Complete Steem Monsters Walkthrough for Non-Gamers + 5 Booster Pack Giveaway!

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Hi Friends!

I have been standing on the sidelines with Steem Monsters and I'm excited to be finally jumping in! I'm not much of a gamer, and so I didn't really think that Steem Monsters would be something I could get excited about. Now that I've actually been playing around with it and learning more - I keep getting more and more excited about it's potential to add value to the Steem blockchain.

This entire video is geared towards people like me. Those that maybe aren't really gamers and have been watching Steem Monsters blow up from the sidelines. In this video, I talk about all the reasons why Steemians should be getting involved in Steem Monsters - even if you aren't planning to play the tournaments.

Topics Covered in This Video

  • Steem Monsters is one of the most impactful things to happen to the Steem blockchain. It has so much potential to attract new users.

  • Steem Monsters helps us address the issue of user retention because it gives people a reason to login everyday and interact on Steemit.

  • Opening booster packs is FUN! You never know what you are going to get. Flipping over each card is super exciting - especially now that they have special effects on the screen if you get a rare, epic or legendary card.

  • Speaking of that - I explain what the terms legendary, epic and rare even mean.

  • It can be a great investment. Even if you aren't planning to play the tournaments - stocking up on booster packs while they are only $2 could be a great idea. Each pack consists of five random cards - some of which might be really valuable. A legendary card just sold for 350 SBD the other day! The demand for cards will only continue to grow.

  • Why you should follow the @steemmonsters account. It's the best way to stay updated on what's happening and they do some pretty big giveaways too.

  • If you are a parent - this could be a really fun thing to do with your kids. They get excited to see what cards are in a booster pack - and all the characters or "monsters" are really interesting too. The kids will love em.

  • Sometimes games like this can be intimidating for non-gamers like me. Often this intimidation comes from fear of the unknown. That's why I do a full screen share tutorial to walk you through each step of the process. From getting onto the Steem Monster site, to buying the starter pack, to explaining the difference between a monster and a summoner.

  • My reaction to the overlook look and feel of the site.

  • I'm doing a Booster pack giveaway! Details below.

5 Booster Pack Giveaway

I'm so excited to pass out 5 booster packs to someone! The rules to enter are super simple. Just drop a comment below with something about Steem Monsters. Here are a couple ideas of things you could do for your entry.

  • Talk about what you are most excited for with the coming launch of Steem Monsters.
  • Ask any questions you still have about the game.
  • Did you decide to give it a try and get your start pack? I'd love to hear!
  • Maybe a picture of you and your kiddos opening a pack together?
  • Which card is your favorite monster?
  • Do you have a friend that you think would love playing Steem Monsters? Maybe let me know if you are going to introduce them to Steemit.

Whatever it is, just comment below with something about Steem Monsters. I'll throw all eligible entries into a hat - and will do a drawing for the winner next week. If you would like to make a separate post talking about it - go for it and drop the link below. A comment on this post is all you need to be entered though.

Join Me for a Live Stream on 6/28 at 5pm PST to Open 20 Booster Packs!

@aggroed was gracious enough to send me over 20 booster packs so that I can do a fun live stream video opening them. He's trying to reach new audiences here on Steemit and I am stoked that he approached me. I'll be doing my live stream on @dlive and will be walking through all 20 packs.

I'd love it if you joined me! I'll be streaming on Thursday, 6/28 at 5pm PST.

Will Steem Monsters Make a Gamer Out of Me?

Woah, let's not get too crazy... but honestly, I've never gotten stoked about a game like this before. I'm having so much fun opening these booster packs. Big thanks to @aggroed and @yabapmatt for bringing such a cool initiative to the platform. Developing a game like this is no small task and you guys are absolutely killing it.

I can't wait to chat with you guys below and I look forward to seeing all your entires.

XO, Lea


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This is cool....I didn't even know about this. I went and bought a starter pack but it seems that the blockchain is catching up or something. So, I don't have anything in my collection yet.

I am really looking forward to having fun and battling with my friends.

Also I can't wait to read the lore.
I am also one of the writers for team black.

But I can't wait to see what others write aswell


So cool! There are a lot of awesome things happening right now to help grow and support the Steem Monster community. I think aggroed and yabapmatt are really doing an awesome job of including steemians on the ride.

Finally! Jump into the Monster Party! Still just beginning but so much is happening in this monster world and as you said gamers are the most obsessive group to tackle, bring those guys to steemit!

