wait for the steem to roll in. Be careful though it's quite addicting. :)

Congrats man, I'm excited that you're pumped up by your selection. Did you use one of those sound boxes? I had a friend at work that used one. Right now I'm looking at mics online to use on Discord. They tell me here that I have more of a polished "radio voice" so I didn't send in a submission. Do you have any special audio equipment? Congrats again! :)


I now have a decent mic but that recording you hear was just on my phone. Someone ran it through some filters and cleaned it up but it sounds awesome.


Yep, just some light EQ'ing, gated off some of the room sound, added some cool reverb effects and voila! :)

I've been doing a TON of shopping around to recommend mics to the voice acting community and so far the Blue Snowball seems like the best value for excellent quality. It's $47, which is a little more expensive than I hoped to find, but I bought some of the lower end options to test and they really just didn't seem to be making the cut.

Awesome and very cool .. ... congrats you are officially an actor.


Haha! Thank you kind sir!

Congratulations @doctorcrypto, it is so cool that so much of #SteemMonsters is being crowdsourced, not just the Kickstarter to get funding, but the in-game assets as well, such as the maps, the lore, the background music, the sound effects, and now the voice of the Frost Giant himself! It is amazing to see all these parts coming together.

🙚   SteemMonsters: • Site   • Discord   |  Steempunk.net: • Site   • Discord   |   Chibera:   • Site   • Discord   🙘


Yes indeed! Truly a community project. Pretty dang cool!


Congrats to you! Sounds SO good!


Thanks mom! :)

such a powerful voice!! haha congrats... pretty sweet that they picked you!


Yea i'm super pumped to do it!

DUDE!! That first line was EPIC!! Great work! This is going to be so much fun! I had auditioned early on, but didn't get mentioned so I thought that was it. I was totally blown away when I saw I got chosen for Haunted Spirit! In all my acting, I've never played a a villain. This is really exciting! Loved your energy in this post! Congrats!


Congrats to you as well!
There are a lot of possibilities with the haunted spirit.
I'm sure you are going to nail it! What do the kids think?
Mine were like "oh.......cool." :/


@doctorcrypto Thanks! They were actually pretty excited about it. Well, maybe they're more excited because they are looking forward to playing the game!😆

Congratulations. It’s always gratifying when someone else values our creative work as much as we ourselves do.


Indeed! Especially because it is something I like doing!

haha thats cool man! :D congratz :)


Thank you sir!