The Monster Market is Open! // Complete Video Walk Through

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Hi Friends!

This is a big weekend for Steem Monsters because the marketplace is now up and running! There are already thousands of cards listed on the site, and it is not slowing down. I had such a positive response to my Steem Monsters for Non Gamers video, that I decided to do another walk-thru video showing you guys the marketplace.

Click HERE to check out the official @steemmonsters announcement.

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 2.40.38 PM.png

Topics Covered

  • Walk through sorting and finding cards you want on the market.
  • How to buy a card. (I actually buy one in the video!)
  • How to sell a card. I also list one of my cards in the video to show you in live time.
  • Discuss different strategies for pricing your cards.
  • Talk about why some of the exact same cards have such drastic price differences.
  • Talk a bit about the DEX protocol system they are using in the market, and how people will be able to build their own markets to support the Steem Monsters marketplace. Be sure to watch @yabapmatt's latest Tech Talk episode.

Love All Things Steem Monsters?

Then check out the new @dlive show that I'm co-hosting with @littlescribe! We are both in love with all of the storytelling and lore that has surrounding this game - that we decided to spend some time showcasing it. Our show runs every Wednesday and we have a different voice actor come on the read one of the stories. We then spend some time going back and forth discussing the story and have some fun giving out booster packs along the way!

Click HERE to watch our latest show and hear all the upcoming details for this Wednesday.

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Stay Calm and Monster On

Who am I kidding? Go crazy.... enjoy the new market place.

I hope you guys enjoyed this walk through video! If you have any questions on buying, selling, or pricing your cards - don't hesitate to ask.

XO, Lea


My video is at DLive

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Nice! The market looks great so far. Still trying to navigate the huge range of pricing between some of the cards haha. I'm sure it will take some time before those settle a little bit.

Anyway, great video as always!


Thanks so much @harrisonmir!! I know I'm still trying to figure out the huge price ranges too... it's crazy how different some are! Ultimately, the market will decide value. I guess some people figure it doesn't hurt to throw it up for a crazy amount - just in case. haha

Great job ! hhaha I have not gotten involved in all this Monster stuff yet , but I have heard a lot about it , meaning seeing posts about it , but I dont really know what its all about lol! I gues its just like all the other type of card saving , collecting crazes that go on! It might be fun actually , but it looks like it can expensive , or you dont get to far unless you have a lot of money... 😊👍✌💕


I should warn you that @steemmonsters can get pretty addicting once you start! haha

I totally hear ya on the money thing. I know people who have gotten really valuable legendary cards on their first booster pack - and others who opened 20 packs before they got one. You really never know - which I think is part of the excitement.

For those who are looking to play the game once it goes live - I think the prize pools for tournaments will be pretty big. I'll definitely try playing it - but I don't have any hopes of winning tournaments. haha


I just now got my Starter pack ! Woot! Will buy a booster pack soon, and hoping to win some! hahah! is there a special place other then where i signed up and got my starter pack that I need to sign up at or register at as well, in order to recieve or send cards!? or am I all good now!? 😊


Signing up is super easy.

I did a full video walk through on that - here’s the video! It was geared towards non-gamers like me.


Awesome thanks for that , I will check it out now, Im sure I am registered then I bought my starter pack, but will check out your video for sure and be sure!😊👾👹😜


ok I just checked and it looks like I am registered and currently logged in yippee! thanks for all your help , watch out for my steem monsters promotional post I am currently working on ! I will be giving you an awesome mention and Dlive link drop for all your help. Also I wont be spending any money to promote it with bots as I want to use my last 2.00 steem to get a Booster pack now ! I am all ready addicted!Hahaha!😀😂😂😂 Your support is much appreciated! Cant wait to start sharing more on steemmonsters , and with you!resteemed your post!

It’s a good market but I feel like you must keep buying and buying for the “good” cards


I totally hear ya. I've been giving away a lot of booster packs lately and have had people say they got a legendary card from just one pack! I've opened about 25 now and still don't have one. haha

It seems like there are a lot of ways to get free booster packs right now - it's become a pretty common thing that people are using in giveaways instead of just SBD. @littlescribe and I host a show on DLive on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm PST and always give away a handful of booster packs to those who are live in the audience ... not sure if that's giving an example or a shameless plug. LOL!

I got my first legendary yesterday in a booster pack. It’s fun to see which ones you’ll get


No way!!! Congrats on your Legendary card! Opening booster packs is seriously so much fun.

Have you opened any with your kids yet? @aggroed is all about making it a family event! hehe

Can’t wait to watch this video! I have so many repeat cards. I’ve upped my level a few but looking to trade some commons to complete at least my commons. Rock on!! Thanks for taking the time to put this together.


Finished watching. Now time to buy and sell. Thought it was very transparent how to do which is always nice. Will be interesting to see how the market value will fluctuate


I'm glad you found the video helpful!! Especially now that your on the Steem Monsters train! hehe

Yeah, I have no idea if the current prices of cards are at all reasonable or not. The market will eventually decide. :)

Hello lovely lil @coruscate
Mate what are steem monsters can you explain briefly?


Hi @manpreet92! @steemmonsters is a new collectable card game that is being built on the Steem Blockcahin. It is still being developed - but they have started allowing people to buy and sell cards. Even though you can't play the game yet - it has created a lot of buzz on the platform and has the potential to bring in a lot of new people to Steemit too!


Sounds exciting! Thanks for taking some time out & explaining this to me, you are very helpful.

its awesome