I did it last week, I am kinda hooked now is the battle between making SBD to be able to get those booster packs in the first place.

Very good walkthrough, glad you covered all the bases on this one!


hahah i know it's about time I finally got involved! Getting booster packs is kind of addicting now. lol


Glad you did with your following there should be a major boost in the interest.
I am now upto 5 packs, I would use all the SBD I have if I didn't have so many little projects going on! I should be hitting 60 rep soon and I plan do to this very thing a giveaway at that milestone so I will need some SBD still kicking around for that ;)


oooh that's a great idea for celebrating 60 rep! I always think it's really cool when people do something to give back when they are celebrating a milestone. 60 rep will be huge!! You'll be there before you know it. :)

Lol Lol. First of all, thank you for this awesome explanation. I am not a gamer myself, never have been really, I hate anything that has games in it, including sports and physical exercise so you can understand why this wasn't attractive from the word go.

Funny enough though, I have won a couple of this cards. This was first card.

I still have alot to learn like what does it mean to open packs? What's the final end goal? Either way, I am enjoying collecting them in contests, feels like a treasure hunt and that's about all I'm doing in regards to SM. Here's what I've collected so far lol



So awesome that you won your first cards! The phrase opening pacs just refers to when you buy a booster pack. It comes with 5 random cards and you overturn one at a time to see what cards you got. They can range from common to legendary - which is part of the fun. If you are interested in getting a booster pack - they can be purchased on the steemmonsters website. :) I go over that in more detail in the video too.

i heard about steemmonsters on a discord channel but i didn't pay much attention to that then for some reason...... then yesterday i came to know about the art contest of steemmonsters and because i blog about art so i became interested about it...... so i wondered around on the website(there isn't really much) and the blog, also i decided to take part in the art contest, which i did already...... you can visit my blog to check out that digital art.....
then i decided to give it a try and was waiting for a payout so i could buy the starter pack......
and i bought the starter pack and a booster pack......

and i am excited about the tournament to begin...... :)

I'm so excited for this game! Only have 1 legendary can't wait to get more! They are so hard to get. Can't wait to play the tournaments! Those are gonna be so much fun :) Cool giveaway! Good luck to everyone that enters!


Oooh so cool that you have a legendary card already! Thanks for entering the contest too! <3

I am deep into SteemMonsters and I love the concept.

But... the most impactful thing that has ever happened to the Steem Blockchain? WOW that is big. More impactful than DTube?

I think that there are more people consuming video content out there than people consuming card games.... but that is just my perspective.

Great video btw! Its cool to see more and more people jumping in each day.


hahah yeah I got a little excited. I think it has the potential to be one of the most influential things for bringing new users to the platform - but of course that depends on execution on their part.

I think Dtube has the potential to bring even more people to the platform - especially once a few of the main issues such as playability and long term storage get fixed. We're getting there!


I love Dtube so I wanted to make that point 😊😊
Yeah I think that those issues will be fixed sooner than later... Dtube isn´t even 1 year old.

But I totally get your excitement about SteemMonsters. I just can´t wait for September to be able to play the game. There will be tournaments with 1000 SBD in prizes. How cool is that?

Also I bought cards not only with the intention of playing the game, but I also see it as diversifying. I am speculating that some cards could be worth a lot over time... something similar to what happened with ethereum´s CryptoKitties.


Exactly. I don’t know how much I will end up playing - but I do think these cards will become super valuable over time too.

Thanks for stopping by! 😊

I just got a legendary!!!! I got the gold Dragon!!!!!


WOAH!! That’s awesome!!

Thanks for entering my booster pack giveaway too! Who knows... maybe another legendary card waits in one of those packs.

Thank God I found your article by chance. I appreciate your beautiful explanation

Steemmonsters.... she wants to talk about steemmonsters... well sit down meatbag. Akox got plenty of stories to tell.
Steemmonsters is a way of life and a way of making a living, you think this belly fills itself?
It's hard work of hustling, trading, chasing people that tried to run off without paying....
Cleaning the dagger afterwards...
But steemmonsters is putting Akox on the map! All these meatbags wanting more more more, greedy bastards... But as long as they pay... it's fine with me.



Nice flow @themonstertrader!


Well a hustling goblin needs to have a silver tongue to succeed after all.
Thank you meatbag

These steemmonsters are really great and I am looking forward to know how it is played and what the rules are. The concept is very exciting!


Agreed @peter2017! It will be fun to watch this all roll out. :)



Please am very sorry for asking you to upvote my post, it is a mistake. thank

i want to fight them!!

coruscate, what is steem monster. is it app or other feater. what type of this game. i want to know about it more. me plz upvote my posts

I am a true gamer . m into dota fully <3

I think this is the first game/steemit thing... that I really got into.
When I was younger I tried to collect/play all those cool card games... but I used to get bored so fast...
Now in combination with the blockchain and all that jazz... I'm actually very excited again very curious where this boat will go

I am glad to see the interest in the game community! I have been playing card games for years and I really enjoy what steem monsters is trying to create. However let this be a disclaimer to those who are purchasing these cards. The creators have yet to make a "playable" format for the card collections. Essentially what happens is when you buy enough cards and get duplicates you are then able to raise those cards "levels". The problem is no one really knows what the levels do or how they will interact with the gameplay itself.

I am enjoying what steem monsters is apptempting to do but as a card player for many, many, many years I want to see some game format designs before I purchase any packs. It should be noted that I have talked to the steem monsters team about this fact and they are working on details to work in a "play mode" with the cards. The team was even nice enough to give me three free packs and it was very nice of them.

I write this to inform the community that steem monsters is great but until they figure a real "play mode" with the cards you're only collecting cards and keeping them based on rarity.

"We are all going to the same moon" - wise words, indeed!!
I´m definitely a gamer, especially considering my age, and I will be testing and hoping for the game to be amazing.
As a non-gamer I understand why getting involved into the game doesn't make much sense, but the reality is that you can consider it an investment. (one way of defending the value of your account).

I just published my last pack opening and I was lucky enough to get a Legendary out of 36 packs! I guess the math is working... If you are lucky you might seat on a lot of money, easily.

Btw, you said, "you can get all (5) commons in one pack", that´s not true, you can´t get 5 commons, at least you will get a rare, but I get the idea you were trying to pass :D

I'd love to start playing, but right now there's no possibility for me to get the starter pack. I've turned everything into Steem POWER, and I haven't written anything the last days due to university stuff so meh, you're safe from me by now :P

THIS IS AWESOME!! Thanks for the shout out! Isn’t it interesting how GOLD always is the most valuable thing anywhere?? I have a proposition for you. Let’s discord :)

I am, not a gamer ' :(

Hi dear,
I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return.

Hi dear,
I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return.

I love you have more subs than steem monsters blog page - Great channel i am super new like 36 hours new i would love some tips on how to market my channel and wash away any YouTube bad habits - if you have the time that sis.

I liked one of steam monsters Dtube videos when they launched, but being a non gamer did not participate, After going through your post and knowing more about steam monster decided to join them and pick a booster pack.

Also were do you live stream on here? if so how so ? thanks :)

At the beginning you mentioned how exciting it is to open a pack of card, and not knowing what you are going to get. Now imagine that IRL with real physical cards. That is why you see grown ass adults still playing Pokemon and Yugioh. They have MTG that seems more targeted toward adults, but still people love the feeling of opening a pack of cards IRL or online. I have nothing against people who play these games IRL BTW. I play MTG myself and have many friends that play Pokemon and Yugioh.

On another topic, I'm a bit upset that I've been oping packs for I think 2 weeks now, and am only missing 1 rare. You got that 1 rare I'm missing on the first pack you open. It just feel like i'm not meant to have that one card. I'm very excited to see what they do with this game and can't wait till it is released.

Nice one! Yeah Im about to get me some just waiting for some payouts. PS im running a contest where you can win an animation pack for your channel. Check it out it might be a cool addition for your channel :)

Steem Monsters will have its own storyline soon. It's great!
My favorite monster is Rexxie)

Hello! Mainly I am very excited for this game, I really have many expectations that I know that it will be fulfilled. At the moment I have some savings in SBD but it is for a matter of extreme importance. But I do have my main package bought and I also had the pleasure of ordering two more JIJIJIJI.


I have been constantly participating in the fantastical story contests of @steemmonsters cards and although I have not won the first place, I have been a sub champion and they have given me an extra package of cards haha, so I have not opened many let say.

Enchantress of the Night.png

My favorite card <3

I'd love to be selected in this raffle, so I would have the opportunity to open another package, and who knows, maybe I'll get a much-awaited legendary: D

Greetings, and good luck to me.

I don't know why, but I sort of feel a connexion to 'Rexxie' without even knowing what he'll be capable of. I truly love the image and also was able to make someone happy with my duplicate Rexxie - it was the last one this player was missing to make her collection of commons complete! I was just truly happy to be able to send her a card even though I didn't get something I 'needed' in return.

I simply know the feeling of wanting a card and finally getting it ;-)

If you're wondering I'm playing steemmonsters on my alt-account, but both that and this account are able to share cards. Why did I opt to play in the alt-account? I was truly scared people would unfollow me if I were to really get into the came and talk their ears off about it. My enthusiasm will grow by playing even more, but for now I'm just most excited about the chances it creates for Steem Blockchain to 1) get more daily activity and 2) get more non-Steem holders onto the blockchain and therefore invested into our currency <3

Thanks for doing this giveaway!

I think Steemmonsters are fun and could actually be a good investment.

I'm looking forward to the game play when it come out :).
My favorite card is gold dragon.

hello! i am not considering myself a gamer although i have played a couple of card games in the past. I checked a bit the game and your most of you video. From what i got it hasn't even started yet it's just about collecting cards now right and you can't level them up cause this is only achievable with fights?

Apart from this it is really such an awesome to idea to have steem-based games and especially card-ones which i believe bond us more than toher games. Lvl up cards, cards that you can gift to others, buy/sell options and tournaments that you can actually win money (steem,sbd,upvotes etc etc).

I still haven't bought a single pack not even the first one with the 5 bucks cause i was little bit of ''scared'' thinking if this will be successful and it's no gamers-friendly but now that i saw your post i probably buy it in the new few days.

Also i have to say a big thanks to you not only for the giveaway but because you upload your video in other forms too! Dtube runs slow on me and i couldn't watch but in youtube everything was easier :P

I just started playing this myself and I'm a little clueless. I see a lot of potential in it too though so I'm going to spend $500 on opening packs that you can follow along on my blog. But I do have a few questions:

  • Is it worth it to combine cards to level them up?
  • Gold cards - Are they harder to get than legendary cards? Basically what's the odds?
  • Will there be any new cards before the tournaments start?

I literally just found out about Steem Monsters. I am rather excited about it and think I will be getting into it.

Presenting that game in this blog is clearly what a great blog. I wish that I can play that game soon! Thanks for this information and God blessed! :)


Please am very sorry for asking you to upvote my post, it is a mistake. thank

SteemMonsters truly is what Steem ended right now, if it takes off and delivers. It will attract new users and blow CryptoKitties out of the water

Cryptopokemon for steem! great! cheers from Venezuela

I love card games. Hearthstone and Elements are probably my favorite. Link to elements: Hearthstone is popular enough that a good search will get you there. I love the fact that a game like this is coming to the steem blockchain and most things can be recreated even if they lose their data because of coustom json. BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY FOR THE WIN! Plus the ability to trade/sell cards is awesome and feels more like a real card game rather than virtual(you can't sell cards to other players or trade in hearthstone).

definitely this will be an incredible attraction for steemit, I'm a little lost with the dates for the first games, is there information about the tournaments?

Interesting concept thanks for introducing me ill have to check it out!

A very nice post. I enjoyed reading your post much. And from this post I learned a lot that was very important for me. And I always come to this kind of post. Thank you very much. I can be very beneficial to get such a good post from you. I just do not. I have done all the benefits. Because this post is a good post. So thank you very much. We will get such helpful post in the next post.

I'm not really into card games, but the steemmonster cards are really interesting. I'm excited to see what the future brings with this first-ever steem blockchain card game. And yes, opening a few packs can be really fun, you never know what you'll get. My favorite card (so far) is Defender of Truth. I hope to level it up to max someday. @ironshield


interesting, I'm still on the fence as to play or not

I have never really been excited about card games, but this one is definitely different! It's on the blockchain, and more importantly it's on the steemit blockchain! I love how the creators are including the community to help with the lore of the game and backstories for each steem monster! I've also wanted to do giveaways on steemit, including on my live stream (when I stream) and I think that SteemMonsters is perfect for me to do giveaways. I've actually just given away 1 booster pack (posted the results) from a giveaway I did last week. If I won, I'd have enough to sustain my giveaway for another 2 or 3 weeks (you bet I'd want to open at least 2 of them). Thanks for doing a giveaway and I hope to grow my collection!

Beautiful explained i really loved it thank you so much

I am a gamer :) I love the graphics on these cards. Do you know if the designers are planning to display them at the gaming convention pax in Melbourne Australia this October?

Got involved in steemmonsters when @whatageek made a post for buying a couple of booster packs. We probably know a lot of info on steemmonsters by now so I'll share a little story.

@whatageek just sent me 7 SBD to buy a couple of booster packs for him. I was a little surprised because he trusted me on my word and sent me the SBD with no questions asked. I bought the 2 packs and sent them as a gift to him. Then I asked him that still more SBD was left and should I buy more packs for him. He did two things - First he gave me a big upvote and then he told me to keep the rest of the SBD for myself.

I couldn't believe the trust that he showed me and plus the generosity - totally blew me away.

Second one was a exchange that I did with @flipstar. I made a post on my monster cards and he said that I had a few cards that he would like to exchange with some of his. Then he simply sent me 3 Epic cards without further question and totally on trust. I promptly concluded the exchange by sending him 3 of my Epic cards. Once again I couldn't believe that he trusted me like that. I really appreciate these guys for putting their trust in me.

Just goes to show how small acts of trust can foster fraternity like nobodies business. Gives me tons of hope for the future...............

This comment wouldn't be complete until I share some of my cards here. So, take a look at my gold foils:

Party! Party! Monster!!! LOL
Practicing my game talent in MOBILE LEGENDS! hahahaha

My favourite card is Naga Warrior, because it looks like a mean bad-ass mermaid. :))

Awesome video! I feel the same way too - never thought I would get into a game like steemmonsters, I'm mostly excited for the tournaments to start (anyone knows when they will begin?) because of content uvpotes you might able to win from steemmonsters themselves AND the fact that even if you loose you're gaining energy points to make your cards even more powerful for the next fight.

Awesome explanation you give a good information about there game in the content love it @coruscaste

Naga Warrior

Nice bai

great news thank you for this awesome explanation

I'd actually like to have a go at playing this. 😃
I got the announcement that (when I got 2nd place in the Open Mic of week 88) I won a 5-card pack that I could collect on
I've logged on but I don't have any cards to my name so I thought I might ask here.😉

I bought a starter pack a couple weeks ago, and I plan on buying some booster packs after I write up a good post.

Reminded of my days in highschool playing Magic the Gathering, my color of choice was black. My favorite deck that I had back then was a rat deck; many of them would get stronger the more rats I had out while others would just cause suffering to everyone else (and sometimes me!).

If SteemMonsters is similar to Magic, I think I'll try building a black deck. I still need to read up on the rules of play though.

Thanks for the video.

I've played Magic The Gathering cardsgame in the past and I'm very excited to see the Steem Monsters cardsgame setting up, mainly by 3 reasons:

-The milestone that involves the implementation of a game like this in the blockchain, being pioneers.
-The great community behind it, both those who have worked to create it and those willing to play it.
-The good aesthetics of the product.

Thanks for running this :) - today is a good one. Finally pulled my first legendary and its a dragon :)

Thanks for all the explanations! I always liked games, especially the kind that involves monsters, magic, and some sort of mistic environments. Mostly mmorpgs, never played real card games like Magic: the gathering and such... but steemmonsters seems something I could really be hooked in :) Still to much of a minnow to join the parade for now, maybe I get lucky in this giveaway :) Thanks for the mini-contest!

You convinced me to sign up and I bought a few booster packs. I ended up getting 3 Epic cards!

SM Epics.jpg

I like the Mermaid. :D

Hi @coruscate, I'm a first-time watcher of your content, and came across you on YouTube while trying to learn more about this #SteemMonsters game, which somebody had just given me a pack for. I've only been using for just over 1 week now and I'm learning a lot. I also use, which is a similar blockchain-enabled social site. It looks like Steem Monsters will be a lot of fun. I look forward to playing the game when it comes out, and I look forward to seeing more of your content here as well, both past and future.

good and best

Even with the bear market Steem continues to create new apps that showcase utility!

I am pretty much excited and I already bought my Starter pack and a few boosters but sadly no epic or legendaries yet!

I would not be against the idea of you sending a few my way hahahaha

right now it is all speculation on the prices but when the price shoots up it is going to be awesome.

I plan to trade as well as play.

Then I am also involved in the story building as I am writing for the Black.

So excited to get started in this game! I’ve just become active on Steemit and already bought my starter pack... really keen to see how this all develops!


damn, if I was 2 hours off this would be gone!
steemmonsters is great though!

I'm so excited for this game! Only have 1 legendary can't wait to get more! They are so hard to get. Can't wait to play the tournaments! Those are gonna be so much fun :) Cool giveaway! Good luck to everyone that enters!

This looks pretty intense. I never got into gaming either. May have to buy a starter pack haha. Most pumped just to see how this increases demand for the steem platform!